Raquelle Cambria
Raquelle Jesus Yoshi Cambria
Portrayed By Adam Lambert
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Persuasion
Age 27
Date of Birth 10/10/1981
Date of Death
Occupation Entertainer/Hairstylist
Family Billy Jean Cambria(8 year old daughter); Diana Benne Cambria(4 year old daughter)
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance Cut and Blow
Last Appearance

Raquelle aka Kelly is a trained cosmetologist does whatever he can to make money for himself and his two little girls, and being a gifted musician is something he's pushed to the side to concentrate on this homebody task. Homeboy can work a razor yo.

The Man:


The Girls:


The Voice:


The Skills:

  • Singing/Songwriting - While musically gifted? Raquelle's specialty is singing. He has an unreal 'range' and he has a natural soulful quality to his voice that comes from gospel singing experience. But he really is a chameleon, with his voice. Oh yes, he can also write songs and he often does to express his feelings and relieve his stress.
  • Music/Arranging - Some people are musically gifted and that is what Raquelle is, he knows alot about music. He can play piano and guitar, write music and arrange musical pieces both original and covers for other people if need be. Stage choreography occasionally comes into play, but he loves music and he loves performing so these skills really come to play on a day to day basis, even if he isn't officially performing.

The Life:


Memorable Quotes:

  • "You can have aaaany flavor you want."
  • "…ya know, a baby girl is knocking at your door in the middle of the night and you're serving as the tent-pole for bed-sheets and have to roll over on your stomach when they come in and say 'daddy's just doing push-ups…go eat a poptart and we can play with the keyboards…'"
  • "No enrollment! Oh bless your heart, you don't know how happy that makes me. We will /so/ be here on Sunday." Then at the mention of the question he ahhs and shrugs a shoulder. "Now don't laugh, my little holy nut cheerio." He warns. "But I really need to know if you get a pony when you get to heaven, it has been keeping my youngest from sleeping at night and I've got bruises from tiny feet along parts of my anatomy that monks never get to useā€¦"

Trivia and Notes:

  • He is Multi-Lingual, he can sing in almost any language but he speaks Japanese and Spanish fluently, and then he knows some French probably from high school.
  • He has tattoos. Several actually but usually small and in places that are easy to hide with clothing. He has a tattoo of an udjat on his left inner wrist and on his leg ankle is tattooed an anklet like design of crosses and ying/yang symbols, alternating between each symbol as the rest trails down onto his foot like a twisted east meets west rosary with a bagua with a cross in the middle 'dangling' from the end. On the nape of his neck is tattooed a small purple musical note with the words 'Music is what feelings sound like.' in Japanese Kanji and then in cursive Spanish underneath it, a lot of attention to detail and tiny as can be. Then he has two precious moments styled angels holding a heart between them tattooed on his left shoulder-blade the words 'My Two Little Angels, BJ & DB' with DOBs underneath each initial written into the heart. On his right shoulder blade, a medium sized black paw-print with the silver-grey letter cursive B in the middle of it, a pair of tiny handcuffs dangling off the edge of the design.

If he has more, he's not telling.

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