Reclaimed Zone
Reclaimed Zone

Situated on Staten Island's south-eastern shoreline, the Reclaimed Zone is a seven mile long stretch of land that reaches from the southern point of Oakwood Beach to as far north as the neighborhood of South Beach. Formally established in the fall of 2009 the Reclaimed Zone is maintained by the United States Government by means of the National Guard positioned at the newly reopened Miller Field. The private security company Stillwater Solutions offers additional assistance in establishing security patrols for the region, while select groups of New York Police round off the presence of law enforcement.

Much of the Reclaimed Zone is still abandoned, with miles of abandoned residential buildings purchased up by the United States Government in an effort to begin repairing and revitalizing this severely damaged region of the state. Thousands of homes lie uninhabited here, though the central area of the reclaimed zone surrounding Miller Field has begun to be populated by government workers and members of the Stillwater Security company that polices the region.

While the border of the reclaimed zone has not been formally established, several miles of high chain-link fence have been established surrounding a large portion of the urban areas in an effort to keep out the violent gangs and criminal element that have so deeply rooted themselves on the island.

Civilians are not allowed presently within the reclaimed zone without identification bages or permits of residency.

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