Rather Not Be Beholden


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Scene Title Rather Not Be Beholden
Synopsis Adam informs Abigail it's time to commence with the plan, She tells him he needs to hold off as she's going out of town again, and that there might not BE a town in a few days.
Date January 6, 2010

The Nite Owl

Adam called for this meeting after relative silence. He's been quiet on a lot of fronts, aside from the brief interaction with Peyton and Kendall. But at some point he called and informed Abby they had to meet. He chose to Nite Owl, though there was no particular reason for it. He sits quietly at a small, intimate table, his legs crossed comfortably as he looks over some sort of list and charts. He has a cup of coffee in front of him as he waits for Abby.

When adam calls, you go. Provided there's nothing extremely pressing. Men who have a tendency to be immortal demand a little bit more attention than others. So it's probably no surprise to him when the green SUV pulls up and a few minutes later Abigail is thumping through the door. THere's a pause as she looks around, brown hair back, scarf wrapped around her neck and dangling between the lapels of her open coat. There he is and soon enough - after a pit stop to ask the waitress for some coffee to be brought over - She's easing her way into the booth bench opposite adam, crutches laid to rest against the side of the bench.

"Good day Adam. I hope you're finding it well. Not to cold for you"

Adam shrugs a shoulder lightly, "I've been through colder." which, isn't hard to imagine. He pauses for some moments and lays the papers that he was looking at on the table face down and considers the girl for some moments, "So, how's the leg coming along?" he questions, "I hadn't heard that you'd been in an accident."

"You probably have been through colder. But I guess each time it's still different" She points out, quieting as the young waitress brings over her coffee and Abigail thanks her quietly before speaking up again when she's gone. "It's healing well enough. I had a run in with someone who needed to prove something to someone. He proved it at my expense. Few more weeks it should be well enough and I can have the cast off. Till then" Abigail shrugs a slender shoulder. "Makes getting around interesting, I'll say that much. And you? Peyton says you shot at her at a hospital. Really adam, who else have you scared in this city?"

She reaches over for some sugar to temper her coffee and stir it with a spoon. "Huruma sends her regards, I don't know when she'll be home, but she got in contact with me. Did you know she has a family? Grandson, grandmother, and found her son"

Adam is quiet at all this business and picks up his own coffee and takes a small sip before setting it down. At the question of Peyton, "In fairness, I never shot at her. I was shooting at her companion, she just happened to make a good human shield for him." he shrugs his shoulder though, fairly unconcerned with the matter. At the mention of Huruma, he only says, "She's been in contact." but, quiet now, he says, "It's time." he glances in Abby's direction, "I need you to get me access to the hospitals. I've been over the records and know what I'm going to do."

"You might want to hold off a week or two Adam" All seriousness in her voice, she's not trying to put it off, put off what she owes him for his attempt to revive Felix. "There's things going on right now. Things that, within the next week or so, we all might very well be under water unless we're at high altitudes. I don't even know if you'd survive" Can Adam breathe underwater? "And i'm going away again, for the next week, possibly two. I'll be out of town and I can't change that"

Adam arches a brow lightly at this. "Why would we be underwater?" he questions, "Are the polar ice caps melting?"

The look afforded Adam jsut might indicate that he's hit the nail on the head. "Your old acquaintences are… busy" that's one way to put it.

Adam considers that for a moment. Old acquaitances could be referring to a lot of things, Yakuza, mafia, nazis. He sips his coffee lightly as he considers that and then says, "Is this about the Vanguard?" he questions, "Well, I suppose that's sort of imaginative. But, I saw this business on CNN. They can only raise the water levels 23 feet." apparently unworried about the idea that New York might be submerged in water, "So, you're going off to fight the good fight?"

Raise the water level 23 feet? The military wouldn't be going gung ho to fix all this if it would only go up 23 feet. " CNN far as I know, doesn't know anything about whatever is going on Adam, so anything you're getting from there will likely not have anything to do with what is going on." She lifts the cup of coffee, taking a careful sip from it. "I'm off to do something Adam. SO either we're all still here in two weeks, or New York is underwater, but, I'd suggest holding off for two weeks regardless, unless you have someone else doing this as well. That and with a broken ankle I'm pretty conspicuous right now"

Adam waves his hand, "No, I don't really have any idea whast you're talking about. Global warming, Abigail. If all the polar ice caps melted, that sort of business. Now a tsunami, that'd cause some destruction." he pauses as if imagining in his head what a tsunami might do to New York City. He's quiet for several seconds before he says, "Well, it seems like it should be easy enough to get your leg healed. You've got Deckard around somewhere, for instance. Or you could have asked me." he shrugs his shoulders, "So why haven't you?"

"Worse than a tsunmai Adam and Flint is not around" There's tension in her voice at that. "He's disappeared and after what happened with Felix, I'm not about to ask that you help. I'd rather not fall into seizure and in truth Adam, I'd like to not be beholden to you more than I already am. I hate being beholden to anyone. You must surely understand that being old fashioned that you are"

"I understand the ego tends to be counter productive." he takes a long drink of his coffee. "Well, either way." he doesn't seem terribly concerned about the matter, "Alright, well, you go off and be ahero and call me when you get back. I'm sure you'll all do fine. World domination plans like these tend to fail in the end."

There's a soft sigh from teh brunette across the table from him a purse of lips as if Abigail might say something back to Adam. She opts instead to grab her wallet, plunk down money to cover his drink and hers then start to gather her crutches. "My part in playing Hero is done Adam. I broke my ankle in the name of god and country and assholes. If I get a hold of Huruma again, do you have a message for her? She didn't have enough time to converse long with me, and asked me to let you know that she was okay"

Adam questions, "So if you're not flying to anarctica or wherever it is you plan to go, to be a hero, why are you going? Seems if your part was done, then you'd stay here." he purses his lips a moment, "In fact, now that I think on it, why /are/ you going? No offense, but you don't exactly have the training and you're sans power."

"As so many have said to me Adam, since that day. I don't need a power to help, I got my two hands. I don't plan to be a hero, I just plan to be who god needs me to be. If you're still here in two weeks, if I'm here, i'll see to fulfilling what I owe you. I promise you that. Anything else Mr. Monroe?"

Adam shakes his head, "No. Good luck." he pauses, "Bring me back a souvenoir if you can. I imagine where you're going will be exotic."

"I'll send around souvineer's Adam" That she cracks a smile at, thought to rummage through her bag of Russian goodies and toss a Fur hat his way. "Take care Adam, God Bless" Away she turns, thumping off back towards the door and out into the cold air of NY for her car.

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