R.Ajas (aka Micah Sanders)
Portrayed By Formerly Noah Gray-Cabey
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Technopathy
Age 13
Date of Birth December 5, 1995
Date of Death June 23, 2009, yet…
Occupation Hacker
Family Niki Sanders (mother), D.L. Hawkins (father), Monica Dawson (cousin)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance They Just Fade Away, Part I
Last Appearance A Virtual Thermopylae

R.Ajas is a mysterious figure who emerged following the arrival of Edward Ray and his time-traveling villains to 2009. Contacting members of the NYPD via cell phones and other electronic devices, this digital presence has proven itself to be an adversary of Ray's, with an unknown agenda somehow related to the unlawful imprisonment of Tyler Case. It was later discovered that his true identity is that of Micah Sanders, who had survived the bomb in 2006.

Character History

R.Ajas is also known as Micah Sanders, the son of Niki Sanders and D.L. Hawkins. Micah is gifted with extraordinary intelligence, and cares very much for his parents. Having a strong moral compass (though he has occasionally made less-than-moral choices), Micah believes there is a clear division between right and wrong. Surviving being at Ground Zero of Kibry Plaza during the explosion of 2006, thanks to his father D.L., Micah however sustained so far unstated injuries and was being hospitalized, in secret, by the Linderman Group for unknown reasons. A doctor at Mount Sinai hospital where he was being held claims that he was suffering from a rare degenerative neurological disease.

While hospitalized, Micah was discovered by T.Monk, a technopath of vast power that began mentoring Micah, teaching him how to leave the confines of his crippled body and explore the vastness of the world through global telecommunications. As such, Micah's control over his power vastly improved, and he has taken up some of T.Monk's Buddhist philosophies.

In June of 2009, after two years of surviving solely on life-support, Micah's physical body died. However, his consciousness and personality lives on as a "purusha" or "bodiless individual" going strictly by the moniker R.Ajas, existing as a ghost in the machine.

Evolved Human Ability (Technopathy)

R.Ajas has the ability to manipulate electronic and/or mechanical items. He can manipulate technology whether broken or working. R.Ajas has exhibited a control of technological devices by remote access; sending messages to cell phones, accessing and manipulating the displays of ATMs, and downloading the entire NYPD Criminal Database. It is unknown as to the true extent of R.Ajas abilities since coming under mentoring of T.Monk, but for a man so young to be so adept at his ability is unusual.

Trivia and Notes:

The term "Rajas" is an obscure reference to Hindu Samhkya, specifically Prakriti which in Hinduism is the first cause of the universe—of everything except the Purusha, which is uncaused, and accounts for whatever is physical, both matter and force. Since it is the first principle (tattva) of the universe, it is called the Pradhana, but, as it is the unconscious and unintelligent principle, it is also called the Jada. It is composed of three essential characteristics (trigunas). Rajas is specifically the Prakriti of activity, excitation, and pain.

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