Recovery Process Continues

NEW YORK, New York — By the time this report hits papers, you'll likely have electricity where you are in New York. Consolidated-Edison reports that as of June 1st power has been restored to all boroughs of New York City. The widespread outages of the last two months coming to a close is only the beginning of the massive undertaking in terms of recovery for the city though, as tremendous amounts of structural damage across the city will likely result in maintenance crews becoming a regular sight on city streets for the remainder of the year and onward.

The New York Transit Authority officially re-opened all public transportation venues Monday, with the reopening of the New York subway system and business beginning again for the city's yellow cab service and bus system. As New York digs out from the snow, however, the considerable damage to large portions of the city are likely to be compounded by what many are expecting to be a severe amount of flooding as a result of the melt-off from the snow during the warming phase.

Still fifty degrees below normal for this time of year, the city is likely to see a deluge in its future, though estimates of exactly how prolific the flooding will be has yet to be determined. At major risk is the city's subway system, due to considerable infrastructure damage left over from the bomb, which will impede the normal drainage afforded by the subway system's construction.

Maintenance crews are expected to do a survey of tunnels damaged in the explosion of 2006 for potential cleaning that may allow for more proper drainage, but that kind of extensive work may not come soon enough to do any good. As of yet the idea is still, arguably, a pipe dream.

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