Recon at the Wench


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Scene Title Recon at the Wench
Synopsis Heather, uneasy about how Trask used her first name the other night, starts a search to find Trask and question him. What better place to start then the Surly Wench?
Date October 24th, 2008

The Surly Wench

A punk rock pub through and through, The Surly Wench is dim, cramped, and incredibly popular. It's a small, rectangular venue with a bar bordering one entire wall. Despite this, ordering a drink on a weekend can be an exercise in line-waiting and rib-elbowing. There are a few small tables ringed with high stools for seating, but these are prime real estate. The majority of the patrons are forced to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on any given night. Almost half of the cramped interior is devoted to a low stage for live music. There's no dance floor. If you feel the need, you'll have to thrash in place.

It's a friday night at the Wench, and Officer Trask is off duty, and has found a nice spot in the corner. He's already on his second beer.

Recon. Heather's done it before for the Company. But this time, it's not business. It's personal. And the Wench is one of the stops on her list tonight. Having been tipped off that it's a popular hangout for some NYPD officers, she steps through the door. "Hey, watch it." some punk says who nearly gets hit with the door as she enters. "Sorry." It's not much, but all she can offer right now as she scans the pub.

Heather weaves through some of the crowd. Scum of the earth, maybe. But some officers can be scum too. Some. Slowly she manages to make her way to the bar. And surprisingly, she's got a photo of Trask. Albeit, just the official NYPD department photo. Easily obtainable through her Company contacts. "You seen this man?" she asks the bartender, holding up the picture.

The bartender nods and his eyes shift to Trask's corner. "Can Aye Get you anything?"

Noticing the look, Heather glances that way real quick to make an identification. Yup, that's him. Like a scene from a bad James Bond film, Heather leans one elbow on the bar and nods. "Martini. Stirred, not shaken. And make it dirty." Yeah, she'll never be a secret agent.

The bartender slides the drink over to you after a few moments. "Do you want that in a dirty glass too?" He smiles and holds out his hand for her money. Trask sips his own drink oblivious to him being talked about.

"Uh…thanks. But no thanks." Heather answers, tossing the man a ten. "No change, thanks." As she waits for her drink, a quick survey of the pub is done. And the winner is….no one. Just your average Friday night crowd.

The drink comes and Trask finsihes his own, heading toward the bar for a refill instead of bothering one of the waitresses.

"Thanks." Heather says, accepting the drink and taking a sip. There's a slight shiver that comes over her body. One might notice she seems like she doesn't drink that often. As she notices Trask heading towards the bar, she grins and leans back against the edge. When he's close enough she smiles. "You're a hard man to track down you know."

Trask turns and raises an eyebrow, as he notices who it is. He nods to the bartender who starts making his refill. "I didn't know I was being tracked. I'll have to play hard to get more often."

Heather grins, and glances over the man's attire. The t-shirt draws a laugh. "Nice shirt." A quick sip from the glass. This gets easier with each sip. "Well, I wasn't actually tracking you. More just wanted to have a talk."

Trask smiles again, "I see…my raw animal magnetism, drew you out." He looks left and right, "It's ok…I'm not really using my evolved powers to make you fall in love with me rugged good looks, that's just your weak will and bad eye sight."

Oh man. That almost makes Heather snort her drink through her nose. "Um. No. Got your head up in the clouds there, flyboy." Even a deaf person can hear the humor in her voice. "And my eyesight is fine. At least according to my last checkup." As she talks, she's already formulating a theory. Just need the right moment to test it.

Trask says, "Ahh then I guess it's weak will and strong drinks then." He smiles to the bartender, "Set her up with another would you? I need to work fast before she comes to her senses." He grins and turns back to Heather, "Surely you aren't here just to thank me for doing my job?""

Heather hasn't even finished first drink yet! "Easy there killer. Ain't no sense trying to get me drunk." There's a sparkle to her green eyes, giving off the hint of amusement. "Just because you saved my life doesn't mean I'm going to put out. Besides, if you try anything…." Her wrist flicks, as she goes to open a tiny vortex. Just enough to show off but not cause any trouble. But nothing happens. "Ha! I knew it."

Trask chuckles, "Problem with your mojo?" He takes another sip of his drink. "Besides if you were the kinda girl who would put out after two drinks, you wouldn't be the kind I was interested in."

"Actually, no problem. I wondered why my power stopped working last night. Now I know." Heather grins and finishes her first drink. But doesn't yet start on the second one. "And it takes more than two to get me that far."

Trask nods, "I would hope." He grins, "So what brings a nice girl like you to a place like this?"

Heather grins and starts on the second drink. "Nothing much, actually. I was hoping to run into you, truthfully." And that's the god honest truth. "I had a question about the other night."

Trask says, "Question? Your not with the press are you?" He smiles a bit and turns back to his drink. "You don't hang out here very often, which means you had to ask around some to find me here, and off duty.""

"Definitely not with the press." Heather comments, shaking her head and taking a sip. The smile is returned and she shifts her position on the bar. "You got me. First timer here. And yeah, it took some persuasion but it helps when you've got looks like mine. A few of your fellow officers were happy to help in exchange for what they thought was my phone number."

Trask says, "Whose got a big head now?" He smiles, "Well its obviously not uncontrollable lust, and its not a whiff of a hot story….so what can I do for you?""

Heather downs the rest of the second drink in one gulp. "Hey, only use the looks when I need to." Which is probably about every chance she gets. At the offer of another from the bartender, she waves her hand to say no thanks. "I wanted to know…the other night when you arrested that mugger….how did you know my name?"

Trask looks down at his drink, maybe a little to fast to be casual <Stupid stupid idiot> "I told you…"

"Yeah. You did. Lucky guess or something like that." Heather replies, shaking her head. "I'm not buying it though. I mean, I hadn't seen you before that night. So unless you're some creepy stalker cop, you've obviously got connections."

Trask says, "Every police officer in the state knows the name, and picture of every Tier 2 in the city. You should know that." He keeps his eyes on his half full drink."

Heather did know that. "Yeah, but most have always addressed me as Ms. Noyes. Not by Heather." Explain that goth boy! "And what makes you think I should know police procedure and policy?"

Trask smiles, "Your registered, you should have been told they would know you. So your mad I was to familiar?

"If I recall the lady who processed my registration said something along that lines. It's just…" Heather pauses for a moment, looking for the right words. "Oh, I'm not mad. Far from it. Like I said, most address me as Ms. Noyes. And they have to look at my card to get my first name. It's unusual to have someone in law enforcement address me by my first name."

Trask nods, "I understand, it can be unsettling I am sure."

Yeah, you can bet it was just a bit unsettling for her. "Oh, believe me. It was." She's calm in her reply. No sense getting upset. Of course, now is a good time for that third drink. Which is quickly brought up. Did the bartender have it waiting or something? "It was just odd. If I can ask, any specific reason you choose to memorize all the Tier 2's by first name?"

Trask says, "Not everyone on the list is a cute red head whose parents died in the blast and can open gates to anywhere in the world. Let's just say your story sticks out some.""

Heather raises her glass, a curious look on her face as she takes a drink. She knew he thought she was cute. "Yeah, well…believe me…if it'd bring my parents back I'd gladly give up my power." Oh if her parents were here and heard her say that they would surely slap her.

Trask says, "I would too…." He raises his own to the air, "My mom was down town…when it happened.""

A moment of sadness falls over Heather's face at the news. It quickly fades though as she downs more of her drink. Alcohol helps. Go figure. "Mine were downtown as well. Working." She doesn't say what kind of work. "I was all the way in California on Spring Break when I got the news."

Trask says, "I know. I was out of the country, on my guard tour. I should have been home. She liked to pick up extra shifts, when I was gone because she said the apartment was lonely when I wasn't there.""

Heather nods in understanding. "Yeah, that's why I didn't stay in my parent's place after the blast. Too lonely." She doesn't mention where she's staying now but any police officer should be able to find that out easily enough.

Trask says, "There were a lot of things that…wasn't fear about what happened that day. There are very few we could actually do anything about.""

"True. But part of me just thinks that…" Heather pauses, taking a final long swig from the glass and draining it. "…maybe if I had been here…I might have been able to stop it from happening. You know, vortexed the bomb into nothingness."

Trask says, "And I could have just stood next to him and turned him off…." He looks over at her."

Heather nods. "That too." She sighs just a bit and returns to resting her back against the bar. "There's a lot of things we could have done. Though, it's not like we can turn back the clock and prevent it."

Trask grins, "You know when that power shows up on my list, you better beleive I'm gonna look into it" he winks at her. "How is college?"

"Well, if it does and you need someone to dispose of it…you know where to find me." Heather grins. Especially since he mentions her college study. "It's going ok. English is a pain. But I'm really enjoying my science and psychology classes."

Trask raises an eyebrow, "Dispose of a person who can go back in time…I don't think so." He shakes his head. "I am glad you were able to keep goin.

Wow. Heather completely misunderstood that. Must be the martini's kicking in or something. "Oh! Nono. I meant someone who could cause such devastation again." A wave to the barkeep dismisses any chance of another drink. Nope. Done. kthnx. "Yeah, it was tough after my parents died. But, I managed to get some professional counseling thanks to my work."

Trask grins a bit. "You know if I was the average guy in this ar I might ply you with a few toasts next." He winks, and lifts his drink, "to absent friends and fallen family, may wherever they are, be what they truly deserve."

"To absent friends…" Heather says, raising the empty glass that was still sitting beside her on the bar. At that moment, her cell phone rings. Funny enough, it's the Muppets Theme Song for her ringtone. "Awwwww man." Sounds like she already knows who it is. Fishing the phone out of her pocket she puts it to her ears. "Noyes." A frown tugs the corners of her lips as she nods. "Understood. I'll be there shortly." Her finger taps the screen. Yeah, it's an iPhone. "I'm sorry. That was work. Seems they need me to cover for someone." A few clues might lead someone to figure out what she does. The way she answers the phone for one.

Trask says, "It was good…seeing you. Your pictures don't do you justice…we will have to do this again sometime.""

Heather slips the phone back into the pocket of her jeans and tosses Trask a grin. "I had fun. And thanks for answering my question." She pays the bartender for her last drink and turns to leave. But she pauses and turns back, drawing a small card from her other pocket. "Absolutely. Feel free to call me if you might need my unique ability." The card is almost blank, save for her name and phone number. It's the size of a business card, but has no distinguishing business logos. "Take care." she says, turning and heading for and out the door.

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