Real Estate


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Scene Title Real Estate
Synopsis Matt appears to have found a temporary place for he and Molly to hide out - until the current resident returns.
Date June 16, 2009

Abandoned Best Western Motel

The entrance to the Best Western has seen better days. Abandoned for several years, an extremely thick layer of dust lays on the welcome counter like a thick grey blanket. It also seems like several local bums have used this place as various beds, mostly ratty and full of holes as well as stains litter the room among the piles of garbage that are almost waist-high. The entire room stinks of stale air and urine. To the left is a steel door leading to the stairs and in front is the elevator doors.

A set of stairs made of concrete with a metal railing painted to keep the rust away, though many parts are now rusted as neglect has allowd the paint to chip and crack, leads upstairs. It seems as though the stairs only go up to the second floor; the stairs leading to the third floor are missing some, and piles of garbage prevent one from jumping up.

Inside the elevator shaft, it seems that the elevator car has fallen all the way to the basement from what could have been the top since it's been smashed to pieces. Judging from the holes in the sides of the shaft, it's clear the car didn't go down easily as well it seems to have ripped off the ladders that normally are on the sides of the elevator shaft for maintenance the cables that also hang down have been cut at around the fourth floor. The entire shaft smells of moisture and rust.

The sun has just set and angel is comming back home with some food she's in a very good mood humming a tune to herself maybe that's why she's not as carful as normal just walking into the hotel without checking. She moves inside and quickly moves towards the elevator shaft putting the bag down she starts to pry the doors open showing off her considrable fitness.

It's always a good idea to check. And double check. A gun cocks in the shadows cast by the setting sun and the ramshackle shelter, the barrel presumably pointed at the young woman at the elevator doors.

One night in this city is enough to teach anyone in Staten Island to be exceptionally careful, not to mention armed. There is a moment of silence, when only the echo of the gun's mechanism hangs in the air, before a voice follows it out of the darkness. "Who are you?" It's a man's voice. American, and a taut with frustration and possibly even anger.

AngelLooks back eyes instantly wild a look of surprise then anger flashes across her face but not fear any fear towards that gun at all. She turns to face matt hands loose at her sides but empty " Who are you what are you doing here? " her voice is soft almost husky though she has a very heavy Japanese accent her English is clear enough to be understood , not bothering to answer the question of the man with a gun.

As he uses the growing shadows as a mask, all that is visible of the armed man is the gun, the outstretched hand and arm that support it, and the lower half of his face. That arm is clad in a wrinkled suit coat, and the face is flecked with stubble that has gone far past five-o-clock.

"You first," the voice says again, the mouth curling into something that hovers between a sneer and a half-cocked grin.

Angel Slides a foot outwards seeming to get more stable and her face gets that grim determination look one it " This place belongs to me leave now " Oh yes she's been living here a while she knows thiers no law though her eye's are scanning for something to use as a weapon.

"Stay where you are missy," the man commands with official-sounding strength, as opposed to the sheer will of a bully or gang-banger. "Why should I leave?" he asks immediately afterward. "It's a decent place, if you like living with rats and mold… and probably moldly rats."

With a disgusted frown, the shadowed figure kicks at a bit of trash, sending sodden papers and bits of unrecognizable scrap metal a few feet across the lobby. "Besides - it's big. And you're a tiny thing." Compared to him, at least. "You can't take up the whole thing all by your little lonesome." Unless she isn't alone, though that's unlikely.

Angel Face gets even more grim though her accent gets a little more thick " This is last change american leave now or I am forced to hurt you this place is mine nobody take from me." She takes a step forward as her hands come up with what can only be a martial arts stance her eye's getting steeled though she's watching your arms and shoulders rather closley since she can't really see your face .

He squints, though it's an unseen expression, and chuckles once. "Okay, okay," he says shaking his head but not lowering the pistol. "How about listening a second, Crouching Tiger. Whatever digs you've got are upstairs, right?"

Not that martial arts aren't the only thing the little lotus could possibly have up her sleeve. Not everyone is adept at telling the various Asian ethnicities apart, and she could easily be a Triad with that tattoo.

Then again, alone or no, that may prove too much of a problem if it is indeed a Triad tattoo. "You know what? You're not worth it, kid." The mouth frowns again, then the man snorts as he slowly backs into the shadows. Obscured fully once more, the sound of feet on the refuse-covered floor can be heard as he makes his way out the way he came in.

Angel Blinks at what he said and stands back up she is about to let him go when she decides something " I'll lisen " She says rather loudly " You want a place to stay and if you not gonna take it from me by force I'll lisen " she says though she's obviously staying carful .

But the young woman's words fall on deaf, absent ears. The only thing that answers her is the dust-covered filthy husk of a building she calls home.

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