Reason To Worry



Scene Title Reason To Worry
Synopsis Tasked with infiltrating the Flying Dragons, Ling has a few of them…
Date Jule 6, 2009

Financial District

The register chings almost classically as Ling Chao hands money over to the cashier. It had been a long time since she’d been able to enjoy that sound like one truly should, much less in the constant chorus that had rang in her ears over the past few days. Kain hadn’t exaggerated when he’d said how much money she’d be getting for this, not in the least.

She had taken upon herself to enjoy what was likely going to be her last day at Rapture, throwing herself a little party. It was something she’d looked forward to even from before she had applied, as counter productive as that sounded. It was the last thing she’d wanted to do after the Bomb, but it was the first opportunity she had, and she was in no position discriminate at the time. But ultimately, even Ling knew, though, that sometimes you just have to settle, and then work your way up from the bottom.

Any doubts she’d had about doing this had sunk away once she returned home, truly free to contemplate the offer out of Kain’s, and by extension Linderman’s, eyes. In her few years working in China and America before the 2006 bomb, she had made more than her fair share of advances though less than scrupulous methods, aided in more recent years by he advent of, as Kain had so “charmingly” called it, her “smoke and mirrors trick”. Working with the Triads was a worrisome proposition, but she was confident if nothing else.

She hadn’t been to Chinatown yet, hadn’t been to see Bao-Wei, but she knew it was a formality. If anything, she was overqualified for what she was being asked to do. It would be the easiest money she’d ever make, and the best opportunity she’d had in as long as she could remember. She knew that if she ever had the chance to meet Linderman face to face, she would have to thank him personally.

As she took the new, sleek black dress off the counter, slipping it under her arm, a bit a frown finally formed across her face. That was one thing that still worried her - Linderman. She’d heard everything from whispers of mobster to savior in relation to Daniel Linderman. The fact that he employed people like Kain was simultaneously comforting and mildly disconcerting and the fact that he hadn’t approached her himself spoke volumes in and of itself. But what worried Ling more than anything else was that she’d always figured herself a god judge of character – and there was just too much conflicting thoughts and information on Linderman to make a good grasp.

She waved a hand in the air dismissively as she stepped out of the store and back out on to the sidewalk. It wasn’t something that mattered at the moment; all she had to worry about was getting down to Chinatown soon to see Bao-Wei, before the position was filled by someone else. Perhaps she would finally do that this evening, or early tomorrow afternoon.

A grin spread across her face as she walked, navigating through the small crowd that filled the path back to her apartment. For the first time in two years, she was on the verge of being in a position she’d wanted to be in all this time. She was sure she had it easy with this assignment of sorts she had been given. Kain was right, the more she thought about it. This was in her blood, and before she knew it, she’d be moving up from something as simple as this. It was only a matter of time.

In truth, she had no reason to worry at all.

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