Reach Out and Touch Someone


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Scene Title Reach Out And Touch Someone
Synopsis Helena follows up on intel Hana gave her during their meeting.
Date October 25, 2008

New York Public Library

It's the next day by the time Helena can sit down with a phone that includes a texting pad. She signals out to an IP she knows Hana keeps an eye on, leaves a message with the contact number of her current phone, and then disconnects. She doesn't have to be online for Hana to reach her. She just waits for the reply.

As with most messages sent to Wireless, the reply is quickly forthcoming.

Wireless: Yes?

Helena: You said that messages were being sent to you. Can you tell me about them?

Wireless: There's not much to go by. Cryptic.

A momentary pause.

Wireless: Complaints, some of them; lack of action. 'Bleeding hearts'. References to meetings, but those involved already knew who, when, and where.

Wireless: They're either avoiding me or have a remarkably good concept of operational security.

Helena scowls, and starts typing:

Helena: Names? ID's on who's been exchanging messages? I need to know who to trust. We've got resources that I don't want getting into the wrong hands if there's going to be a division.

Wireless: I can give you a list of numbers easily.

Another brief pause, perhaps for thought.

Wireless: If you gather the people you need to trust most, I can identify if anyone on the list is there.

Wireless: The name 'Karl' has featured prominently in some phone calls among the same group. Context suggests he's either the ringleader or close to them.

Helena: Go ahead and hit me with the numbers. I'll have my people gathered in a few days. I'm certain of the ones I trust. I'm willing to let the violent ones go, but they're not taking our resources.

The list of phone numbers is dumped to Helena's screen; it looks to count nearly a third of the group's total membership.

Wireless: Separately — you may have another concern.

Wireless: Someone at Stillwater Security has been digging at your viral video. Another technopath. They wouldn't talk to me; I don't know what they want.

Wireless: Stillwater doesn't usually do national security… but it has very high-level contracts with the government.

Helena: I'll look into it. We've had a lot of response from the viral vids, but people are unsure how to reach us if they're interested in the fight. It may be a hostile, but it might be a recruit. Can I arrange to contact them through you at another time?

Wireless: Yes.

Wireless: I'll see how they deal with the security measures I left behind. That should determine if it's an officially-sanctioned investigation.

Helena: Please keep me posted when they do. Thank you, W.

Wireless: I will. You're welcome.

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