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Scene Title Rallentando
Synopsis Things are slow this week for the teenagers. Still weird, but the same weird as the day before.
Date February 3, 2011

Roy Wilkins Park

With the day slipping toward late afternoon, the sky slowly beginning to darken and bringing a deeper wintery chill, there aren't many at the park. Less, even, than would normally be even considering curfew and martial law. The Dome looms not too far away, close enough to be an imposing though difficult to see presence. But also far enough to pose only a muted risk. Despite all that, the park seemed an ideal meeting place. It was where Koshka had asked Daryl to meet her when she called.

The walk is a cold one, even though Koshka is bundled in layers, the wind is stubborn enough to put a bite into the wintery weather. By the time she's reached the park, her cheeks and nose are touched with red. A look around shows her nothing of great interest, in the distance a couple of die-hard sports enthusiasts jog along a partially groomed trail. Not finding Daryl right off, she perches on swing, feet idly pushing her to and fro while she blows on her hands to warm them.

A few minutes later, Daryl walks up— wait, is that Daryl? The face is the same, but that outfit isn't one he'd normally be caught dead in. "Man, can you believe this thing?" he pipes up as soon as he's close enough, lifting his arms and shooting a disgusted look at the sleeveless cotton vest he's wearing over one of his usual long-sleeve shirts. "I was just gonna grab my jacket this morning, but dad bitched up a storm, said it needed to go in the laundry. So I get stuck with this."

Having gotten that rant off his chest, he leaves the thing in place - it's still cold out, after all - and perks up a little as he gives Koshka a quick once-over. Yeeeeeah, when she mentioned taking over a swing set the other day, this is about how he figured it'd look. Not bad at all.

A smile works across Koshka's features at hearing Daryl's voice, but it stops short and lingers as an apologetic grin over the vest. "That's… not too bad." Maybe a little cold for the weather, but better than nothing. "We could get you another jacket, if you wanted. Extra, y'know, for times like that.." It's a sincere offer, followed by that smile which had stalled.

One foot gives a small push, Koshka setting the swing to moving again while she looks up at Daryl. "Hi," she nearly chirps, though greetings are a little late.

Daryl shakes his head. "Yeah, I may have to. Saw this brown leather one the other day… not sure it's really my style, either, but at least it'd look okay." And the current travesty can be relegated back to the occasional company dinner that he gets dragged to.

"Hi," he echoes, leaning against the side of the swing set as he watches Koshka sway back and forth. "Force field still hasn't moved, has it?"

Casting a look in the dome's direction, Koshka shakes her head. "Nope. I haven't any change." Not that she's been watching it endlessly, or even gone closer after that first time. But it's one of the more interesting things to happen in the city that hasn't resulted in riots and craziness.


Koshka looks back up at Daryl, dragging a foot until the swing has stopped. "I saw Adisa yesterday. She… she said she'd double… if you still wanted to." Her cheeks are already red from the elements, but for the moment she doesn't notice the chill.

Daryl turns and looks again, as if he might see something about the dome that he wouldn't have a minute ago. Nope, still just sitting there, whatever the hell it is. Intentional, accidental? Maybe only a few people inside it know the truth of the matter.

"Yeah! Yeah, that sounds good. Anything sounds good, as long as—" He turns back, offering Koshka a hand up. He's interested in her, it should be obvious by now. Right?

Blue eyes flick down to the hand then back up to Daryl, her own hand extending to take his. It took a talk with Adisa, but she's fairly sure of his interests. Mostly. "She… she might bring her brother. Or she said she'd find someone." Koshka glances down again as she stands, digging a toe against the snowy ground. "Just have to let her know when and… stuff."

Daryl leans his weight back, helping Koshka back up to her feet, letting go only when he overdoes it and finds himself stumbling an extra step backward. Ah, there's his balance back. "Yeah, we'll come up with something. This weekend, maybe? It's easier when it's just the two of us." In certain ways. On the other hand, there's that nagging sense of an awkward silence waiting to creep up on short notice.

Taking a step forward, intending to equally keep Daryl from falling over, Koshka reaches toward him. But then he's caught himself and not falling. She drops her hands to her sides and nods. "Sounds good. The weekend, I mean. Or before. We could do something now, if you wanted. s'long as I'm back before curfew…" She doesn't have anywhere to be.

A downward glance to make sure he's got a solid footing, then Daryl looks up again and nods. "Yeah, sure— I got some time, where do you want to go?" It's been an ongoing problem; they've had free time, but only so many places to go when it's this early in the day. "There's the Jerk Hut down on Merrick— we could head down that way, see what else is going on? And there's a theater, but it's…" All black-people stuff, he thinks to himself. "It's kinda like the Apollo, you know?"

The free time has been a problem, and the lack of anywhere to go or things to do. Brian nixed the idea of inviting Daryl over, too, at least temporarily, otherwise Koshka would suggest that. "Yeah.. Um.. We could go search the debris around the dome thing. See if there's anything interesting that hasn't been looted yet… It'd be safer than trying to find anything in Midtown."

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