Ready to Raise Hell


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Scene Title Ready to Raise Hell
Synopsis Revenge, coup, armegeddon — whatever you want to call it, Ethan invites Nick in on it.
Date January 23, 2011

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Mass has cleared out mostly. And the cathedral is mostly empty. Dark has set on and it's getting towards that time where everyone buries themselves in their houses to hide from the big mean military patrols. The candle lit cathedral has a certain sort off reverence over it, the snow falling lightly outside.

A few of the faithful remaining, seeking confession or a little extra time to pray. Or to just listen for God's voice. Scattered throughout the large cathedral silent murmurings of the hopeful and desperate build the ambience for two seated towards the back.

One, not so faithful sits to a younger pseudo-relative. A long black stem rises, the metallic silver wolf head tapping the pew in front of them lightly. "Y'know whot this is, boy?" Ethan Holden has waited a few minutes for the other man to arrive. And once the younger did get there, the two sat in relative silence for a few moments before Holden finally broke the silence.

In a black peacot with black loafers the man's gloves glide over the cane gently, sitting as comfortably as possible on the wooden pew. His gaze goes over to rest on Nick, giving him a surveying look. An eyebrow lifts expectantly.

One would think Nick is Ethan's son. The younger man sits, sullen, looking like he might just be a young man reluctant to be forced to attend church against his will. Nick stares stonily at the crucifix above the altar, remembering perhaps doing the same on Christmas Day, hours after he'd almost been killed, hours after he'd almost killed others, a bomb strapped to his chest by Walsh.

He heaves a sigh and glances down at the cane in Ethan's hands, and he lifts his left shoulder in an ambiguous sort of shrug. Don't know. Don't care. It could be either, really.

"A young idiot gifted this item to Kazimir Volken." Ethan starts, looking down at the cane darkly. "Kazimir Volken twisted it into a dark symbol. It became a symbol for all Volken was. Malevolence. Hatred. Brutality." It doesn't take Ethan too long to dive into his monologue. Explaining the history of the staff. "A good friend o' mine was murdered with this." Holden stares down at the cane, tilting his head at it.

"There isn't much in the world that carries the kind of 'istory this thing does. The stigma this thing 'as. You find a RPG that scares people as much as this little cane does and I'll…" The metaphor fails as he just trails off. "It's time it's brought back to life."

Glancing over to Nick, Holden smirks a little. "You 'ave potential boy. In all 'onesty I could beat th'shit out've you with me eyes closed. Like literally, I'm ninety percent sure I could beat the fuck out of you if I was blind." He purses his lips as he considers this for a moment. "Or you could join me, I could teach you."

Nick's black brows dip when the name Volken comes up. His feelings about the man are a confusing mix — the man saved his life. The man engineered the birth of his sister. The man was a fucking Nazi. He glares down at the staff, shaking his head.

Blue eyes flicker up to Ethan's face at the mention of it being brought back to life. He shakes his head again, a soft huff of a laugh leaving his lips as those eyes move back to the altar. This is a strange place to talk about murdering people with canes.

"Join you," he echoes, finally, a little disbelief coloring the words. "Teach me wot exactly? 'm not exactly…" That left shoulder shrugs again. "An amateur. In fighting, or whatnot." The American accent has been dropped for now.

f The wolf head practically leaps up at a fast and unexpected pace. Just a quick jab to deliver a little pop at Nick's head. Then the cane is reeled back. "Yes you are." A little grin grows up his lips as the cane slides down his hands. "You're just arrogant. Which is alright. I was too. You may know a few tricks, been scrappin for a bit. But you're not a killer. Not by a longshot."

The steel cold gaze of Holden watches Nick quietly. "Eileen was attacked. An old associate of mine, Feng. Recent revelations have made me aware that I need to get myself together. I've just been sittin'. 'aven't realized til now that in this fuckin' city, I need to be active. I'm going to kill Feng. Probably others. Like your friend. The Irishman."

Ethan watches Nick, pushing himself back somewhat. "Need to start cleanin' up this city. Could use someone who knows 'ow to point a gun."

"Fuck," Nick says, reaching to rub his head and glare at Ethan, but the anger is swiftly replaced with worry for Eileen. "When was this? Is she all right?" the younger man says, agitated.

He sighs and shakes his head. "Don't fucking kill Irish without me. I got a debt to pay that one. He have anything to do with this Feng asshole? You got a face to go with Feng somewhere? So I know to shoot his fucking face off if I see him?"

Nick reaches into his pocket to pull out a wallet, tossing it to Ethan. "I'm not a fuckin' amateur, and I can point a fuckin' gun."

Apparently, it's confession time.

"I told you, you could point a fuckin' gun." Ethan growls as the wallet is thrown to him. Picking up the wallet he examines the badge before tossing it back. "That'll 'elp you." The Wolf grins a little bit at the younger man. "The more you insist you're competent. The more glaring your weaknesses become. You need to control your anger first and foremost. Words should never throw you off. Words don't have to incite emotion. Let actions do that for you."

"If you're in, I'll get you a picture and a burn phone. But if you're in, you're workin' with me. I'm bringin' in Salucci. As much as I want to kill th'fuck. He can be useful. As well as that man, you met. Ziadie. Lie detector." Holden watches the other man before grinning a little.

Nick lifts the wallet, to indicate what's inside, before shoving it in his pocket. "Not sure if I'm keeping that job or not. I'm on leave for almost being a fuckin' bomb, and all, but if I do, can't interfere with that, yeah? I mean… I'm not sayin' I won't do shit that would prob'ly get me fired. Like fuckin' killing Walsh instead of bringing him in for the whole justice system at work and all."

He looks like he might spit, but remembers he's in a holy place. "But you know. Can't break my cover, yeah? Not sure, if I keep it, how long I'll be 'round, neither. They might send me off somewhere that my legend's not fuckin' ruined. Walsh don't know what I am, but he knows I'm not with him, so that ruins some of what I had going."

At the mention of Ziadie the lie detector, Nick snorts. "I'm tryin' to find Walsh. Got some stuff going, maybe."

"Keep th'badge. Whotever y'fuckin do." Holden growls, nodding down ot it. The Wolf watches the other man quietly. "We'll find 'im. We'll find Feng. We'll fuck em all up." Ethan smirks a little bit one hand climbing up to pat the other man's shoulder gently. "I'll get you a burn phone soon. I want y't'be ready t'answer it. I'll get Salucci and do some digging."

"Y'know anyone who I could start on? Any old associates, nothin'?" Holden asks, tilting his head at the other man.

"For Walsh?" Nick says, then shakes his head. "Not like firsts and lasts, you know? Some bitch with tattoos, buncha guys like me who really didn't know much. Pretty sure he has some other NYPD on the rolls."

Nick reaches into his pocket for a pack of cigarettes, pulling one out to bring to his mouth, though no lighter follows it. They are in church, after all. It's an anxious gesture, Nick a little more nervous than he was on the island.

"Problem is," he says, his words not quite as clearly enunciated around the paper and tobacco, "I was just a peon, you know? He didn't let me in on shit. I got some names of people he sold to, but most of 'em were fake, yeah? And hell, Jensen was one of 'em, so it's not like I wanna go shoot at people just for doin' business with him. One chick, um, I think Daisy or Dixie, I got her name somewhere, Southern bitch, she's supposed to be in contact with me." He shrugs. It's not useful, he knows it's not. "I'll see if I can maybe find some of the guys who were kinda on the outskirts like me, down at the docks or whatnot, see if they know shit."

"Point me at 'em, Nicholas. We 'ave ways of gettin' things out that they won't want to let out." Ethan grins a little bit as he looks the other man up. "We're going to make a lot of noise." Holden admits, setting the cane down on the ground. Holden pushing odwn on the cane he rises up, looking down to the other man. "I want th'ole city t'know that I'm coming."

Taking a step away, he grins down at the man. "We're goin' t'raise 'ell, Nicholas. Get ready." Holden lets the cane click on the cathedral floor as he steps away through the cathedral.

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