Rebel is not a Pervert


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Scene Title Rebel is not a Pervert
Synopsis After the concert, Magnes is far weaker, and then he has a message for Rebel as he discusses the future with Elaine.
Date Saturday June 26th

Magnes's Apartment

There's geek stuff.

It's been a few hours after the concert, and he passed out almost immediately after getting home. His body still needs to adjust to the healing, and it's weak from having come down off of the adrenaline injection. He does not cook tonight, he wakes up at around 1am in his boxers under the covers, staring down at the television. Those new Futuramas Tracy promised are finally on.

Having gotten up to get some water, Elaine returns, noting that Magnes is awake. "Hey you. You should go back to sleep. You've had quite a night." She slips an arm around him. "Glad you made it, though."

"Yeah, I should probably get those few days of my life back, it was some sort of aging thing, kind of a creepy concept…" Magnes sighs, still very tired, reaching over to slip his arm behind her head. "Do you want to grow old, Elaine?" he asks in a rather hypothetical manner.

Leaning in against him, Elaine raises an eyebrow. "That's an odd question. But I suppose I do. I mean, if I ever get to the point where I can't do anything and I'm a burden on other people, maybe not, but.. I'd like to live a good long life."

"I keep thinking about immortality, and the people I know who practically are immortals. I just keep wondering what I'd do if I could choose to live forever, or longer than normal." Magnes moves his hand to rest on her cheek, asking, "What if you never had to lose the person you love?"

"It'd be nice, but if there was something like that, if you made a choice and were immortal.. what about the person you loved? They'd still grow old and die, and then what would you do?" Elaine tilts her head and kisses his hand. "You're thinking too hard, Magnes."

"My ex was immortal, so if I had the choice, I'd make sure you had the choice too. Sorry, I had one of those mortal/Elven things going on, so I guess I think about it sometimes." Magnes groans slightly, raising a hand to his head. "I'm really hungry, and thirsty…"

Elaine hands him the water glass she'd gotten earlier. "Here. I made some steak earlier so that if you were hungry after the show I could just microwave it." She offers him a smile. "I can go get you some if you want?" She leans in to kiss him. "I wouldn't mind being immortal if I made something of my life."

"Sorry for talking about strange things." Magnes smiles, then takes the water and gradually downs the entire thing before offering her the empty glass. "Thanks, sorry for not being able to get up and cook for you. Did you like the show?"

Taking the empty glass, Elaine moves to get to her feet. "Don't worry. Besides, it means I get to fuss over you. I actually kind of like that." She moves towards the kitchen. "Be right back!" There's the sound of the microwave, and soon enough, Elaine's back with a plate of warm, already-cut up steak and a larger glass of water. "I liked it a lot. It was pretty good. I'd listen to you guys again, for sure. A lot of people really thought you guys were talented." She grins. "I liked the whole, shirtless thing. It was cute."

Magnes sits up, taking the plate to sit it on his blanket, then motions for her to sit the glass on the nightstand. "I really wanted to win that auction, I wanted to show you that I'd pay that much money even if I already have you. I feel like I don't do enough sometimes."

Setting the glass down, Elaine moves to sit down next to him. "That was a /lot/ of money. What you bid wasn't anything to scoff at. I can't believe I went for the /most/." She chuckles. "I do feel like you value me. I worry sometimes, yes, but that's cause I just don't know how happy you are. And I want you to be happy."

"You don't know how happy I am?" Magnes is sliding pieces of steak into his mouth, not really using the fork. And she might have noticed that in his weakened state, he hasn't been using his ability as much lately. "I'm… how do you even measure happiness?"

Elaine had picked up on it. "No, I don't know sometimes. Guys are.. kinda hard to read. I guess I'm not the best." She looks back to him. "But.. you're happy, right? I mean, I suppose you wouldn't have bid that much on me if you didn't want to.."

"I'm happy, you have no idea how happy I am. You make me happy in every way a guy could possibly ask for, and…" Magnes reaches for his glass, taking a small sip before returning it to the nightstand. "I think I am going to try and take a neutral stance, not put the weight of the world on my shoulders. I should concern myself with the peoples' safety, taking down criminals, things like that. If I have to save the world, sure, but… I can't fight the government. As much as I disagree with a lot of the things they do, the things I've heard they're planning… I can't just strike out, I can't be involved in something where people die, but on the other hand, I can't hurt the people striking out either. I'd rather only get involved when something is an immediate danger."

He stares at the television, still hunched over his plate. "Rebel, I know you're listening. I'm not going to fight you, and I'm not abandoning Messiah, but I can't be involved with what you guys are planning. If you need me for something, like, something big, something you know I can't say no to, then ask, just know that if innocent people start getting hurt, we become enemies. I think that's a good deal, especially to you, Micah."

He sighs, then lays back, putting his plate next to the water. "They're going to pretend they weren't listening, but it's alright, I think they understand that I'm just doing what's best for my conscience, lifting this weight I can't carry…"

Elaine glances around, a little paranoid, but she looks back to Magnes. "I'm glad you aren't pushing it though. I do worry.. this whole hospital thing had me worried. Even if it wasn't major. I just enjoy you being safe. I wouldn't want you to stop what you're doing, though. Being a hero is part of you."

"Don't worry, Elaine. Rebel's sort of complicated, I think he only listens when it's relevant, otherwise he'd be a pervert." Magnes shakes his head, then lays back and slides his arms behind his pillow. "I won't quit being a hero, I just want to choose the type of hero I'll be."

"I think that's wise." Elaine looks back to him. "I like the idea of you being a hero.. but not diving right into the face of danger all the time. You did cut it close, especially since you could've missed the show tonight. I will say that Sable and Quinn were pretty damn worried.. I told them to be nice, though."

"I'll be diving into danger, but I prefer the world where it's easier to know who the bad guys are, where I can't easily make mistakes by choosing the wrong side." Magnes looks over at her from his comfortably lounged position, then asks, "Do I get a treat for doing good today?"

A soft sigh. "Well, I'm glad you're figuring things out. I want you on the right side." Elaine looks to him, then kisses him lightly. "I would, but you're kind of tired, aren't you? I mean, you were in the /hospital/ yesterday."

"I know, but… I thought you could figure something out." Magnes shrugs, just laying there, not his usual energetic self. "We could just watch a movie if you want, I just can't help right now."

Elaine wraps her arms around him, shaking her head a little. "No movies." She grins. "Besides, you tried for $800 on me.. and that's kind of impressive. I have to say that a girl can't refuse an offer like that."

"If Quinn gets this sort of special service for winning, I hope you at least make sure I'm in the same room." Magnes just stares at her, spreading his arms out so they're sprawled across the bed. "Have at it."

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