Reactions To Chesterfield Murder

MANHATTAN, New York — Just one day following the grisly discovery of Jennifer Chesterfield's murder in her campaign headquarters in lower Manhattan, public figures within the election are speaking out about Chesterfield's campaign, the message she had rallied her mayoral campaign on, and their impressions of her passing.

"I didn't know her well," stated former candidate Marcus Donovan to the New York Times earlier today, "but I know she was one of those women who never backed down. When she first entered the campaign, so late in the game, Jennifer raced up so quick in the polls I figured I'd be giving my consession speech to her, to be honest. Nobody ever thought she'd lose, nobody ever thought somethis tragic like this would happen. It's a damn tragedy is what it is, because she was one of those people who gave back to the city because she could. She was one of those people who genuinely seemed to care about the city, and you know, I would've been okay with losing to her."

Donovan, whom lost the mayoral campaign to Sylvia Lockheart last night, continued to comment on Chesterfield's career and how closely guarded she kept her personal life. "After all those things came out in the news— the mudslinging and the bull— I just didn't want to believe it you know? But she cameo ut there every day after that started happening and just didn't let it get to her, you know? She was a trooper, a real solid trooper, and I don't think it was fair that her kid got dragged into this, without even a scrap of proof for any of the things they said about her. But you know, after last night, they stopped saying the bad things about Chesterfield. They stoppedslinging the mud because you know what, this city only cares when you're at the top. Me? I'm not going to stop talking about her, not going to stop saying all the good things she did."

Mayor Lockheart, contacted by the Associated Press following her victory in the protracted Mayoral Campaign said of Chesterfield, "She was a tough woman, a good opponent, and New York City has lost a bright and dedicated mind. It's tragic what happened to her, that this had to happen when it did, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her young daughter in this time of crisis."

Vocal Evolved rights group Unity for Humanity made a public statement earlier today on their website stating, "Jennifer Chesterfield was an example to Evolved everywhere, and her efforts to promote reform to the Linderman Act and instill a sense of responsibility in the Evolved community to continue making headway for equal rights and equal opportunities will continue. We will pick of Jennifer Chesterfield's torch and carry on, and several members of her campaign staff have approached us with proposed legislation that Chesterfield was planning to promote should she have been elected. Now we will, in her honor, be attempting to continue that tradition of forward-thinking and positive ideals for a brighter future by carrying the Chesterfield Scholarship for the Evolved all the way to D.C. if we must. She deserves to have a lasting impression on history and would want to see this done."

Funeral plans for Jennifer Chesterfield have been kept private and the investigation into her murder is still ongoing.

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