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Scene Title Reassurance
Synopsis Kaylee stops by The Hangar to drop off some paperwork. Alistair choses the time to test the young woman's resolve.
Date November 22, 2009

The Hangar

The Hangar

A wrought-iron fence borders several small garden beds and the stone stairs leading up to the house's front door. The house itself is a structure of old stone - not even concrete blocks, but quarried stone — with natural-color wood doors and window frames. The windows on the ground floor are barred.

Inside, the level is divided into only three rooms. The first is the foyer, with polished hardwood flooring, a freestanding coatrack on either side, iron-dark against soft-amber interior walls. The main staircase spirals up from one corner of the foyer, girded by a wrought-iron railing.

To the right from the entrance is the kitchen. The walls just off from white, the floor tiled in dark gray. In the center of the kitchen is a black-topped island, matching the counters that line the room. One wall is dominated by an eminently modern stove framed by an anachronistic brick hearth. Cabinets above the counters have glass doors; the windows above the sink are framed in light-colored curtains, the illumination they let in adding to the expansive atmosphere.

The dining room takes up the back of this floor. The far wall is brick and stone, with a facade of a fireplace mantle in the center. Interior walls have been painted a tone intermediate between amber and ivory, which is also the accent color in the dark rug beneath the long dining table.

Kaylee has arrived.

It's a Sunday night, quiet. The world is calming down from it's weekend binge, preparing for the grind that begins on Monday morning. Alistair is relaxing, bluetooth earpiece permanently attached to him as he makes his way back to the computer with a cup of coffee in his hand. A song is playing softly in the background as Alis sings along. "Woke up…. got outta bed…. dragged a comb across my head…" He hums before putting the cup down on a coaster on the desk. He's wearing a simple black sweatshirt and worn denim jeans. Comfy clothes.

Dressed in her typical baggy hand-me down jeans and a t-shirt which is hidden under the worn brown leather jacket she's wearing. A scarf is being tugged down, followed by the removal of a beanie from her head as she moves into the doorway. Paper held close in one hand, she tucks away the cap and then knocks politely on the door frame. Fingers try to fix her hair while she says, "Hello… I'm looking for an Alistair? Person who let me in said he'd be here."

Alistair turns at the voice and looks.. "Oh, um.. yes. That's me." he says, standing. He makes note to speak with whomever's keeping an eye on the door for letting the woman in without some form of escort. "What can I do you for?" he blushes, catching himself but not before the phrase has left his lips. "I mean, what brings you to the stately manor?" He smiles. "Would you care for some coffee? There's a constantly brewing pot lately."

Looking somewhat relieved she isn't going to go on any goose hunt, she steps further into the room, a small smirk at the blush as she says, "Um.. My name is Kaylee." She holds up some paper. "I thought I'd bring you some paperwork on all that medicine and vaccines the Ferry have ended up with and check to see if maybe Megan had another list for me. And coffee would be awesome, I feel like an icicle…" She blinks and then adds quickly, "If it's no trouble, that is."

Alistair waves it off. "No trouble at all." he makes his way to the kitchen. "How do you take your coffee?" He asks as he gets things ready. "Megan had a list, but I'm pretty sure she took it with her, with the intent of delivering it to you personally. I should have a copy if you need it more urgently." He makes the typical noise as he gets things ready. "How are the kids doing, anyways? I'd asked Megan the other day, but you know how quickly these things can change."

"Yeah, I did get that one.. I brought it back with notes on the deliveries of each, just was curious if anything new came up." She follows him enough that she can watch him, papers still clutched against her. "My coffee? Cream and sugar. As for the kids, they are doing great. We've cut the amount of kids at the house in half with many being well enough to go home." Her mouth tucks to one side in a smirk. "It was nice.. I actually got the first real nights sleep last night. It's rough caring for kids." Hr smile falls away a little bit as she continues, "Of the group we had.. we only lost two. One before we were able to get medications.. another about two days ago from Pneumonia. We have one little girl that is touch and go, but Megan thinks it's something much worse..Like her heart. So she's making arrangements for them to get out of town to a hospital that can care for her."

Alistair nods, fixing the coffee and handing over the cup. "Well, Megan's the one who's really coordinating this. I haven't heard of any changes on it from her, so I'd say that we're at status quo for the time being." he turns and leans up against the counter. "Yeah, looking after kids can be rough. We've had our share run through here." he nods, listening. "It's too bad we had to lose any. Let Meg know to keep me in the loop on that girl.. I can probably round up some decent transportation and get them through the roadblocks."

Taking the cup in her free hand, Kaylee offers the papers with her other one. "Well, I just had some ridiculous luck with all those medication and vaccines that fell in my lap while I was caring for the kids. With out all that and the vaccines… the vaccines were a godsend. We won't have this problem popping up over and over again. I'm just glad they are benefiting the organization as a whole. I owe the Ferrymen my life really, for taking me in."

Taking the cup in both hands, she nods at the papers, "That is a run down of Megan's list and confirmation of shipment to each place and…" She reaches to tap the top sheet with a finger, "And inventory sheet of everything we ended up with. It's insane." The young telepath can't hide the awe at the luck really.

Alistair nods at the paperwork. "I'll make sure it's all filed, for when Meg needs it. This will help her figure out who's got the vaccines and who hasn't received them yet." He puts his cup down and nods. "You owe us what you want to. Saving lives is what we're about. Your work is greatly appreciated, but don't feel that you're indebted forever. We can get you through the pipeline as well, fi you ever felt that you wanted to start over somewhere.. You're young, you've got alot left to do."

"Truthfully…" Kaylee gives him a sly little smile, "..I've been wondering where you all were when I was looking for purpose. I ended up getting tangled up with a bad man and it about killed me." She lifts the mug enough for her to blow on it softly before taking a sip. "Oh.. that's nice.. Anyhow, I have this weakness for helping those down in their luck. Before I ended up with Adam.. I use to work in soup kitchens and helping out in food drives and stuff. So needless to say.. it's been the best thing to happen to me." She motions to him with a hand, "Not to mention I meet some pretty good people. Why go back to my boring life?"

Alistair shrugs. "I'm glad we help fill a purpose in your life. However… I hope we won't have to exist for long. Don't get me wrong, I love what we're doing… I just wish we didn't *have* to. I long for the day when all this cloak and dagger stuff is gone and we can all live out in the open, and no one's getting persecuted because they can turn things into water, or.." he smirks.." read people's minds." He scratches a cheek as he thinks. "This is a coping mechanism. A way of survival. It doesn't have to be a way of life. I believe that, wanting to do something bigger, outside of all this, helps to keep things in focus. As if it were a long range goal. Then that means that doing this work is that much more worthwhile. Also, you don't have to have a boring life. We can set you up with anything you'd like. Even cater it to your unique gifts."

"Well, I think we all wish we didn't have to keep cloak and dagger." There is amusement in Kaylee's voice at that last. "But until they stop picking us up and tossing us into holes just cause they think what we can do is bad… I'll never register easily… If they knew all I could do…." Her voice trails off and she gives a little shutter. "I'm pretty sure they would toss me in a dark hole like they did so many people I met." Peering at him suddenly with narrow eyes, "You sound like a saleman trying to get me into a new car." She gives a little chuckle, before taking a drink of the hot liquid. "No… I'm here to stay as long as the Ferrymen need me.. or I am caught and tossed in that dark hole. I am feeling like I belong her, Alistair.. No amount of wheeling and dealing is gonna get me to go elsewhere." There is a teasing grin flashes at him.

Alistair smiles and shrugs. "Good. I just wanted to make sure, for both myself and for you, that this was the real thing and not some passing fad. I'm not trying to get you to leave, I just wanted to make sure that you're not going to at the first sign of trouble." He nods. "I'm glad we were able to help, and we'll do our best to keep you from getting tossed into that hole." He crosses his arms.. "I am quite the salesman, aren't I?" He stands straight, making his way past the girl and back into the office area. "And I've heard nothing but good things about you. Seems like your past has been wiped clean as far as the group is concerned." He stops and looks the girl in the eyes.. "Now you just have to forgive yourself, and move on,"

"Yeah.. should work on that greener pastures pitch." Her voice still colored with amusement, but it fades a bit as she says, "And no.. I'm not the type to run at the first sign of trouble. I mean, I had to leave the last guy cause something done to me, made being around him kill me slowly. Crazy evolved power that…" She trails off her eyes unfocusing as her memory drifts back for a moment, but then there is a grimace as her stomach twists in that sickening way it does when she thinks to much about her former employer. It's enough to make her sit the mug on the edge of the desk with a grimace. "What was I saying.. Oh right.. But I never fled from anything when I worked for him, so I'm not going flee here."

Blue eyes focus on him when he mentions what he's heard about her, it makes her eyes widen a bit in surprise. Then her cheeks actually color a lightly with pink and she looks down. "Easier said then done to forgive myself." The words are murmured softly, she doesn't look at him, but she does look sort of in his direction as she states firmly. "No matter what anyone says… I'm not a good person, but I try to be one."

Alistair nods. "I know. We all say that you can do it, but you won't see it until you can do it for yourself." he shrugs. "And all anyone can do is try. How does the saying go? The key is not the destination, but the journey?" He shrugs, as a new song comes from the computer, a piano into and a soft male voice singing about a girl. "Yeah.. men do have that issue with making women sick." he says, with a wink. "You don't need to convince me. I just like to test people. Much like the philosophy that the Japanese have, of learning of a person by fighting them… and no, I'm not about to attack you." he clears his throat, a slight blush.. "I'm a lover, not a fighter… despite what my gun cabinet may say."

Kaylee looks up, expression highly amused. "And he admits it? Tsks.. it is the sign of the apocalypse." Yes, that was definitely a tease. Her head tilts a little as she studies him with a smirk. "No.. this one literally made me sick.. my brain told my body to shut down little by little as I continues to trust him." She shrugs a bit, "Saved my life and brought me to you all. What the person did to me, is sadly permanent I found out… but a part of me feels like I deserve it." His comment about not attacking her gets a laugh. "Good thing too…" She lifts her chin a bit and lifts her brows, look rather smug and proud of herself. "I've been learning slowly how to protect myself without using my ability.. which really can do the job.. I'm a telepath if you hadn't heard." She wiggles her fingers a bit in a mystical way. "Can make you hurt yourself if I wanted." There is a tease in her tone, but she's quick to add holding her hand up in a forestalling motion. "Not that you have to worry about it. I don't invade people's minds without reason.. I promise."

Alistair smirks and nods. "You wouldn't have made it in this far if I thought you were a threat… and yes, we knew about your abilities. If you hadn't noticed, we take telepaths seriously around here. If one were working for the other side, well, it could jeopardize the entire operation.. So…" He sighs, with a smile. "Needless to say, you must've impressed someone for them to trust you this much." He smirks to himself.. "And believe me… You don't want in here. You wouldn't be able to take enough showers afterward." he looks at the paperwork one last time. "Thanks for these. I'll get them filed post-haste." He leans over to scribble something down on a piece of paper. "Here." he says, handing it to her, his own blue eyes looking into hers. "That's my cell. If you need something and you can't come by, you can always reach me through that."

"Trust me.. I've been in some odd minds. One was an Abba fan.. Took me months to get 'Dancing Queen' out of me head." Kaylee rolls her eyes and smirks. "Well, believe me… It's nice to actually have people trust that I'm not going to listen to everything they think." Her smile falls a bit, "Not fun to have people try to get away from you as fast as they can when they find out." Taking the paper she glances at his number with a small smile. Glancing at him, she gives a shy smile and motions for his pen so that she can write down her own, "This way if you need something.. even if it's something so mundanely boring as helping you file paperwork or something, don't be afraid to give me a call." Tearing off her number from that paper and offers it to him she a bright grin. "But I don't scrub toilets or wash windows."
Alistair smiles and holds it up. "Thanks.. I'll be sure to call sometime… soon…" He tapes the number to his monitor, if for nothing else then to use it to tease Grace about later. "No one here is running. However, I do need to check on things before heading to bed. I'll call tomorrow to check with how you're doing over on Staten?" he asks, in a way that checks to make sure if it's kosher..

"Sounds like a plan." Kaylee states brightly as she pulls her beanie cap out of her jacket pocket and tucks it on her head. "Nice to meet you, Alistair. Have a good day, hmm?" She arches a questioning brow as she takes a step back, but she doesn't wait for an answer before turning to head out, tugging the scarf back into place.

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