Puzzling Progress
Example Envelope

On September 1, 2010, 147 people will receive an anonymously sent piece of mail. The envelope will be nondescript, save for it's lack of return address and the archaically typed destination. Within each of these envelopes will be a single piece to a jigsaw puzzle, each roughly four inches square. On the back of each of these pieces is a word written in the bold strokes of permanent marker. Some of these words are innocouus - articles, simple verbs, and so on. But others hold greater meaning, such as atrocities and Evolved.

Remember - if your character has an alias under which they receive mail, then that is likely how they have received their puzzle piece.

If you have any questions, consult the +bbpost in Storylines (16/11) or ask Amato/Matt/Smedley either by @mail or page. Images will be forthcoming, but in the meantime the images on the pieces can be described as being rich in either dark colors or muted oranges and yellows, not unlike something painted in 15th century Europe. Of course, characters with more extensive knowledge when it comes to art history may be able to determine more characteristics - if this applies to you, please contact Amato/Matt/Smedley for more information. Also, if you would like to know what your character's specific piece looks like before it is posted here, just ask.

Word Sent To
others Audrey
a Adelaide
animals: Helena
would Abbot
are Chelle
so Doyle
treated. Nadia
ease Delgado
indiscriminate Matt
history Cat
as Elisabeth
our Ling
one Ygraine
are Pause Magazine
recesses Isabella
actions Blank
be Keira
ability Ashton
of Constantine
thought. Tony
The Harrison
are Gin
treated, Heidi
lost Angela
let Reynold
intelligent Blank
that Katherine
atrocities. Roderick
skill? Wiley
is Francois
a Caliban
as Blank
don't Abby
of Lemay
another Dante
to Maddie
that Megan
be Lockheart
us, Rain
you Elle
used Lashirah - Piece in Institute/DHS Custody
boorish Blank
than Nick
as Cardinal
coexistence Corbin
of Juniper
difficult Tamara
learn Felix
like Malden
have Bolivar
have Naomi
children, Gillian
to Keira
like Nadira
before Toru
in Tobias
We Rebecca
than Lucille
is Michael
is Marie
our Delilah
We Susan
The Elaine
the Grace
rule Kaylee
the Devi
we Donovan
and Vincent
Evolved Warren
much Irons
harm Alia
a Silver
you Jaiden
others Julius
law? Nathan
suffering. Veronica - Piece in Institute/DHS Custody
ethical Judah
past Eileen
to Renard
Both Tasha
we Eldridge
can Brennan
should Sarisa
we Darla
we Simon
we Blank
be Lydia
conscious? Nicole
our Blank
to Monica
available Ash
butcher's The New York Times
golden Quinn
of Luis
and Blank
creative Tommy
lethal Evan
of Else
of Blank
different Sable
culture. Aric
cause Cooper
stop Kaydence
In Sanderson
so Joanna
beings Oleander
and Sabra
to Linus
concept Damon
any Charity
and Maria
rational Luke
it Patrick
Treat Raith
capable Praeger
grasp. Andrew
they Pierce
How Kain
rule Melissa
treat Ina
treatment Noriko
fear Laura
have Tania
repeat Peyton
has Magnes
been Delia
we Bianco
fear Lorraine
come Lancaster
How Amadeus
How Logan
unhappy Daphne
not Avi
evaluate Gabriel
race Blank
wouldn't Colette
to Brandon
better Lynette
not Michelle
this Molly
short, Jonas
as Lee
just Linderman
can Isis
of Savannah
others Baxter
this. Toby
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