Queens Bank Heist

FLUSHING, Queens — The NYPD and Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the Department of Evolved Affairs is currently investigating what is being called the first high-stakes bank robbery perpetrated by an Evolved presence in the state of New York. Just shortly before 2am on Wednesday morning, NYPD officers responded to a silent alarm triggered at the Flushing Federal Savings Bank in Flushing, Queens.

Arriving at the bank, authorities discovered that the rear entrance to the building had been forcibly opened and that entry had been gained into the bank vault where an estimated six hundred thousand dollars in bank notes were removed. Security tape footage reviewed from the time of the incident is incomplete, but suggests the presence of at least two masked individuals, one of which may well have possessed the SLC-expressive ability to move and manipulate objects with his mind.

At a press conference earlier today, Detective Ronald Barrows of the Queens NYPD stated that "judging from the evidence at the scene of the crime, we suspect that a single Evolved individual was likely responsible for the break in with at least one accomplice. We have evidence of extreme force being used to pry both the rear entrance of the bank open and wrest the vault door from its hinges. The NYPD and Department of Homeland Security are working closely with the Department of Evolved Affairs to find and apprehend these criminals, but we do not have any further information to share at this time."

This is the fifth major bank robbery in the New York Metropolitan area in just two years, and experts cite the steadily declining US economy and the turbulent climate of New York City as contributing factors to these desperate acts.

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