Quinn Confirmed To Be Evolved

Maxwell Quinn, star of the now-defunct feature film, Multiple Man, has released a statement to the press regarding the attack on the set and the rumours that he is Evolved. The statement is released via his publicist with lots of pretty words before it and some biographical information. Emphasis is put on his military service in Somalia and Iraq - something his agent and publicist have never played up before.

"I am Evolved. The trauma of the attack on the set by militant members of Humanis First triggered an ability I wasn't aware I had. I have complied with the law and have filled out the paperwork to become registered. I'm remaining in New York for the time being to assist with the investigation and to gain more control of my ability. I'm not granting interviews and any questions regarding Multiple Man should be directed towards the offices of Paramount Pictures. I thank the press and the public for allowing me privacy as I adjust to this new development."

Various news outlets are spinning the story in different ways. Some use his statement to recap the troubled history of the movie, others use it to lead in to a timeline of recent Humanis First attacks. Some more opinionated talk shows and editorials accuse Max of knowing about his ability prior, and that's why he chose to play an Evolved hero. Other people point out that the nature of his ability would have made it nearly impossible to hide and that cases of Evolved abilities triggering during traumatic events are not uncommon.

It seems that his situation is being used as a springboard to talk about many relevant issues. A few entertainment news shows have pondered what the actor's future will be, but that doesn't seem to be the thrust of the stories.

(OOC: Any staff/other players, feel free to pick this up and spin it into an actual news article if you feel like it. I don't imagine anywhere but the newswire would be putting this up as-is. Also, anyone who wants to grab me for anything surrounding this, I welcome it! What happens from here is up in the air. Elisabeth was the registering officer and helped take his statement in regards to the bombing. In a few days, he'll be registered as a Tier 2 Evolved with the ability of Electromagnetic Pulse Generation. - Max )

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