Radioactive Rampage


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Scene Title Radioactive Rampage
Synopsis Harmony stops by the safehouse baring gifts of cheesecake and chit chat, ending up exiting in a male induced radioactive warpath
Date June 09, 2011

Endgame Safehouse

It's a reasonable day to be out and about. Without having Nate pop in on occasion to ask if she needs anything, or even Curtis behaving like she could give birth at any second if she isn't properly pampered and comfortable, Harmony barely has the time to sneak away for some real self time. She actually has made a little bit of an effort to look girly today. wearing a sensible maternity dress, lip gloss, a little bit of flattering makeup and her hair is even pulled up into a large ponytail, teased as to give the curls some style and volume. She has in earbuds, which is attached to an iDevice of some sort, with music going through it. She kinda looks like she should be trailing or leading a group of 'Plastics'(Alpha class pretty girls in High school). With a few white shopping bags hanging at her forearm, she busies herself with going through her playlist.

She decides to pop in to the safe house to get a gander at what is going on, a little check up on things and to give the latest report of her doctor's visit. So she makes her way through the seemingly dreary place as opposed to her apartment, knowing she'll be heard eventually.

Although Elisabeth is tired, she's also cooking. A lot. Jaiden's managed to jury-rig a fridge in the basement of the building hooked to a generator, and he knows her well enough to know what she does when she's distressed — cooking. So for today, there are chicken breasts all over the kitchen counter that the blonde is cutting up into chunks to go into a chicken and rice and veggie casserole that can be heated up easily inside the large foil baking pan later on. Wearing a pair of cutoffs and a tanktop, her long hair is actually confined up into a knot with a pair of decorative chopsticks to keep it out of the food. Harmony's arrival is not much of a surprise — three heartbeats accompanying one set of footsteps is a dead giveaway. Elisabeth smiles faintly at the sounds and it lightens her expression though she still looks tired. "Hey you," she greets as Harmony finds her way into the common areas.

"Hey," she smirks coming in to find that there is food going on, which she doesn't find surprising at all. In fact, the look on her face dictates that she was expecting it, and she finds it pretty amusing too. "I guess I was right. I'm surprised you people aren't fat." she comments, but is kinda one to talk, being all preggo-swollen as she is. "But, since you people are always stuffing your faces when I drop by.." she holds up her arms with the bags hanging from them. "I brought dessert. I stopped into the Cheesecake Factory for a quick slice, and I couldn't really decide which I wanted… Well.. actually, I wanted three different kinds, so I asked for a slice of each. Then they put out this new one in the display, and I wanted that, and then the one next to it so I said 'You know what? just give me one whole one of everything you have' and… Volla! Cheesecake for days!" she rattles the bags.

"I don't know what to do with myself when I sit around here and do nothing," Elisabeth admits on a soft laugh. "Besides… it's therapy." And then she groans, "Oh God. You brought the white chocolate raspberry truffle one? Really??" There is a positively covetous look on her face when she hears that. "Woman, you just about saved my fucking life," she murmurs. Cutting up the last of the chicken on her cutting board and dumping it into the pan, she moves to wash her hands.

"Hah! I know what you mean. That's why I'm back in school right now with some online classes." Harmony says as she meanders over to set the bags down. They are heavy when you're carrying kids. "Yeeup! White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.." she starts going through the bag, peeking, "Dutch Apple Caramel Streusel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Wild Blueberry White Chocolate, Key Lime, Caramel Pecan Turtle, Brownie Sundae, Snickers Bar Chunks, Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Cherry Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake, Peppermint Bark Cheesecake, Fresh Strawberry, Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake, Pina Colada, Red Velvet, Godiva Chocolate, Fresh Banana Cream, Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple, White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut, Lemon Raspberry Cream, Dulce de Leche Caramel, Chocolate Coconut Cream…" she peeks around in the bags, "I think that's about it." She wasn't kidding when she said one of everything. good thing they're only half of the whole pies. But still, that is some serious cheesecake. "You've got lots of people here, so someone is bound to eat it all."

"Considering Felix and Graeme are two of the somebodies and one of the others is a teenaged boy, I'm thinking it won't be a problem. But I'm calling dibs on a piece of the white chocolate raspberry. Right freakin' now," Elisabeth retorts on a laugh. Once her hands are clean she covers the pan she was filling with foil and then sets it on top of the other pan — both of them will head to the basement shortly, but first… cheesecake. Well… washing her hands again and then cheesecake. She brings two forks when she comes over. Plopping herself in the chair next to the pregnant woman, Elisabeth rummages for the one she wants and opens it — a half pie is four slices. But they're huge slices, and oh maaaaaaaaaan. They're so good. "So how are things?"

Harmony laughs, "I'll tell you what. I'm gonna smash that Pina colada one. I've been eying it the whole way over here. I was totally gonna attack it like a fiend and have people stare at me like some kinda demon or something. But I kept my cool, I actually composed myself, and I'm proud." As.. the cheesecake will show, she isn't exactly the type to ignore impulse. "Everything so far is fine. A little better than fine I think. Doctor says everything is a okay. No major health problems, babies are looking great, possssibly a little ahead of schedule, but not too far off. They're just developing pretty quickly. I claim my side of the genetics on that one." she grins, setting down in the chair to take a rest, "And it looks like everything is a go to start filming the movie, so I'm gonna be going back to Cali for a few soon. Have some stuff to sign, people to meet, all that."

Elisabeth hands over the extra fork and digs into the white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. She looks …. well, that's probably the closest to happy that Harmony has seen her in quite some time. And the decadent luxury of the dessert eases the lines of strain and weariness in her expression. "Oh… this is wonderful," she murmurs around a mouthful. "Damn, Harm…. you're my fairy godmother today." She grins a little. Though the mention of the trip to California fades her smile just a hint. "When do you leave?" she asks mildly.

Cheesecake has a way of doing that. Rather than digging out the much desired pina colada slices, Harmony takes up the Snickers, which is littered with large peanuts. She wrinkles her forehead and looks around for something, finding the salt and taking it in hand to shake over the top of her dessert. Yup, she's hit that stage. "I can't seem to get enough salty crap. It's not like I'm lacking anything in my diet, the doctor says I'm fine but goddamn.." she complains. "Oh, and if one more guy.. Curtis.. Makes one more 'I got something salty for you' comment? I'm gonna break legs." She takes the fork and digs a big chuck, munching away and rolling her eyes in bliss, "God.. I was so hungry." she speaks with a mouth full, "Mm. Well, I'm hoping to leave within the next week or so. But I need to get together with Phillip and see what's going on on his end. Maybe he'll wanna go with and smooze on some people for business or something. He talked about how having a pretty face will get you far in Hollywood, and if I say so myself, accompanying me will increase his net worth in that aspect."

Oh, that's not awkward much. Elisabeth shovels another bite in her mouth, trying to decide what to say to the other woman. They share … an odd relationship. And a man, sort of. Swallowing the bite a little at a time, she pulls in a breath and says carefully, "You… should probably get in touch with his assistant soon, then. I've been given to believe he'll be heading back to the West Coast in short order." Her tone is entirely neutral. "I didn't really want to bring it up when we talked about it before, but … he's someone I knew in high school." It will explain how she knows him. "He, uhm…. he was interested in helping us with the broadcast, but I'm not going to accept the offer. I think he's pretty much tied up the rest of his personal business in the city."

As it stands, Harmony hasn't had much dealings with his assista— Ohhhh, wait.. Now Harmony remembers her. Yeah, that girl that gave her that look when Harmony went to Phillip's office. Looking at her stomach, then at her finger for a ring and then having a judgmental tone in her eyes and then the way she announced her arrival to Phillip, as if she suspected Harmony of debaucherious intent. Yeah… "His assistant? Oh, her. Yeah, I almost jack-slapped that bitch." Harmony almost scoffs, taking another bite, "And you know him?" she pauses, brow going up with a little bit of shock. "Oh m'god.. Are you serious? What is it about you and your men? Why do I always end somehow interacting or involved with your papertrail?" she smirks. "Phillip thinks he's hot shit, to be sure. You should totally take him up on his offer to help. He's pretty legit. Why'd you turn him down? Honey, I'd jump on that train quicker than a fugitive fleeing the FBI. Phillip is fine. If he's wanting to help you out, go for it!"

Elisabeth's brows shoot up. "Hey… to be fair, it's not like I knew you were going to go assault the man for a part in a movie!" she objects. She bites her lip and nibbles on it, her fork toying with the cheesecake. "It's…. complicated," she murmurs. "He, uhm… we sort of had a thing, way back when. Or … so he tells me. It's in the missing time for me." The bullet from Humanis First. "After we met back up — which is kind of a story in and of itself — he offered to help us with the broadcast. Even… met with Brad Russo for us. But… " She winces. "I didn't realize that he was still hung up on whatever it was we had back then. I told him up front I wasnt' looking for anything serious," she hastens to add. "But… I didn't tell him about Richard specifically. And when I figured out that he was getting… too emotionally invested, I tried to explain." She shrugs slightly. "It went poorly," she admits softly. "I don't know if he just thought I was playing hard to get when I said I didn't want anything serious, or what, but…. he kind of took it as …. I was playing him somehow." Her voice is tight. "He actually kind of said that it was an 'appropriate revenge' or something like that - I, uhm, gather that the reason we broke up was that he slept with someone else." She looks up at Harmony with a grimace. "I really hate it when a guy doesn't listen when I say I don't want serious or that don't do monogamy. It always gets messy."

"I didn't assault him!" Harmony defends, "Is that what he told you? Ugh.. please.. I no more assaulted him than he practically told me that it pays to open your legs in the world of Hollywood." she rolls her eyes and peers at her cheesecake. "He's got such a hard-on for pregnant chicks, that I probably could have breathed in his general direction, and he'd have shot off like a broken water main in his designer slacks." the girl groans, shaking her head. After saying her peace, she lets Liz continue, listening. And her face twists a little, going through a few motions that indicate that she doesn't like the sound of the story. "So.. you're saying that he's leaving town because… you turned him down? He even accused you of playing games with him?" Harmony's jaw hangs tightly, her tongue pressing firmly against her teeth, "So then, that's it? He's just gonna up and leave like that? Do you know what he promised me? He knows I can't do this on my own, and now because you broke his heart, because he can't follow simple rules, he's gonna pack up and—" And there is the look. Her lips purse together rather tightly, and Liz can see actual irritation flush across Harmony's face. She tosses her fork into her container and then tosses the container annoyed onto the table, "Oh, fuck. That." she almost growls, and Liz has probably never seen a pregnant woman get up or move so fast. Harmony is up on her feet, shoving her chair back and there she goes, for the way out.

Not normally the girl to get her emotions riled up, Harmony starts to.. leak a little so to speak. It isn't only bright, but it is hot as well, and to vent it a little bit, as she is storming, she tosses her hand out to the side, a bright cobalt and yellow colored beam shoots out from her palm, streaking across the room and smacking into a broken chair nearby. The object explodes into flaming splinters, the remaining legs charred into the air and smacking against the wall before landing with a clatter.

"I, uhm…. didn't turn him down," Elisabeth retorts, and then Harmony's on her feet. Oh shit. Liz sets the cheesecake down and bolts after the pregnant blonde. And then she stops short, watching the power display with a wince. "No. I'm saying that I slept with the man and he apparently thought it was more than it was — wanted it to be more than it was — and when I said it wasn't, he decided… to go ahead and tie up his loose ends. That doesn't mean it has a damn thing to do with your part in the movie or anything. Why the hell would it? Hell, he doesn't even know we know one another." She shoves a hand into her hair. "C'mon, Harm. Just…. I don't know, call the guy or something, just…. tell him you want to talk scheduling. I don't think he's going to screw you over. He's a good guy. I am the one who decided I wasn't taking his help with the broadcast." She grimaces. "I don't…. feel right taking his money. It's… a point of pride, maybe, but… I don't want him to think I fucked him for his money, okay?"

"Right." Harmony replies to everything that Liz just said. And she doesn't elaborated on just what 'right' means, or what she is saying 'right' to. Rather, just letting it answer all of the concerns that she just addressed. Not sure of Richard told Liz about Harmony's impulsiveness, on very rare occasions, when emotions slip, the target is all that matters. Then again, Cardinal never got to experience that much. It was actually Seamus who got to see that side of Harm. The woman is on the warpath, and sure, Liz could probably get in front of her and even reach out to touch her, but every so often, like slow pulsing heartbeat or some such, a glow of light and crackling heat grows from her, enough to make someone squint their eyes from the hotness if they're too close. It sounds like light staticy white noise at first, the grows to the sound of a loud X-ray, disrupting radiowaves: wireless signals and cellphone signals in her vicinity. She is bordering those dangerous frequencies that could possibly turn into an explosion, having one of the required factors before she would go BOOM.

"Harmony," Elisabeth says. "If you blast me and make me sterile, I swear to God, I will then make you deaf or something," she threatens. "And then I'll …. do something drastic!" She can't think of a good enough threat to level at the angry blonde.

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