Radio Snippets

Tune in, tune out. Information drifts across the waves and it only takes a twist of the dial to catch something of meaning, nothing of meaning, anything in between.

"…and the Suresh Center might be the answer to our hopes and prayers. It's on the back of these kinds of privately funded institutions to see us through. Forgive me, but President Petrelli has been a non-presence for the past month, now. America is rudderless and facing out the biggest crises of our time…"

"…daring to associate with a group like this. Don't get me wrong, Dave, Humanis First as a network has done some terrible things, but there's an important message behind their actions. We need to stop reacting and start listening…"

"…the face of art everywhere, man, just changing it. Evolved abilities are gonna change the way we see the world, the way we understand the world, and no wonder that scares the *bleep!* outta some people…"

"…Geological Society reports that a very minor, 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Staten Island area at around 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday. Initial reports from the Geological Society indicate that the quake was not one predicted on any normal fault lines…"

"…rumours from Washington are predicting a change. The formation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2002 was said to be the biggest government reorganisation in American history, and within the same decade, we might be seeing a repeat. The Office of Evolved Affairs has been a silent, unheard agency over the course of the past two years, and critics say that action from their corner might be too little too late, but some say, better later than never…"

Switch on, switch off. The radio plays, regardless of who is listening.

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