Rebel Red


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Scene Title Rebel Red
Synopsis A conversation with Abigail yields some disturbing revelations for Ryans. He in turn warns off Abby from bringing anyone else to them, for their own safety.
Date June 15, 2010

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Cellphones are wonderful things. They take calls, send calls, can send emails, play games, take pictures and send text messages, depending on the type of phone. A voicemail came through from Abigail Beauchamp to one Benjamin Ryans and telling him that she'd have some time in the evening, on her lunch break and would he mind meeting up with her in the Nite Owl?

At the appointed hour, the ambulance is parked right outside in the fire lane since there's no free spot. Peter's off doing something, and Abigail's parked in a back booth, a pot roast sandwhich, mashed potatoes and gravy and mixed vegetables. Smoothie cup at hand and a cup of coffee, she didn't wait for Ryans before order her 'lunch' which is everyones dinner or late night snack. Such it is, when you're an EMT.

With the warmer weather, Benjamin Ryans has let the duster and fedora behind. He seems to be going pretty casual, wearing a dark pair of blue jeans with a maroon dress shirt, an unbuttoned black jacket over it. Of course one sleeve is snug over the cast he's been wearing on his right arm.

A quick glance finds the person he's looking for, he motions to her when a waitress approaches him. Holding out his hand, Ryans take a menu. "I'll take a coffee." He then makes his way to the the booth.

"Abigail." He offers politely in greeting, before moving to slide into the booth seat. "I have not heard from you for a while. You look well."

There's a lift, a rise /just// enough, when Ryans comes and takes a seat. Old sensibilities and hospitality, rising up from your chair when an elder takes a seat. Ryans since the day she's met, has triggered that sort of thing in her. Respect him like she does her father. Old men.

But she's easing back down, fork and knife taken up again. "No more broken ribs cracked into a dozen pieces or a dislocated foot. Someone I know inherited a healing ability for a little bit. Mind you, I'll never ever take the offer up again because let me tell you, he described it like going through the trunk to fix the engine and it sure felt like that too."

Coffee is quick to be poured, the old red head flipping over a cup and filling it up before departing. "Can you tell Lucille that rebuilding should be happening probably in the next month. I'm hoping the bar will be rebuilt come the fall, but who knows with the way the city is" Abigail pauses, it occuring to her that he might not know. "The bar burned down. Over the winter. Someone broke in and tried to take shelter, tipped over a heater, and the place when up in flame" She's gotten used to listing it off as the reason that she might very well start to believe it herself and it lacks the usual telltales of a lie that are so easily read on the pink haired girl.

"I'm sorry to hear about the bar." Ryans offers a small frown creasing his brows as he settles. "Thank you." Is told to the waitress, before he turns back to Abby. "Unfortunately, the girls are not exactly talking to me." The cup of coffee is pulled close so that he can start to administer the crme and sugar.

"Job caught up to me unfortunately… They were kidnapped. I've yet to talk to them about what happened." Spoon picked up, he stirs the mixture slowly. "Paper sales men don't know how to kill men." His lips press into a fine line. "However, Huruma has probably informed her by now. She's… taken to the girls." He doesn't yet seem to know what to think of that.

The spoon set aside, he picks up the mug, his brows lift as he looks over across the table at her, "Anyhow, what was it you needed to talk to me about?"

"Well, if Huruma's taken to them, then they'll be fine. For all that she's…" Well, he knows what she's like. "When she takes a good kind of shine to folks, very little harm comes to them." For all the comfort that might bring.

"I was wanting to know how Darren was. Doctor Stevens. It's been a bit and I was hoping that you might know how he is. Whether y'all managed to keep him from the institute for certain or whether he ended up there after all"

"Doctor Stevens is fine last I knew." Ryans says, after a sip of his coffee. "He was sent out of the state to another Company facility for training and a position." He offers a small smile. "So no… we succeeded in keeping out him out of their hands."

He goes quiet for a moment, before offering after a moment of hesitation. "Unfortunately, that was our only get out of jail — or in this case — Institute card. Now the agent, that was there that night, is breathing down my neck and questioning every decision I make for my team." There is irritation in his tone as he says that.

"So, I don't recommend having people surrender to us. They are better off getting out of dodge. If we catch them… there is not much we can do anymore." The older man levels her with a matter of fact look, as the mug is lifted again. Of course, it says a lot that a Company man is stating that.

"Desmond Harper with the company now? Watching over everything?" Well there goes that failsafe. She knew about the get out of jail free card being the only one that they got. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought him to you. I mean, I'm glad that I did and that he's getting the help he needs and lord I do hope that he's feeling better about himself these days and that he's managing a sight better. He left green handprints on me and a friend from when his temper done went through the roof"

Abigail picks at the mashed potatoes. "Don't suppose, that you know anything about the black outs and the dreams or visions that anyone had. I thought maybe with you being company, there might have been an explanation and all or a theory on your end. There's some on my end, from some folks that I know and all"

"No… it's good that you did." Ryans assures her with a small smile. "Helped give us a heads up on things, but yes… he's with the Company as a Liason." He grimaces, setting the mug down. "And I am Assistant-Director now…" There is a moment before he answers her question about the visions.

"Unfortunatly, with the Company being something the government looks at like a red-headed step child, we know just about as much as you probably do." Ryans' hands spread slightly before him. "What I've heard is rumors. That the Institute got their hands on a precog and someone who can amplify abilities, but no proof… not that we can do a thing about it." That last said with a soft sigh.

"Gillian Childs was the amplifier. THe Precognitive's name is Joseph Sumter, pastor of the former Guiding Light before Humanis First burned it down. Gillian hasn't showed back up yet, she's one of the operators out at the Lighthouse Orphanage. She was taken while grocery shopping. Pastor Sumter, we don't know where, but he's back and he has no memory of what happened. But the institute is the consensus, that they had their hand in it. They had other people that I know, and a telepath tried to see if they had their memories blocked but they weren't. Excised completely, their time spent in their care. If you hear anything about Gillian Childs, will you let me know? I'll share what I find out, I have… fingers in a lot of pots because of when I healed. People try to keep me informed"

"I will keep my ear out." Ryans offers with a small smile and a small nod of his head. He's thoughtful for a moment, shifting to sit forward, cast resting on the formica table top. He considers the woman across from him.

"I've been hearing about an group. You say you have your fingers in a lot of pots?" The man's eyes narrow at her. "What do you know of the Ferrymen? One of my agents mentioned them the other day, but I've never gotten a clear idea what they are about." There is a lot that Ryans is still learning about. His mouth twitches a bit in a ghost of a smirk. "Or is that an off limits topic? I'll understand if it is."

"I know of em" Carefully spoken, "A group of individuals, that help those who are evolved and who aren't, when in need of help. Families targeted by Humanis First, people who don't know and need help in coping with evolved status or family members who are evolved." Ferrying people to other locations. "I healed a few times for them when they had people who couldn't afford to go to a hospital or they wouldn't survive a trip to the hospital"

There is a soft "Ahhh" from the assistant-director, brows furrowing slightly in thought. "They were mentioned in conjunction with trying to get helping free that Miss Childs." He doesn't push the subject though, his good hand lifts to wave it off.

"I was just curious… " Ryans picks up the menu finally, thumbing it open, eyes scanning over the content. "I should grab a bite before I head home. The basement flooded and my greenhouse was badly damaged, I've been trying to fix it up in my spare time." His eyes lift from the printed words. "Not — that I have much time."

"Chiliburger is real good. Tom, he makes it fresh daily. The patties that is. He doesn't like em frozen, he's fickle that way. Or the club is good too, made from a reach turkey breast and not some sliced processed stuff. The prices are pretty decent for the quality of food" Abby grins. "I used to work here a long time ago before I had to leave it and go to ground for a bit. Some not so nice people found out what I could do and there was… worry"

Her own meals is only half way done and she's not going anywhere soon unless her radio tips her off that they got a call or Peter comes in. "Would this be… Agent Ayers?" It's obvious she knows who he is, she knows most of the people on his team. "There's a guy I know" She's digging out a notepad, writing down a name and passing it over, Magnes's name on it. "He used to work for y'all. keep an eye on him. Company might… find some interesting things when he's in his off time. Things related to the color red"

"Not Ayers." Ryans offers glancing over the menu again. "An Agent Sawyer?" He offers up, curious if she recognizes the name. "They are the two agents I trust the most at the moment. The Company's agents are not what they use to be." He sounds almost grim.

When the paper is slid over to him, Ryans' brows furrow as he picks it up and looks at the name. "Red?" His eyes narrow slightly in thought. "Alright, if he was once one of ours it's worth looking into." A mental check list already started, th first being to put a trace on his tag.

"I know Veronica" Another one that she knows. "She's good people. Still always tells me that she's in public relations. Never admits to being you know what" Little by little her own food is being devoured. There's a pause, before she takes the piece of paper back to scribble "messiah, rebel the technopath member" on it then put it over. "Be careful there. They don't fool around. Not in the least. I know some people with them, but… they seem to lack morals" Not that the company had much in that department either.

Another look at the paper has Ryans slowly putting the menu down, so he can pick it up. "You're certain of this?" His features are unreadable, which might indicate something bad. Turning the paper towards her, he puts a finger next to the name Rebel.

"That one, is possibly the only reason I got my girls back." Ryans brows furrow as he turns the paper back to him. "When… you say red…" His eyes lift from the paper. "Scarves?" He asks, brows lifting slightly as he asks that.

"One hundred percent. And yes" Young blue eye's meet older grave ones. "Beyond a doubt" There's no more eating, just Abigail remaining quiet, fork and knife in hand as if anticipating more questions.

Benjamin Ryans does not look at all amused. "Son of a…." However, catches himself before that lost word is uttered. The Assistant Director of the Company owes Rebel a favor and he's a member of a questionable group.

"Can you tell me what you know about that?" He doesn't sound like he's certain he'll get answers, but Ryans actually sounds a touch worried. "The night I went after the girls, he send two wearing red scarves." He doesn't out Huruma… but he's planning to have a chat with her.

"I don't know much, I just found out. Agent Ryans… Just because someone does a good deed, doesn't mean that they're good. Sometimes, it's because they want to be able to claim a favor later on, you know this right? Because I have seen a great many people who have been all bright and shiney and then once the deed is done, there's the noose or the string that is attached"

"I am all too aware…" The senior agent say softly, a heavy sigh exhaled through his nose. His mind already going over events as they had happened.

The menu is set aside, his appitite suddenly gone. "I would appreciate it, if you keep me informed of what you hear about this group." Ryans asks giving her a hopeful look. "I need to know how badly I screwed myself.

"Also… don't I would appreciate if none of this is mentioned to anyone you know involved with the Company or the government in general." The man's tone is deadly serious.

"I can, if I come across more. I never know what I'll learn day to day. With the bar closed, most of what I heard came from there" There's a gentle shrug and the menu nudged forward. "You need to eat. Try the Chiliburger, really"

She's about to say more when there's a sqwuak from the radio at her shoulder and a rap on the window at the front, her partner notifying her they got to go. Money is peeled out of a pocket and dropped onto the table to cover her mostly eaten meal. "I gotta go. Pass along to Doctor Stevens that I say hello? That we're still thinking of him"

The menu is eyed and slowly Benjamin picks it up again. "I'll take the recommendation into consideration." Though he doesn't seem sure.

When Abby moves to get up, Ryans looks up from the menu in his hand. "Thank you, Abigail for the information. It's been… an eye opener." He gives her just a hint of a smile. "And I will pass along your message, I try to keep in touch too see how his training is going.

"Be careful out there." It's offered sincerely before he turns back to the menu, brows furrowing.

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