Quick Learner


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Scene Title Quick Learner
Synopsis Elaine visits Sable to help teach her how to build a resume, but the meeting ends with the communication of a rather different sort of knowledge.
Date July 1, 2010

Gun Hill - Sable's Apartment

Oh God… who lives like this?

To call this room sparse would be, if not unfair, then not precisely indicative. Yes, there is little in the way of furniture here. In fact, the only object that really qualifies is a salvaged mattress sitting on a salvaged box spring sitting on the floor. There are sheets, but they are almost always coming free of the mattress itself, crumpled and tangled up with the blanket, a ratty old quilt that must have been through several previous owners. But sparse does not convey the sense of general disorder, the //ad hocness of the resident's lifestyle. On either side of the bed is a pile of clothes, one for clean clothes, the other for dirty clothes, and neither pile is very large, nor sports anything like a variety. Tank tops (usually white), cargo pants (usually brown), and underwear (usually depicting cute cartoon characters who have been given eye patches, devil horns or fearsome scars using black fabric marker) dominate the selection. At the moment there are a variety of boxes and plastic pins lining the walls, though none of this belongs to the apartment's actual tenant - she's just letting her friend use the free space.//

Lacking decoration, there are only a few items that suggest the tenant's personality and interests: a CD player, a pile of CDs, an amplifier and two guitars, one black electric, one blue acoustic-electric. These alone, of all the (admittedly few) possessions in this place, look well cared for. Even the way they rest in the corner, arrayed with care, suggests something like love for them.

Sable's moods are generally identifiable by what sort of music is leaking out from the cracks around her door. The tone of the song is a pretty good indicator of the emotional state of the young rocker, who seems to pretty much need music to make her feelings identifiable even to herself. Volume of the song usually indicates the intensity of the mood, as well, so just a quick listen can given an educated eavesdropper a pretty solid notion of just what kind of headspace Sable is in at any given point in time.

At this moment, the psychedelic sounds of Hendrix's 'Little Miss Strange' are playing at a reasonable volume, though clearly audible since her door is cracked open. Which means 'come on in'. Though the invitation is rather specific. There's a certain person she's waiting for as she lies on her bed, flat on her back, arms spread out on either side of her, a piece of white paper lying across her face, marked all over with scrawls of pencil. The paper rises and falls with her breath, and her socked feet tip back and forth in time with the music, insofar as this is possible considering the tempo changes.

The door is carefully pushed open, and Elaine makes her way in, eyes flickering over to the lone figure on the bed. She shuts the door softly behind her, raising an eyebrow at Sable's current position. "If I'm interrupting your rocking out, I can come back in five minutes or so." She comments, folding her arms across her chest.

Sable lifts the paper from her face and gives Elaine a very wide smile. "Lord help me the day I tell you t' turn around 'n' walk away, hon," she says, setting the paper aside and sitting up, pulling her ankles towards her. "Close th' door. We've got business, eh?"

"But I thought my ass was halfway decent to look at…" She comments, grinning. The door shuts, Elaine pushing on it to make sure it's completely closed. "Business indeed. Y'know, I'm not a big fan of top secret stuff, but it's for you so I suppose I can forgive it. What's going on?"

"Surely it occurred t' me t' mention that fact," Sable says, "But believe me when I say, hon, that it goes without sayin'." She pats the bed, motioning for Elaine to join her. "It ain't really top secret. But this buildin' is awful small f'r all the folks I know in it, 'n' all. I wanted t' mebbe work a bit on th' song you 'n' I discussed. Though, first 'f all… well, y' mentioned somethin' about givin' me a hand with my, like, resume, eh?"

Elaine nods. "Sure, we can do that, both things, really. We'll make you sound irresistible. Not that you aren't already, but we'll make sure you look good on paper too." She moves, carefully taking a seat next to the other woman. "Mmhm. So… job experience?"

Sable frowns, casting her mind back. "Um… a whole bunch 'f different record 'n' music stores in a windin' line from Atlanta t' Boston over th' past, like, I'd say mebbe four years, 'r so? 'n' various street performances 'n' stuff, though I dunno if thatall is strictly relevant."

"Well, that all depends on what kinda job you're going for. Like, you can have a general resume where you put down anything and everything that'll fit on a page, or you can make one that's got like.. specific stuff. Just from what you've said, any sort of radio or recording studio or music store or club or whatever would be interested in your resume cause of what you put down. You've got skills in those areas." She pauses. "Kay, what about… awards or stuff? Were you ever employee of the month or something?"

Sable's smile is very, very wry at this. "Hon," she says, "I always got paid in cash, under th' table. I left m' social 'n' th' rest of m' papers 'n' all that when I ran. Plus I never really held a job f'r much more th'n two months 't once, nor was I exactly workin' the kinds of places that have such a thing as 'employee 'f the month' 's more than, like, a joke mebbe."

Wincing, Elaine looks back over. "Well, Sable, uh, I think then the type of job you're looking for is something more along the lines of something that doesn't need a resume. If you've be paid under the table, there's no records that said you ever worked anywhere." She rubs her head. "I'm not really sure how I can help you with that, but I can always see what I can do."

Sable leans over to cuff Elaine very lightly on her upper arm. "Don't you worry, then," she says, "I'll muddle by as is my way, eh?" The music in the background has switched over to 'Long Hot Summer Night', and Jimi is asking his darling where she could be. "Yer a darlin' f'r givin' it a try. Yer a darlin' f'r any number of reasons," she pauses, "Y' know, first off, I thought I'd be smart t' keep a little bit 'f distance between us, seein' as it seemed t' me that it wasn't precisely right t' be too close with my boy's gal. I'm glad y' made me act 'gainst what I thought t' be my better judgment. Yer a finer sort, hon. A true blessin'," there's another pause, "Figured I should tell you that, straight out. I'm tryin' to be mebbe a little more clear 'f how well I think 'f folks, 'n' I think so well 'f you it'd be a crime f'r me not t' make you amongst th' first I tell."

There's color in Elaine's cheeks. "I'm glad you wanted to do something like that, Sable. I'm honored. Means a lot. It's a good thing, you're doing… I don't think people tell other people enough what they mean to them. And for the record, I think you're an amazing person and I'm honored that you hold me in any sort of regard. And I'm really glad Magnes has someone like you he can talk to."

Sable lifts a hand to one of those glowing cheeks, brushing her thumb against it. "'n' see the rewards I reap f'r my virtue, huh? A sight of loveliness like few others." Her hand falls away, coming to rest on her ankle. She's smiling, and the expression is both warm and a little weary - but it's a weariness that comes from being at ease. "And th' gods made love, hon, not t' be hoarded or hidden away, but shared and shared alike."

"I'm glad for that, at least. I feel like I've at least gotten to be on the receiving end of love, if not given it in turn." Elaine smiles warmly in response, looking to Sable. "I'm glad I got to know you. Life would be pretty boring without you in it."

Sable's brow arches. "Y' don't think y've given out enough love 'f yer own? 'n' why's that, hon?" She sounds curious and skeptical in equal measure.

Elaine laughs. "I just don't ever feel like I've done enough for people. People are so wonderful and kind and giving to me and I feel like I just accept it but I don't do nearly enough for people to feel like I care back. I think, though, I'm just not good at seeing how I impact people."

"Well, mebbe t' think y've given enough love," Sable suggests, "Is t' be exactly the sort 'f person that mebbe needs t' love a little more, eh? 'n' you, bein' one that thinks mebbe y' ain't lovin' enough, and thus continuin' t' try 'n' be equal t' all the love in yer life… mebbe that's exactly the sort 'f way one loves enough. Bein' loved, 'n' lovin', never lettin' one or the other end." She breaks into a small laugh, eyes falling. "I've no notion of what it is I just said," she admits, before her eyes lift again, "D' you?"

"I think you can just sum it up by saying that love's a damned fine thing and we just gotta keep on sharing it?" Elaine laughs, a genuine smile on her face as she looks over to Sable. "I don't think philosophy is your true calling, Sable."

"Music at its finest can't help but be a touch, like, philosophic," Sable avers, "Lennon's nothin' short 'f a philosopher, far 's I'm concerned. Same as Dylan's a poet, 'n' Townshend's a goddamn, like, maker 'f epics." The yellow eyed girl returns the smile. "Y' know, Magnes did once say I was a sage," she says, with humor and maybe just a little pride, "'course he's called me a knight 'n' a leader since, so I don't know what th' hell he makes 'f me."

"A sage I could see… you might not even realize how profound the things you say are. Knight, for sure. I think if something bad happened you'd for sure be the one to know how to handle the situation." Elaine chuckles. "So if you combine all of that, I think you'll become a damn popular musician. You got just enough of a hint of something profound, a dash of crazy, and a lot of showmanship."

"'n' what do you want t' become, hon?" Sable asks, her own cheeks reddening a little in turn - her self aggrandizement is just that, emerging from the self. Compliments from without feel… weird. She edges a bit closer to Elaine, really trying to tip the discussion the other way. "Nothin' I see needs improvin', 'f course, but I'm sure yer not without ambition, eh?"

Elaine grins. "I'm young yet, right? I dunno that I have to have a dream." She does pause. "Ygraine's going to see 'bout talking to her dad about my ability… he's doing linguistics in Scotland. He might be able to give me a recommendation, help me find a scholarship to go to college… Ygraine was saying my ability is something that lots of academics would love to have to help then. So maybe I'll be all smart and educated, know lots of languages, teach something.." She shrugs. "I've got options."

Sable cracks a bit of a smirk at this. "College, eh? Fine, fine fine. You'll look a sight, perched 'pon a library chair or whatever, surrounded by yer books, inkstains on yer fingers." Maybe Sable's idea of college, at least in this instance, is taken from the 18th century. "How is this Ygraine chick anyhow? I've yet t' meet her proper, 'n' honest, I'm not sure yet what t' think. Quinn sure seems taken with 'er, 'n' all, 'n' I figure that's gotta be some sort 'f sign of character, but I dunno…"

"Well, first've all, don't go getting any ideas about trying to hook Quinn up with her. Ygraine's a married woman, so y'know, off limits. Otherwise I would have been all for it. Ygraine's wonderful… she's smart, smarter than most people I've ever known, got enough of an edge to her to keep up with jokes and flirts… she's one of those people you kinda have to see to believe. I think you'd like her. She's a good person and she's given me a lot of good advice… about life, about the future, 'bout Magnes."

This is a glowing review. Sable receives it with a look that, if we're being charitable, could be called 'curious'. If we're not, and if she's not, it could be called 'suspicious'. But this is exactly the kind of thought process Sable's trying to be better about. Ygraine's nowhere present. The only bad vibes are Sable's own. So she grips that feeling tight… then tries to let it go. The bouncing beat of 'Gypsy Eyes' makes this much easier for her. Sable pulls off a smile. "Well, this is someone I gotta fuckin' meet," she says, "'n' the way y' speak of her, hon, makes me wonder if this here 'off limits' is really f'r her man's benefit, eh?" She grins, toothily, finding comfort in mischief, "Sounds like y've got a bit 'f a crush yerself. Too bad. Here I was hopin' you'd be harborin' somethin' fer me instead."

"Actually, Sable, she's got a wife." Elaine states, almost mischievously. "But she's quite the charmer, so you gotta be careful." She giggles. "Well, I'm biased because I can really talk to her. Not in the whole way I talk with you guys, but.. she knows French, so I can actually make use of my ability, and she's got all this schooling so it's like… mm, it's kinda like, say… if you live in a world where everyone has brown eyes and then you meet the one person who's got green. Kinda feels like that, I guess." She peers suspiciously at Sable. "Oh, c'mon, don't be jealous now. You and Quinn are the only gals for me." There's a wink.

Now that's interesting. A gal and a gal, united in holy matrimony? Isn't that, like, a Massachusetts thing? Still, what appeals to Sable more is Elaine's analogy. She likes things like that. She nods, approvingly. "Strikin'," she agrees, "Which is only a glance away from smitin'. Arright. I dig that." But interest really sets in upon Elaine's further comment. She arches forward, arms reaching out to support her as she eyes Elaine, smile sly along every inch of its curve. "Oh, I know it, hon," she says, taking a prowling step closer, "Yer own dear boy let me know there wasn't not limit set to you, far as concerns him. Yer fair game."

Blinkblink. Elaine looks confused for just a second. "Quinn and I were talking once and he invited us both to come to bed and she and I couldn't for the life of us figure out if he was kidding. I meant to ask him, but, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to, and plus it's not like Quinn's into guys anyways, but Magnes said… what.. exactly?" She peers at Sable carefully, trying to figure out how serious she's being.

"I believe…" Sable says, eyes casting upwards towards the universal location of memory, "Yer boy said he doesn't mind if you 'experiment', 's long as it's with me 'r fair Quinn." This is her misremembering. He said as long as it's with someone like Sable or Quinn. But she flatters herself in through exception. "Nothin' said 'bout him havin' to be present, neither."

"So… I gotta ask…" Sable goes on, leaning close enough that their noses almost touch, "Y' ever 'experimented' b'fore? Or have y' been waitin' 'til college." Her grin is pure wickedness. This is a recognizable Sable, right here.

"D-Doesn't surprise me, considering it's Magnes and all." Elaine blinks again as Sable moves closer. Why does she suddenly feel like prey? "Never really had any real experimenting opportunity, and then I was dating Magnes, so it's not like I'd just…" She takes in a breath. "You're very good at this, Sable. But I thought you were going to try and be good, now." She doesn't move back, not does she look quite like a deer in headlights, but Elaine clearly doesn't seem sure how to respond.

Sable's edge turns away a bit, her smile softening, though she doesn't back down at all. If this were a classic attempt, she would up the stakes. But this is the love of her dear friend, and she is trying to be good.

But the love you take, and the love you make… they're the same thing. That's a maxim she hasn't set aside. "I don't see no ill in showin' a gal the ropes," she says, "Being a trusted friend, I hope. So if you want to, hon… lemme teach you some things." That's how she imagines it. Magnes himself benefited from the tutelage of the very girl Sable's sworn true to. Surely this is something she'd understand. A passing on of knowledge. A sharing of experience. A gift, given.

"We go 's fast as y' like, if y' like. 'n' not a single kiss I'll take without it bein' offered first," though just as she says this, she tips the bare inches further she needs to almost brush their lips, but then stops, "I pledge."

Elaine's well aware of the fact that Sable and herself share something in common, that being Delilah and Magnes. As Sable moves, Elaine holds very still, suddenly keenly aware of every breath she's taking, every slight detail of her own movements and how Sable's are. She breathes in, letting it out slowly, a slight bit of pink appearing as she wets her lips. "… you're serious, aren't you?"

Proximity. It's all a matter of proximity. Being close but never quite close enough. Like two charged poles, needing just the slightest nudge together to let the lightning arc. Sable wants to just set off the first spark, but it has to be Elaine. It's the difference between study and seduction.

"Only," the dark haired girl says, "'s serious 's y' want me t' be."

The question is, when is that spark going to go off? Elaine stays close, not pulling back, peering back at Sable as if she's still trying to figure out if it's just a game or if Sable's really offering what she thinks she is. "So.. if I said so, I could sit back and it'd be like nothing had ever been said and we'd be fine. But," she pauses. "… if I felt like it, I'd just have to say the word and you'd show me how it's done?"

Sable's brow furrows very slightly, but only to communicate her seriousness. That seriousness, of course, dependent on Elaine's own. "Just so," she says, with a minute nod. She's not precisely neutral about this right now. Her own tension, her own desire, is sizzling inside of her. But she's in command of it. And Elaine, in turn, is in command of Sable's command.

There's enough honesty in Sable's look that causes Elaine to believe her. Still, she waits a moment, just watching Sable. She lets it linger in the air, like the electricity building, the question of the next move just hovering out of reach. Slowly, ever so slowly, she leans forward, eyes still focused on the other woman before she bridges the gap, leaning in to press their lips together.

Elaine is canny. When their lips meet, that held moment makes Sable feel she is the one receiving the gift. At the very least, this is one talented student. Yellow eyes close as fingers slip into red hair. A soft, happy sound rises in Sable as she slides up against Elaine, the hand that still remains pressed to the bed curling into a sheet-rumpling fist.

Elaine's fingers snake around, fingertips pressing lightly at the back of her neck before sliding further up, nails touching scalp as she slides her fingers through Sable's hair. She leans further into the kiss, letting her lips linger there for the moment, as she's decided she doesn't want to pull back yet.

This is taken as enthusiasm, and encouragement, the latter of which Sable barely needs but still appreciates. Her heart hammering with the excitement of a first, not hers but still a first, she lifts her hand from the bed and clasps Elaine's shoulder, as gently as she can stand to, and urges her back and down to the mattress. The fingers in Elaine's hair curl and give a small, playful tug. Apparently, as much as she said she'd only take a kiss that was given, she's just as resolved not to stop this kiss until it's taken away.

It doesn't take much of a nudge before Elaine shifts, free hand against the bed as she slowly moves to lay back, taking Sable with her. Her fingers stay, pressing lightly against the girl's scalp with just enough pressure to say she's not done and doesn't plan on letting go any time soon. Her lips continue their touch, parting just slightly as if to see what Sable will do.

Sable wasn't going to rush too much. And as Elaine parts her lips, though, Sable's own curl in a small smile, despite herself. Precocious. Very well. The first lesson will be in assertiveness. Sable's grip on Elaine's hair grows suddenly tighter, and her head turns, the kiss pressed to a deepness past what Elaine's parting lips easily invited.

The daring attempt proved to have overwhelming results. They are, however, results Elaine can most definitely live with. The strengthened kiss is accepted, her own hand pressing harder against Sable's head as she kisses, suddenly putting her own strength into it—she's fighting back. Apparently, she's a quick learner indeed.

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