Questionable Things


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Scene Title Questionable Things
Synopsis One thief is unrepentant, another is determined to go legit.
Date March 4, 2011

A diner somewhere in New York City

"Man, I don't care if they think I'm a freak." In this, Koshka is definitely honest. "What I care about is what're they going to do to me? It's not like getting a state ID, is it? The fine alone…" The younger girl shakes her head, letting out a sigh. "I'm getting all worked up about it, I don't even know… anything."

Well, in these two matters, the girls differ. Adisa snorts. "But like, popular girls totally aren't considered freaks!" Yes, 'cause that is what's important. Being popular. "And do you like, think that beauty queens are considered freaks? Uh-uh. And you could totally be a beauty queen." But that's neight here nor there. "And like, there's ways around stuff. You shouldn't worry so much. Be like…cool as a cocker spaniel!"

I'm ever upper-class high society
God's gift to ballroom notoriety
I always fill my ballroom, the event is never small
The social pages say I've got—

Headphones turned up louder than what is strictly recommended by the manufacturer, Daryl is almost oblivious to the crowd as he wanders into the diner. Almost. Even the blaring music isn't enough to stop that Valley Girl accent from sticking out like a sore thumb…

And then there's her. Oh, boy. "I thought you were still in lockup?" he asks, once he's close enough to be heard. Along the way, he slips the headphones down around his neck and shuts off the player.

Koshka shakes her head. Unlike the older girl, she's unconcerned with winning any popularity contests. But she manages a grin all the same. "Yeah. I just… I'll wait it out and ask my questions." Hopefully it won't get around too much, last thing she needs is to be tailed by cops and getting hauled into the system. "Just… keep it under wraps, huh? Don't go—"

The younger girl's words trail off as a familiar voice interrupts her thoughts. To Adisa, Koshka's brows raise slightly, then she turns to look at Daryl. "Yeah, well I'm on probation," she explains with a shrug. No grin offered, no excitement over running into the boy.

Adisa is JUST about to say something in response to Koshka when someone interrupts them. Her eyes flare at Daryl. "Oh, so you like, totally thought she was still in lockup, did ya? Well, like, did you think that maybe there's like, a reason that she didn't tell you? Huh? Mister 'I can do whatever I want and screw the consequences and how it hurts other people'? You know what? I totally don't think you should be talking to Koshka right now." Adisa says, standing up and staring Daryl in the eye with some of that fire that the Dunham family is famous for in certain circles.

Oh, great, this run-in would've been messy enough anyway without Adisa piling on right away. Daryl stands there and waits it out, making sure she's done with the little mini-rant before he replies. "I think she can tell me 'piss off' just fine herself if she wants to," he says, before returning his primary attention to Koshka. "Look, you can tell me 'piss off' if you want, but— thought I heard you say something about ID?" It wouldn't be the first time they'd talked about that; hell, it's one of the things that brought them together. Back before things got all screwed up.

"We were talking about a lot of things," Koshka says with a glance toward Adisa. "I'm not going in for any… questionable things. Nothing. And if I need something, I'll figure out how to do it or get it legally." She's learned, there's too much at stake now to risk any further problems.

Adisa places her hands on her hips. "Oh. So you're like, gonna be that way, hmm?" She's not anything if not stubborn. She glances down at Koshka and then back at Daryl, keeping her eyes on the boy. Needless to say, she's been less of a fan since the whole ordeal of Koshka getting caught and in trouble with Samara and Brian. For the time being, however, she remains silent and just glares at Daryl.

Daryl doesn't answer right away. He knows what he thinks, knows what he wants to say to Koshka— but as long as they're in mixed company, he needs to tread carefully. "Well, I hope you can. Without getting hurt. Sometimes there isn't a—" He shakes his head, leaving off. "I'll call you later when you're not in the middle of stuff, okay?" And she can hang up on him if she's mad enough, but the gesture is still out there, whatever it may come to.

Koshka opens her mouth to say something further, then closes it again with a sigh. "Fine," she decides on. She's always in the midst of something it seems, especially lately. But sure, she'll agree for a call. "I got me under control though."

Adisa offers a little shooing wave to Daryl. "Buh-bye now. Nice talking to you." And with that, she plops herself down. And just in time for the food to arrive as well. "Like, thank god! I'm totally starving. I've hardly eaten all day!" She says as she looks at her plate hungrily, her attitude totally changed in a moment.

Nothing else to say - to either of them; Adisa's sarcasm is left to stand on its own - so Daryl continues on his way, heading back outside before long. Plenty of other places to grab a bite to eat. And the headphones are slipped back into place, switching tracks and cranking up the volume again.

—if they thought of rain
I'd hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain

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