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Scene Title Qapla' Balth je
Synopsis Where to bury the son of a bitch.
Date February 5, 2009

Coffee shop in Little Italy

The regular place she would have met is off limits. At least for this conversation. Too many cops and even thoughs he'd have a legitimate interest in seeing what elisabeth officially knew, seeing that Einliter and herself worked at finding out some of the information pre-elisabeth defecting, somewhat, she still doesn't feel comfortable asking there. Instead she asked to meet the woman outside a coffee shop somewhere in little italy. The ISA agent stands with her left hand stucked against herself, leaning against a building and holding the wall up figuratively this morning. No sign of any gut shot the week earlier she recieved.

When she got the request from Minea to meet, it made Liz hesitate. Everyone's contact with her in Phoenix is going through Wireless now… so this is something different perhaps? She goes ahead and tells Darius, though, that she needs to take a turn through Little Italy and meet back up with him. She's not wearing her black uniform today; she hates the thing — though it's far safer and has far more equipment on it, she's been out of it for too long to be comfortable in it on a regular basis. Instead she's wearing sturdy jeans (yeah, whatever Will, get off my back - when the fuck do I have time to do laundry? she'd demanded when he gave her a hairy eyeball about the jeans!) and her heavy black NYPD jacket that fits over the kevlar she's also wearing. The streets are not safe for cops lately. When she gets close to where Minea's waiting, Elisabeth raises a brow and shoves both hands in her coat pockets. Stopping in front of the woman, she automatically encases them in silence. "Hey," she says quietly. "You look better."

"I know an evolved, with a trick. He can move injuries" She lifts her left arm a little. "Every now and then, an ovary twinges" that's a joke, sorta. Something twinges every now and then. "I hadn't heard how things are, no ones contacted me. You were the safest being that my partner has recently met a truck with his motorcycle and I could claim I needed, wanted to know about that"

Elisabeth winces. "Shit, Min… I'm sorry. Been so goddamned tied up with work and the rest that I didn't even think to make the contact." She eyes the other woman and admits, "And I'm not honestly sure I thought you would want me to. Whaddya know so far?" She pauses. "The virus was stopped, that was accomplished. But there were some casualties."

"That's okay, I'm not exactly you know, part of the scooby gang. I only did this because my partner intended to" Minea lifts the coffee to her lips and takes a pull from the hot liquid. "Was just checking in, see who made it, who didn't. After that, I'll walk away. Better for you, myself and them. I'm a fed, as they call me" There's a subtle shrug. 'Wozniak's not answering his phone. That mean something?"

Elisabeth tenses slightly. "Yeah… it means something," she replies quietly. "He collapsed the ConEd plant in on himself. He didn't make it. Some of the others got yanked in by DHS. One of the Brians among 'em."

Minea nods, the little blow delivered. Her fear laid out there. She's suspected, but she needed confirmation. Her knuckles a little white on her cup. "I can't do anything for them, make sure they know that. My involvement ends here, I can't be called upon. Christians debts died with him and I filled one of those by showing up" The cup is transferred to her other hand, scratching a thumb at an eyebrow. "Fucking Wozniak" Laughter pouring from her. "Any last words we know of?"

With a faint nod, Liz replies quietly, "I'll tell them." She tilts her head at the other woman's response, and a faint smile plays around the corners of her lips. So they were friends too, huh? She recognizes the exasperated sort of laughter there. "'Groovy.' His last word through the radio, from what I'm told, was 'groovy,'" she tells Minea with a shake of her head and a sort of amused/affectionate expression. "If I had to guess? I'd say he was damn impressed with himself for the power stunt he was about to pull."

"Fucking Wozniak" Minea shakes her head. "Likely" Minea shakes her head, pushing herself up from the wall with a grimace. Nope, lets not do that again. "Fucker stole my keys the first time I met him. Chased him into an alley. An elbow to the head and knee to the groin, he gave em back and I left him there. He asked for a date, on a lark I think, and I accepted. Is he going ot be buried, some marker in a graveyard somewhere?"

Elisabeth raises both her eyebrows and then laughs quietly. Well, now, that makes life interesting doesn't it. "Well, his body's not recoverable, at least not right now. He's in the middle of the fuckin' ConEd crater. And he doesn't have any family." She looks toward the building. "But he deserves a marker, at least." She looks back at the other woman. "Wanna go halves on one?"

Minea presses her lips together then nods. "He'd have done it for me, I'm sure. Probably would have stolen the damn thing, and chiseled in the words himself. Then put it somewhere very perverse and appropriate"

Elisabeth snickers, her laughter muffled behind a hand, appreciating Minea's attitude. "Tell you what… I'll find a marker, you find me a perverse place to put it. It'll be a good way to remember him," she admits quietly. "He'd have laughed at both of us for being all emotional about the whole thing, you realize?"

"Honey, I'd put it overlooking a police station, but since that's not happening, I'll find a good place" Minea nods again. "Then he'd expect us to go home and get off while thinking of him then have a drink" Which is likely what she'll do. You have my number. Call when it's ready. I'll come if i'm still in the area. Partner died, I don't know where they're going to put me next" She offers her hand to Elisabeth.

Elisabeth looks impressed with the notion of overlooking the cop shop, her grin amused. "I like that idea. The police station. I'm leaving the getting off part totally alone here." She puts her hand into Min's and her smile eases to a gentler one. "I realize this is a one-time kind of gig for you. But thanks. For everything. If you ever need anything, Minea Dahl… you pick up the phone and call me. I'll pull any string I have to help you out." Then she takes the other woman's hand. "I'm sorry about your partner. And about Wozniak."

"Can you look into Einlieter's file? There was an investigation. I'm convinced .. it's not an accident, and shit, there's some small part of me convinced that he's not really dead. He's.. good at faking deaths. And Wozniak… " Minea shrugs. "We were parting anyways, partner dead, probably re-assignment. we'd accepted that this wasn't something long term. Was fun while it lasted and he died .. a glorious klingon death" She looks at liz, her hand tightening around the womans. "Star trek makes a great drinking game. Off you go Harrison. I'll tell you where to put it"

Elisabeth laughs outright. "You've given me an idea to put on his marker, at least. I'll have to go dig up a good Klingon quote. Cuz it totally works." She shrugs easily at Minea. "And sure, I'll look into it. Get back with you on what I find as soon as I can." She then nods at the other woman, and smirks. "Good luck out there, feddie."

"Do I look like i'm FBI Officer Harrison? I'm military Civilian. They always get that mixed up" The fires off a little salute to the blonde though before digging keys out of her pocket and unlocking the door of an 81 malibu, black. "You as well. You'll need it"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "Yeah… I will," she sighs quietly. And she grins. "I din't call ya a Feeb, woman. Just a feddie." She winks. "Later, Min." And she shoves her hands back into her pockets to head into the coffee shop herself to get some java before hitting the streets again.

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