Rain and Speculation


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Scene Title Rain and Speculation
Synopsis Kurt indulges Odessa/Brooke's desire to go play in puddles in the rain. She demonstrates her ability for him.
Date October 4, 2009

The Verb - Kurt's Apartment

Yawning as he unlocks the door and heads into the apartment Kurt is just coming home from work. A bag of groceries in his hand the young man heads into the kitchen to start putting away his various items. For fall the weather was generally mild today but the dripping off Kurt indicates it must have been raining for a little bit at least.

Brooke doesn't look up from her book immediately when Kurt returns. Only once he's started to put groceries away does she take mental note of her page number and set the book down. "Welcome home," she says gently. "How was work?"

Kurt rolls his eyes at this question but just peeks his head around the half wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the room and makes a face he means to be funny of exasperation, "Great till the rain. I always think I ought to get a car when fall and winter start up. But then I defeat the purpose of being a bike courier." He sets the last can of soup up in the cupboard and heads over into the living room to flop down on the couch, "How was your day? You actually find something good to read on the shelf?"

Brooke shrugs. "Anything new is interesting, and interesting is good." She smiles and tucks her legs up under her, shuffling position to give Kurt more room on the couch. She turns her head to get a better look out the window, a pleased sort of expression on her face. "Do you think there'll be much snow this year?"

Kurt shrugs as he moves to stand up again and starts back towards the kitchen, "I don't know. Probolly, you like winter heels?" He asks before opening the fridge and grabbing a green bottled beer from the fridge and asks her as well, "Want a beer Brooke?"

"I love snow," she clarifies. "I could do without the cold - it's miserable - but I do love the snow." Brooke's attention is grabbed away from the window when Kurt makes his query. "You know, I would love a beer."

Kurt grins widely as he comes back into the living room holding to beers in one hand and the bottle opener in his other, "Alright, but how do you manage through snow is all those shoes of yours?" He says teasingly and flopping back down on the couch opens her beer first to hand it over before opening his own and taking a long drag.

Brooke just rolls her eyes in response to his chiding, smirking good-naturedly at him. "Thanks," she murmurs as she takes the beer, and then takes a long drink. She pulls a face, but doesn't make any negative comment on the taste. "I should think it's difficult to ride a bike through the snow as well."

Kurt chuckles lightly and leans back on the couch, crossing his legs in a slightly girlish fashion but it's comfy, "Yeah it's not easy really but someone has gotta do it. We even do mail delivery like the postal service in certain neighbourhoods." He explains and then taking another sip asks, "So hey odd question…you remember all that stuff at the diner?"

"Important job," Brooke affirms with a nod of her head. When he brings up the conversation at the diner the other day, however, she takes on an uncertain sort of expression. "Yeah. Why?"

Kurt feels a little stupid asking but just twirls the beer between his fingers before shruging lightly, "You think that lady was just crazy or something?" He finally spits out.

"Do you?" Brooke asks, artlessly dodging the issue.

Kurt shrugs again, "I don't know really. I gotta admit I don't know alot about the evolved folks. I don't dislike them or anything just never really been something I looked into a whole bunch." He raises an eyebrow, "But you would know if you could stop time I'm sure, and I can't walk through walls like she was saying."

"What… if I could stop time?" Carefully, Brooke untucks her legs from beneath her so she slip her stockinged feet back into her electric blue heels. "I mean, wouldn't that weird you out?"

Kurt downs most of what is left of his beer, "Honestly…maybe a little. Never seen anything like that before." He admits then watching her start to put on shoes looking a touch confused, "Not like it would be the end of the world though. I'm not the one who could do it so would have to deal with when is appropriate to use a power like that and when it's not."

One leg crosses over the other and Brooke smooths out her skirt. "I just want a normal life," she says, neither confirming nor denying the claim that she can, in fact, stop the world as surely as if she'd had a freeze ray.

Kurt nods his head at this and looks around the room before finishing off his beer. Standing up the man smiles to Brooke before heading to the kitchen and grabbing another. Walkign away he says with a hint of jesting in his voice, "Alrighty then. you know what comes with a normal life heels?" He asks then coming back into the living room grins wider to her, "Laundry, I do believe you asks for laundry lessons and we really need to do some from the looks of things." An easy out of a strained conversation, the last thing he wants is for Brooke to feel uncomfortable here.

"It would be nice to figure out exactly how that thing works," Brooke responds without missing a beat. She takes another long drink from her beer, taking it slower than her taller male counterpart. "Could we go outside for a bit, though? I could use some air." She glances out the window again, checking for rain. She smiles when she sees that it's still coming down.

Kurt ohs and quickly nods his head after a look out the window, "Sure. You probolly feel all couped up here sorry." He says a touch sheepishly and heads back over towards the door to slip on the previously removed boots, beer still in hand forgotten.

Brooke sets her beer on the kitchen counter before grabbing a white trench coat that's slightly too large for her - probably a man's size, a Salvation Army find - and tugging it on. "I know you've had a long day, but I just would like some company out there. We don't have to be out long. Promise."

Kurt shrugs at this and grabs an old looking brown leather jacket from the closet, "No big deal Brooke." He smiles to her and pulls the jacket on, a salvation army find itself, "My company is all yours heels." He winks to the shorter woman and jokingly offers her his arm, "We can be out as long as you want, don't worry I'll protect you from all the homeless about here." He says jestingly.

Brooke takes Kurt's arm and smiles brightly. "My hero," she coos. She's positively giddy all the way to the elevator and out the front door. Once outside the building, she slips away and scurries down the sidewalk. The intent of this is clear when she leaps! into a puddle and her delighted laughter fills the air. She turns back to Kurt and grins from ear to ear. "I love this weather!" It may be a bit on the chilly side, but she seems so much like a child as she lets the rain soak into her blonde hair.

Kurt rolls his eyes at her words, "Yeah bike courier to the rescue." He laughs then heads down with her. Not holding on tight at all he lets her head off and then raising an eyebrow just watches her antics, "Brooke, you are a nutter." He says with a bright smile on his face and a shake of his head, "Now we really need to do laundry." He chuckles and just follows whereever she heads off to with a grin.
[OOC] Kurt feels like an Odessa puppy dog.
[OOC] Odessa snickers.

Brooke hurries back over and grabs Kurt's arm, spinning him in a circle with her once. "Do you want to see a trick?" she asks excitedly.

Kurt is spun around, not resisting her activities at all and grins down to her, "Sure. Not a card trick right? Those always make my head hurt." He winks.

"Better than that," Brooke assures him. She steps back and looks around quickly. Then, she stretches her arms up over her head, arcing out to her sides. The first noticeable thing is that the sounds of the city are suddenly quieter, as though they only exist in the distance. But after a moment, it also becomes apparent that the rain has stopped falling on the pair. A look around shows all activity in a state of suspended animation. "I can stop time," she tells him with a bright smile.

Kurt blinks to Brooke and his smile is replaced by a look of surprise. Looking up first he catches sight of the raindrops around him and tilts his head to the side looking a bit confused, "You really can…" The bright grin starts to come back onto his face and he shakes his head, "Wow heels, extra cool." He doesn't seem scared at all.

Over the course of Kurt's scrutiny, Brooke's smile had begun to fade, anxiety creeping into her expression. But when he assures her that he finds her ability to be extra cool, she's jubilant all over again. "Thanks!" She drops her arms to her sides and everything resumes around them once more. "I really like you, Kurt," she confesses, though it doesn't smack of the romantic sort. "I don't want to tell you everything about who I was, but I want to start over as a new person. I want to be someone that someone like you will like." She doesn't quite clarify what someone like him actually means, but she doesn't say it like it's an insult.

Kurt chuckles and holds out a hand to feel the rain drops falling again, "You would never need an unbrella again doing that." He comments and grins widely to her at the words, "I really like you to Brooke." He says and leaves any romantic feelings out of his words, "Really don't know what someone like me is but you're doing a good job so far." He shakes his head, "And don't worry about telling me everything. I won't ask question and if you feel I need to know it just please do tell."

Brooke throws her arms around Kurt with all the enthusiasm of a happy child. "You have no idea how much this means to me." She pulls back and runs one hand over her face and then over her hair, shunting the water away from her eyes. She laughs with genuine happiness and then looks about. Yes, they're definitely going to need to do laundry. The chill is finally starting to make its way through her. "Okay, I guess I'm ready to go back inside." Not tolerance for cold, that one. "Let's go work on that beer."

Kurt is a touch taken back by the sudden hug but returns it lightly, still thinking of Brooke as fragile despite the surprising display of power, "Anytime roomie." He says with a touch of a chuckle and then nods his head, "Yeah my beer is getting warm and that's just alcohol abuse. Besides you can't avoid learning to do the laundry for to long."

Brooke grins and takes Kurt's arm again, sauntering along toward the front door of their building again. Internally, Odessa can only wonder how long this attempt at being normal can possibly last. How long will it be before he starts asking questions and not liking the answers? Nobody accepts mystery for too long.

No one except the girl with no origin.

Odessa's steps don't quite falter, but she does seem to mis-step once. She closes her eyes and wills herself to be Brooke. This girl who isn't afraid that this life she's created for herself will tumble down any moment. "Maybe you can take me shopping for… sneakers tomorrow?"

Kurt blinks at this question and ohs lightly, "Sneakers? Really miss heels?" He chuckles and nods his head at her request. "Sure thing Brooke." Not being normal all Kurt can wonder himself is how long till Brooke finds out he isn't as normal as he seems. The broken man takes the womans arm again and they don't have to use a key card to get back in so he just head back inside, jokingly shaking his head like a dog once out of the rain.

Brooke laughs as she brings up one hand to shield her face from the droplets of water that are shaken away from Kurt's head. She's just as giddy on her way back into the apartment as she was on the way out, the brief excursion seemingly breathed a new vibrancy into her.

Kurt unlocks the apartment again when they get up to the third floor and making sure she has enough room to enter as well starts to take off the boots and hangs up his jacket again. He does hold out a hand to take Brooke's coat like a proper gentleman before this if she accepts and his face turns a touch more contemplative once they get indoors, "So wait…I just thought of something. If that lady was right about your time stuff, does that mean she is right about calling me phaser boy?"

Brooke hands off her coat with a quiet thanks. When he asks his question, she frowns, taking her time to think as she slips out of her heels, leaving them at the door, and brushes her fingers through her dripping hair. "I don't know. Stranger things have happened… I've never known anyone that could peg my ability like that before. I've… I kept it secret for nearly ten years. Maybe she is right, but you just haven't manifested yet."

Kurt ohs and nods at this. He picks up the beer he left behind and takes a small sip of it. Heading back over towards the sectioned off area he sets the beer down on the coffee table and talks to her over his shoulder as he pulls off his wet shirt, "I don't know. I guess it would have to be unmanifested, just worries me a little to think I might have some hidden power inside me that might show up at the wrong moment." He confides. He throws the shirt down on the floor and slipping behind the hanging sheet starts to rummage through the dresser there for a new one.

"Sometimes, abilities show up exactly when you need them," Brooke assures, retrieving her own beer for a drink before she steps back out to the main living area and pulls her suitcase up onto the futon couch. She opens it up and then starts to peel out of her wet dress, heedless of the fact that only a sheet separates she and her flatmate. "I guess I could tell you about how I discovered my ability… If you want to know."

Kurt ohs lightly and responds, "If you wouldn't mind Brooke." He peeks around the sheet not knowing she is changing to smile at her and quickly ducks his head back in, "Oh shit, sorry Brooke!" He sputters and then goes back to changing himself, feeling like a real smuck now.

Brooke blinks with confusion at Kurt's apology. "What are you—" She looks down at herself. "Oh. Hey, I don't care. Nothing to be sorry for." She shakes off his concern and goes back to trying to find the right outfit in her suitcase, frowning at every option. "So, how it began for me… Well, I was participating in my first hands-on surgery. I'd observed before, but never actually performed it. So, my patient was… There were so many bleeds that nobody anticipated. I… still don't remember exactly what happened. It just all happened so fast. Something ruptured, I think. I just remember someone telling me that there was no way we'd be able to keep the patient alive."

Brooke steps out to where Kurt can see her, still in just her stockings and underthings. "And I just threw out my hands because I wanted everyone to shut up." She quickly snaps both arms out to her sides to demonstrate the motion. "And everything just stopped. The instruments, the other doctor, the nurses. But more importantly, the bleeding stopped. And I was able to just… do what I had to do to keep my patient alive." She smiles at the man. "It happened right when I needed it to."

Kurt ohs and wearing clean jeans and a flannel shirt left unbottons Kirk still doesn't look towards where Brooke is and a flush remains on his face as he carruies the wet clothing over towards the laundry machines and drops them down beside, "That's awesome Brooke. I guess they do appear when you need them." He muses over this and hums, "So you must be the surgeon with the highest patient survival rate around now." He closes his eyes as he leans back against the washing machine and smiles over towards the direction he remembered her being in, "Do the powers always appear when people need em?"

"Maybe not always," Brooke grants. "But it turned out well for me, so there's no reason it can't turn out well for you." Mercifully for Kurt, she finally pulls a heather grey sweaterdress over he head. She frowns sadly at a dark stain around the knees, but makes no comment. She brings her discarded clothes over to add to the pile. "Powers don't fix everything," she confesses with an air of sorrow. "I used to think that I didn't need anybody else, and I let my power define me." Restlessly, Brooke reaches out to start buttoning Kurt's shirt, giving her twitching fingers something to occupy them. "But I manifested so young… I didn't know who I was then. I don't think you'd ever face the same challenges I did."

Kurt hears the rustling of clothing and peeks an eye open as she is walking over to him. Seeing her dressed now he opens his eyes fully and gives her a beaming smile. He doesn't protest the motherly attentions to his shirt and just nods his head at her words, "I guess so, though who knows the woman could have been wrong about me afterall." He looks down towards the blonde and asks then in a cheerful voice, "So ready to learn the secrets of laundry heels?"

Brooke puts her smile back on and nods her agreement. "Teach me your ways, O Wise One." She glances to the pile of clothes and then to the laundry machines. This can only end badly, she's sure of it.

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