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Scene Title Really?!
Synopsis Harmony calls Warren to check up on him since their first encounter. More talk of joining his cause is discussed, as well as some things Harmony would rather not have heard, involving the sanity of a girlfriend, and things that should go unsaid.
Date November 8

Phone Conversation

Warren is sitting in his own personal workspace, walls covered in blueprints. He lays his head inbetween his arms, knowing that all around him out there, the city is simply burning. In another lifetime, he'd have thrived in such an environment, but sanity has its price. When he gets the call, he answers his cellphone, holding it up to his ear. "Hello?"

"So.. you stay the morning after, like you said, but you lose my number after leaving? I could forgive you if you were a player, but you're supposed to be the nice guy that rescued me that night. Picking up the phone to see if I'm okay in all this madness? I'm actually hurt." Harmony paces in the lobby of RedBird security with her cellphone up to her ear. The blonde girl smirking with her usual joking tone as she speaks.

"I'm sorry, it wasn't… I didn't mean to treat you that way. I was in a very bad place, and I'm very grateful for what… we had." Warren sounds a little uneasy, clearly not used to having this kind of talk with anyone. "This girl, one I really care about, she was hurt when I told her what happened with you. She thought we were still together, that I was waiting for her, and I thought she was gone forever. We had this misunderstanding, and she's given me a second chance to prove myself… I'm sorry."

"Whoa, whoa.. Calm down, I was mostly just kidding, dude." Harmony chuckles from the other end of the phone. "Wow.. I just wanted to give you a hard time about not phoning a friend, and make sure you were alright. I didn't expect to get pulled into a love triangle? I should let you know, drama like that isn't my style? And it's not like our little tussle was an engagement ring? So yeah.. water under the bridge." she crosses over to look into the reflective surface of the window, taking a peek outside to see if anything is going on where she is yet. "Anyway.. I just wanted to check up on you really. Make sure you aren't dead or something, and I also wanted to tell you that I visited the ruins of Midtown.. I went to work on my ability. I've been thinking a lot about what you said."

"Sorry, I'm used to having a violent sociopathic girlfriend, I sometimes forget that women can be reasonable." Warren laughs in a bit of relief, but there's a hint of exhaustion behind it. "I'm alright, where ever you are, you should stay there. I could bring you back to my factory if you wanted a secure place. I still want you to help me, I could make you an employee too, but you'd be working for a greater cause."

"Actually.." Harmony runs one finger over the glass, wiping off a small smudge of something there. "I ran into this guy, Richard Cardinal one night. He actually mentioned you.. Well, he mentioned that you mentioned me. He kinda filled me in on some things and told me about what was gonna go down. He offered me a safe place to stay till this blows over, so I'm hiding out at his building. This place looks pretty secure, actually so.. I should be okay." Finding herself a seat over on a nearby desk, Harmony's shoulders deflate a little, "But yeah, I'd be up for helping out. Kinda made a few life changes in the past few days, so.."

"Cardinal? Well, you should be safe there, yeah. Just sit tight, and tomorrow I'll bring you to the factory. But I have to warn you." Warren isn't sure how to even say this and sound serious at the same time, but he clears his throat, then swallows. "If you meet Elle Bishop, a blonde with electric powers, do not say we slept together, she will probably kill you."

This makes Harmony's brow raise curiously, a pretty uncertain and uncomfortable feeling setting in. "What? Are you serious? Okay.. I'll admit, now I'm a liiiitle on the wounded side. Not only do I miss out on a good thing, but I have to tip toe, or get killed? Dude.. not cool. Of course, I'll keep it to myself to avoid conflict, but yeah.. You apparently stepped on a few hearts in this situation. You're quite a bit of drama."

"I'm sorry, this was completely my fault. And you don't have to tip toe exactly, I just have to make sure she never finds out who you are. She put me in the hospital when I told her what I did." Warren sounds completely serious when he says that, trying to make his point. "I know it sounds crazy to be with a woman like her, but she has issues, mental issues I already knew about going into this."

"Whoa! What? Really?" Harmony blinks, her eyes going wide at the other end. So shocked in fact, she has to lift the phone away from her ear and LOOK at it. A useless gesture that people make, but she can barely believe what she just heard. "She put you in the hospital? Nonono.. waitwaitwait.. Not only did she put you in the hospital, but she will kill me if she finds out who I am? Simple as that? No remorse? Just.. Blah, die? Wowwww.." she just shakes her head, thinking about everything she's been given so far. "Okay.. I dunno how good of an idea it is to get involved, but there is a greater purpose here that goes beyond some crazy chick keeping me from doing some good.. barely. Having said that? It's only fair to warn you that if she tries to kill me? I will give her cancer. I'm not even kidding. Self-defense all the way.. I didn't do anything wrong, and I've got crazy girlfriend possibly looming over me like the Sword of Damocles? C'mon.."

"When we're on less shaky terms, I'll talk to her so she's in less of a jealous girlfriend rage. But I know how she is. The good news is, she's not involved in what I'm doing, so you don't have to worry about actually being around her." Warren points out, a bit hopefully. "I was just warning, in case you ever did meet her, and since you're at Red Bird, where she shows up sometimes. Just… don't tell her and everything will be fine. I'm not a person who brags, no one has any idea we did anything, except you and me."

"Usually? I don't kiss and tell, unless something worthwhile is gonna grow from it. So we're probably safe in that aspect." Harmony pinches her thumb and her index finger over her eyelids after closing them, massaging across her tired optics. She hasn't been sleeping too well as of late, and hearing the things Warren just told her isn't easing her stress any. "In all honesty, you probably shouldn't have said anything. You have no idea how neurotic of a worrier I am. I dunno what'll happen if I meet this girl. I could see her and start freaking out, and end up glowing like a strobe light. It's embarrassing when I do that." after a second, she gets an idea, "Hey! Richard spoke about time travellers and stuff. Do you think maybe we could get one of them to go back and stop use from sleeping together? That sounds preeeetty ideal to me right about now." Her voice missing the joking undertones she usually has.

"That's a little drastic. And us sleeping together has already had an impact on history, so there's no way something like that could safely be done without changing everything." Warren points out, virtually saying that their one night stand has changed the entire world already. "Just stop worrying. Elle's nice, she just feels threatened sometimes. She's spent her entire life being backstabbed and used, and I made her feel that way, someone who promsied to never do that. She's giving me a second chance because I misunderstood our situation, and I never intended for her to learn who you are. This is stupid… nothing's going to happen, just pretend I didn't say anything."

As if she hadn't said it enough throughout the conversation, "Really? Pretend you didn't say anything?" Harmony arches a brow. "Oh, here ya go Harm, have this bright red 'Pwned' tattoo on your forearm. Sorry it hurt a little, and it'll do you absolutely no good from this point on. You know what? It's probably a bad idea.. I shouldn't have given it to you. Just.. try to ignore that it's even there." Completely sarcastic of course. Unmistakably. After which, she just sighs, closing her eyes, "Alright, look. I'm sorry about that, it's just.. All this going on, I'm scared, dunno what is gonna happen, and then this. Just a little sensitive and on edge. Let's just stick with the plan for now, I'll chill here for a little bit and we'll deal with that other thing when heads clear up. Okay?" the reception seems to be breaking up, as if there is interference with the signal. "Oh.. I'm getting worked up. My ability is messing with the signal. And here comes Richard anyway. I'll catch you later, okay? Stay safe."

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