Random Act Of Kindness Card


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Scene Title Random Act Of Kindness Card
Synopsis Nadal performs a random act of kindness post hit and run of Abigail's SUV.
Date August 8, 2010


It's called, a hit and run. One vehicle connects with another and instead of stopping, they carry on and put pedal to metal if they can manage to do so and flee the scene. Whether it's because they are inebrieted, lack insurance, or perhaps they have a record and cops are not their friend. Whatever the case may be, this early evening, that's exactly what happens in soho on a light commercial street. A red SUV runs a red, clips a blue that was going through, spinning the latter till it hit's a light pole.

The red one is gone, out of sight, stopping only long enough for the red of it's brake lights to go on, before they're gone and there's a sound of squealing tires, honking horns from others and a lone blue hybrid SUV with some front end damage and airbags deployed. It must be a testament to New York and the rate at which stuff happens here that there is barely a look, other than to see if the blonde head in the SUV that remains, is alive or dead, before they start on with their own merry way, thanking whatever deity it is they worship that it was not them.

Nadal has been out for the evening strolling along the streets of NYC. He is mostly passing the time until he needs to go collect his sister from her job. It also helps him clear his head and get a good layout of the city. He blends into the crowd as much as one could expect. He is dressed in a pair of stiffly starched khaki slacks, a black button down shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a pair of black dress shoes.

Nadal is completely caught off guard as the two cars collide. He doesn't see much happening as far as others on the street. So with a long glance to both sides he begins to move to the damaged car. Once he reaches the driver side door he begins to tap on the window. When he speaks he does so in a British accent layered on top of Arabic pronunciation. "Miss are you ok?" He taps on the window several more times trying to get a response.

"That guy just came out of nowhere" Some bystander says, another whipping out his phone and calling 911. The trio including Nadal the total of any good Samaritan that will be coming today to the drivers rescue. In the drivers seat, air bags deflate and Abigail's looking confused as to what exactly just happened. One minute driving back to the bar to grab something she forgot, and the next, there's a lightpole adjacent to her car and someone's knocking on her window.

Which is where her next attempt to focus ends up, staring at the dark haired foreigner, blood trickling from some cut in her hairline, like he's something she's never seen before, probably seeing stars somewhere on his forehead.

The Arabic man muscles anyone who is possibly near the door away. Then he reaches down and jerks the handle open. With a loud creak of bent metal and out of alignment door he pulls it open. Once it is finally out of the way he steps closely towards Abby. His hand reaching out and stroking the hair away from any visible wound. "Are you ok dear? I do believe there is help coming." His palm reaches out and holds her cheek softly in reassurance. "Everything will be quite alright. I am going to take you out of this car ok? I do not wish for you to be upset as I touch you."

She's warm to the touch, unnaturally so, watching him open the door, things rebooting in her head. She could cite from textbook, what exactly is happening to her. It's the touch though, his hand on her cheek that gives her the necessary jolt to really come to. "Don't move me. Never move a person unless the car's on fire. Is my car on fire?" A southern accent to go with the Sunday best clothes and the gold cross in it's simplicity that hangs at her neck.

"I just.. I need to… don't move me okay. Don't… there's my purse… in the back seat on the floor, get it. Please" Not hard to find, a bleating sound coming from it. "Please"

Letting his head dip inside of the car he looks around. "No I do not smell smoke just gasoline and burnt rubber. I do not believe it is on fire." Then with his free hand he pulls the lock for the back door of the SUV up. "Ok you wait right here I will go fetch your purse." His hand slowly slides away from her cheek as he moves away opening the back door. He scrounges around for her purse finally finding it slid up under the passenger side seat. He then returns by her side at the drivers door.

The purse is slowly slid into her right palm. "There you go there is the purse." His hand reaches up and strokes back any fallen hair holding it behind her ear. "What is your name? I am Nadal Kamir…I do have to apologize if mine is the last face you ever see. That would be a travesty so you will have to stay focused so we can get you out of here."

"I'm not dying Nadal, though you have a kind enough face that… that I think it would be something that many women would like to see at such a time." Senses slowly returning, common sense too as her hand closes around her purse. "Not wise to touch me right now. Please, just trust me on that. I'm an EMT. most.. most is a concussion, whiplash uuhh, lord… my brains not working right now, but I don't like to be touched"

There's the phone, pulled out. The latest and greatest iphone, it's palmed over to him, uncaring it seems of the bleating it makes and the slowly creeping up numbers on it's screen as she digs for something else. Something else that seems to be a pill bottle and five pills inside that with nary a request for water, the lid is popped off as she's swallowing them dry. "Talk to me. I need you to talk to me, please. Before I do something I really don't wanna do"

Behind him, the man converse with 9-1-1 describing the accident to the person and tapping Nadal's shoulder to inquire how the blonde is.

With a dutiful nod and a quirky grin Nadal withdraws his hand. "Well I do not wish to offend. Though I doubt anyone would be unwise to touch you." He chuckles a bit as he watches closely as you begin to regain your bearings. His eyes drifting through the SUV for any sign of a worsening situation. His head turning back to when she hands him her phone. He looks down at it before setting it atop the vehicles roof. "Well I can talk if you wish. I am from Egypt my father is an archeologist. I have come to NYC on business as a fundraiser for charity and to locate my sister. I finally found her just the other day she works in some terrible bar."

"Egypt, Egypt is a long long way from here and New York doesn't have much in the way of dinosaur bones" That prompts a laugh from the blonde, closing her eyes, trying to slow her breathing down, get a sense of calm, lest she burst into flame before the negation drugs kicks in.

"Tell your sister to look up the abbey, it's gonna open in a couple weeks. I'll give her a job in mine" there's a wince, a wrinkle of her nose. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna feel this all tomorrow. I'm sorry, I'm Abigail. Abby, Beauchamp uhh. Medic, Medic and bar owner. What bar does your.. your sister work in?" No smoke, no flames, no worsening situation, perhaps if it's been a compact or some other smaller vehicle, this would be worse that a bump on the head, a couple stitches and sore chest.

Gauze next, shaking hands working at trying to unpackage them. "Need to.. get it on my head… head wounds. Bleed like… bleed like buggers"

Nadal lights up at the rambling from Abby. "Well there are plenty of bones here in NYC they just happen to be in museums. So it is fairly hard to discover them. I don't know all that much about them that is more of my sister and father. I am mostly in finance and fund raising." He watches as she works down the pills and thinks on the matter.

"So what is quite so scary about touching you? I mean do you carry the plague, just a very short personal space? You do not seem to smell especially bad." Nadal throws a teasing smile in her direction. "As far as the bar she works at she seems to love it. Though between you and me it is quite filled with low life's. I would prefer her not to work at a bar at all. She is tough and head strong so it is hard to tell her much of anything."

As you struggle with the bandages Nadal leans in to help permission be damned. He goes about helping you roll them out and into place. "You are pretty sloppy for an EMT." Then again another quick flash of a teasing smile.

"You sound like my Dah when he found out I worked in one. It" A shakey laugh, giving him the gauze, taking away her breath when it's pressed in place. "Oh sweet blessed lord that hurts…" She douses him with a weak smile. He's a stranger, odds of her ever seeing him again? NIL.

"I turn into fire" Truth sometimes, not to be believed. "Shh don't tell anyone. Our little secret hmm? No. I used to heal. Others. I can't anymore and I

"You sound like my Dah when he found out I worked in one. It's a Babylon, he didn't like it, but… it has it's good parts and it's good money and depending on the bar, it's.. trust her. Like my Dah trusted me" A shakey laugh, giving him the gauze, taking away her breath when it's pressed in place. "Oh sweet blessed lord that hurts…" She douses him with a weak smile. He's a stranger, odds of her ever seeing him again? NIL.

"I turn into fire, woosh, everything burns" Truth sometimes, not to be believed and she moves her hands imitating an explosion. "Like fourth of July. Shh don't tell anyone. Our little secret hmm? No. I used to heal. Others. I can't anymore and I just…"

That might account though, for the digits on the iphone that he can't see anymore, the phone ceasing it's bleating. "Oh lord my insurance rates are gonna skyrocket. First fire trucks and now.. what on earth hit me?"

The bandages slowly roll around the top of Abby's head as Nadal clumsily bandages her. "Well your father is probably more right then a stubborn girl like yourself could tell." He chuckles a bit as you bitch about it hurting. "You are tough and after this young lady if you do not cry we will get you an ice cream."

Nadal's whole expression perks up as you begin to talk about your powers. "I see well so you have powers then? Interesting I do not fear such a thing myself. I imagine it would be quite a site to see up close. Yes I can keep secrets I am quite good at secrets." He continues to bandage but his expression is more curious then flirty. "Well it looked like a bread truck. Yes Wonderful bread I think is what it said." Nadal shrugs a bit a bit fuzzy on the branding.

"Promise? I like pralines and cream" The guy on the phone, taps Nadal's shoulder, pointing in the direction of where sirens of both the NYPD and ambulance nature seem to be bearing down on them. "I don't really turn into fire" backtracking and denying When it seems he's taking her seriously, despite that the heat that had poured off of her isn't anymore and she's normal to the touch. "I really did used to heal. With a touch. No more" When he's done, her own hands gently touch, as if assessing his job.

"Not bad, maybe you should switch profession from crunching numbers and come work for St. Lukes" Negation drugs have kicked in, she's not so afraid anymore of suddenly going up in flames. "Thanks. For helping, Nadal Kamir. I'll be fine from here if you want to get on with your day. Your random act of kindness card has been punched, and credited for the day"

A pleased and pleasant smile draws across Nadal's face. "Pralines and cream it is then. Yes I more then promise I pinky promise." Then with that he holds out his pinky towards Abby. He waits patiently as she checks herself over. "Yes well how does one lose a power? I mean I do not understand such a thing."

As the man behind him speaks Nadal cuts his eyes towards him coldly. When he turns back to Abby he nods in agreement. "Yes charity and kindness are always smiled upon. I am quite good with numbers such talent shouldn't be wasted. Also my bedside manner would be quite terrible. I do not think I shall let you go that quickly. I mean I did offer Ice Cream I would hate to break such a promise." He does step back slightly as he understands it her desire is to leave.

Hesitation, then, her own pinky finger curls around his. "Another day, I recognize the ambulance. One of mine" As in who she works for. "Ice Cream, another day, if the lord see's fit to have our paths cross again, something tells me I'm just gonna wanna go home" Go home after convincing her co-workers to let her go home. The stuff to suture in her own supplies and worst, if Francois is there, he can do it, or Peter. Or just do it herself.

"Really, thank you." Not moving from her own car, staying right where she is. "The Abbey, here in Soho. Drinks on me, if you ever come in. Be it alcoholic or not"

Nadal bows his head with a slight grin then steps away from the door. "Yes another day then." As the ambulances arrive and various sirens show he slinks away. Doing his best to cover his face and move out into the crowd without being noticed.

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