Raid On Harlem Nightclub
Date October 22, 2010
Relevant Logs Namesake

Channel 4 Late night news
October 23, 2010

"In a stunning turn of events tonight, a local nightclub in Harlem - Rapture - was the target of a raid by the NYPD. Acting on an anonymous tip that was called in pertaining to the presence of controlled and illegal substances on the premises, both hours before the raid and just minutes before from a law enforcement member who present inside the club at the time."

"The raid turned deadly though, when members of a local Chinese gang who call themselves the Ghost Shadows opened up return fire on the police from their position in the VIP section of the nightclub. We will warn you, the following clip is graphic."

A clip obviously from a digital camera of some kind is shown, four Asian men returning gunfire, bullet stopped by a wall of some see through material that ripples like water when hit. The camera suddenly flares bright, the source shown as a young woman and seems to cut out just before she's washes out by the light.

"As you can see, evolved abilities did come into play during the firefight that may or may not have saved the lives of the people present. Three people were killed, their names have not been released at this time. Eight people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds, two of them police officers and DJ Sham, a popular individual on the club circuit. He's listed in serious condition and it's not known if he will survive. Thirty five others were transported to the hospital with injuries that resulted from the gunfight and the stampede that occurred as a result as people tried to leave."

"Attempts to contact the management of the nightclub has been unsuccessful and we'll have more on the story as further details unfold and more information is released. We do have reports that there was Refrain, cocaine, ecstasy and other illegal substances being offered for sale and consumption by the Ghost Shadows."

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