Queen Bee Stings



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Scene Title Queen Bee Stings
Synopsis Phillip's assistant and friend lets loose with both barrels.
Date June 8, 2011

Upper West Side, Coffee Bean

Upper West Side; Coffee Bean; Tiff is found wearing a casual knee length blue skirt, black belt, black heels and a top that accentuates her curves. She's been in California, so she knows how to dress to draw the most attention. She's seated at a small table with a iPad in her left hand and a cup of coffee next to her. She seems to be reading headlines or current events.

Elisabeth on the other hand, tends to dress these days to draw less attention. Casual — a pair of soft blue capris, canvas shoes, a lightweight white top. The purple streak in her hair is braided into a lock next to her face, drawing most people's eyes away from her features if they bother to look at her. And she's carrying a bottle of water with her so that she doesn't have to go to the counter. Being here could be dicey for her — it's close enough to her usual stomping grounds to create the potential for people she knows to spot her. She slides into the seat across from Tiffany, though, with her bottle of water. Enclosing the both of them instantly in silence, blue eyes neutral and shuttered, she says quietly, "You'll take care of him, right?"

Not looking up from her iPad, Tiff casually crosses her left leg over her right showing off her fancy blue Jimmy Choo heels, "Oh, look who it is, the stupid cow. Were you needing something else?" on her final word, her blue eyes look over the top rims of her fashionable reading glasses.

A faint smirk quirks Elisabeth's lips. "Oh, look, you really haven't changed since tenth grade, have you?" she retorts in a sweet tone. Her gaze on Tiff is not hostile, though. Just neutral. "You're the one who went to see my father. And considering I asked Phillip not to draw too much attention to him, I assume you either need his expertise on legal matters or you were trying to get my attention. The latter seemed more likely if only because pissed off at me or not, Phillip wouldn't put my father in danger. So if all you wanted was to name-call, darling, get on with it so we can both get back to our day."

"Ah, then let's get down to it, shall we?" Tiff questions as she takes off the glasses and places them atop the iPad which is placed upon the table. "I cannot believe that after all these years you'd harbor such resentment for Phillip that you would lead him down a path and take such advantage of him then leave him as twisted as you did. I suppose what they're saying in the media about you is true."

The flash of hurt across Elisabeth's face she can't quite hide as well as she'd like. She didn't sleep last night and it's still very close to the surface. "It's a physical impossibility for me to harbor resentment against Phillip," she informs Tiff softly. "I can't even remember what he did. I can barely remember him. I was shot in the head last year. So while I appreciate the fact that you're taking it upon yourself to give me my comeuppance… you should get your facts straight first." She pauses and says softly, "I didn't know until you showed up that he wanted more than friendship and sex. I told him from the start that I wasn't looking for anything serious."

"Amnesia card is it?" Tiff rolls her eyes and sighs, "If that's the case then he was just an easy mark. You saw the advantage and took it. But darling, you have to understand. Every woman he's gone out with since you have been compared to you. It's not that he was, and I do say /was/, in love with you. It is that you were his first true experience with the emotion. Which brings us back to your not looking for anything serious. You should have told him when you first me you were involved with someone else… how did he say you put it, 'the cornerstone of your existence, the person you're madly in love with.'. If this is the case then you're nothing but a whore. And I do mean that by definition; you exchange sex for money, items, or favors. You fucked Phillip, and he gave you millions in goods and services."

Elisabeth goes still and the table vibrates under their hands, rage blindsiding her. "You're a bitch. And if he thinks that he's a complete asshole," she retorts sharply. "When he went to my father's place, I approached him only to find out what the fuck he was doing here. I didn't fuck him because of what he offered. I thought he offered it because he believed what I said to him. Not because he wanted in my pants. I fucked him because … the more I learned about the person he'd become, the more I liked him. I flat out told him before I slept with him that I didn't want a relationship and that I don't play games with the men in my bed. You don't like my lifestyle, that's your fucking business. But I don't do monogamy. Ever."

Tiff smiles. She got what she wanted. She said her piece and now Liz is completely pissed off, hurt, and on the defensive. "What ever you say darling." is said as she stands, gathers her iPad/glasses in the process and will add just before walking off, "If that helps you sleep at night, then more power to you."

Her jaw clenches, and Elisabeth says, "Make sure his assets moved from wherever it was he put them to try to use them for this." No one's touched them and no one ever will. She shoves upright away from the table and leaves in the other direction.

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