Recruiting Some Brains


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Scene Title Recruiting Some Brains
Synopsis Lashirah is offered a full time Ferry gig and Ryans refuses to talk about his emotions.
Date September 30, 2011

Pollepel Island

he evening sun had dipped below the ceiling of autumn clouds; sending rays of light to play across the mirrored surface of the river. A chilly drizzle of rain, from the clouds hanging above them, turned it glittery like a river of citrine gems. The light misty rain clung to clothing and hair; making the necks of a trio of horses twitch in annoyance and their rides huddle in their coats.

Patrol duty is often one that you send others on, while you sit back and direct; but, for Ryans he took some pleasure in getting down into the muck with the rest of his fellow Ferry.

And it is mucky on this day.

Riding a little ahead of the other two, Benjamin Ryans slowly guided his horse along, avoiding mud as much as he could. By the look of the beast’s legs, he had not been completely successful; finding a few puddles beneath a carpet of red and gold leaves.. He appeared at ease on the horse, one hand on the reins and his other hand resting on his thigh. Only Huruma will be able to feel the truth under it all. The turmoil of having Nicole ask him to marry here and then the dream about Lynette after. Not that he told anyone about it.

When had his love life gotten so complicated?

When Ryans does speak up, his voice rumbles with a soft calm; yet, still cuts through the soft patter of rain. “Thank you for joining us on patrol today, Lashirah.” This was something he and Huruma did together, often. “I wasn’t sure if you were ready yet, but Megan assured me you were sound enough to sit a horse.” It was clear he checked on her condition often.

The figure atop the darker of the three horses is slick with drizzle that slides down the back of her coat, and leadens the hood pulled up under her head into a makeshift cowl. Shadows fall too far across Huruma's face, and she tugs the hood back an inch to allow the groggy sunlight of dusk to her features. She is mostly silent on these patrols, leaving the sounds to their surroundings; this time has been mostly the same, save for a rather welcoming tone with their new company. In the time since her rescue, there's been something more— engaging— about Huruma, and it shows more and more with each day.

Between the advent of her family growing in a hundred ways and being increasingly aware of what she has to lose… well. It stands to reason that her attitude slowly adjusts. The murky, confused feelings that seep out of Benjamin are easy things to notice, when his typically conflicted self gets nudged further down and replaced by a sense of different storminess. It's a subtle difference— but it is there.

More than once Huruma has given him a considering stare over it. He can likely tell that she knows something is… amiss.

"It is the patrol of choice for the recovering." Huruma adds, her low voice like a teasing murmur.

Lashira gives a grumbling ‘hmph’ sound to the recovering bit. Still… “it’s good to have something to do that isn’t trying to be yet another set of only half-skilled hands in the infirmaries.” she admits grudgingly. Perhaps most surprisingly is the fact that Lash seems quite at home on horseback. Or at the very least, she’s no stranger to being in the saddle. “And after helping the kids with the flu… “ Lash clamps down on THAT thought. No. no dwelling on that dark time.

“So, how is the family doing, Ben?” She shifts gears hard it seems.

The mention of family, is answered by a slight creak of leather as his hand tightens around the reins. His other hand still sits per-fect-ly still. Other than that, there is no other outward sign of – feelings. Huruma may get a fresh blossom of emotions that are a jumble of stress, flavored with a splash of worry. “Scattered.” He growls out, with only a slight hint of annoyance.
Reaching up, he flips the collar of his long coat up to protect his neck against the chilly and broods quietly for a moment, letting the horse have the reins for the moment. However, finally, he pulls on the reins to bring his horse up. He waits calmly for Lashirah to catch up before letting the horse have its head again. “I have a question for you.” He glances her way, letting blue eyes touch upon her face briefly. Judging maybe.
“You have been with the Ferry about as long as I have,” he starts, keeping his voice on the softer side. “Since the fall” of the Company. He does not feel he needs to supply that last bit. “What are your thoughts on them?”
Scattered. Huruma snorts softly. The dashing of concern and stress on the rocks already there aren't new. Ben would worry himself more if his girls weren't so capable, she figures. But as it is, his only betrayal of feelings seems to be that tension when Lash questions him. Huruma is silent, pale eyes partly hooded by eyelids as she watches the duo. As Ryans brings his horse evenly to Lash's, she remains up ahead an animal's length away, rather than loom behind on the muddy deer trail. Despite the drizzle and the hood, she tunes herself to listen as closely as she can.

“You don’t need to eavesdrop, Huruma.” Lash does remember her name, after all. “As for the Ferry… They took me in when nobody else would. They aren’t the FBI. They aren’t the Company. But right now?” She pauses as she guides her own horse with the reins around a particularly muddy spot.

Then she gives a rather glowing endorsement for her, “ I’d say they are the best thing we have going towards things -not- turning into an even worse disaster.”

Is that a little huff of amusement from Ben at her assessment? Might be.
“I never would have thought we would be here.” Ryans admits after a moment of listening to the creak of leather and the plod of the horses. His eyes alight on Huruma’s back thoughtfully. “Like this.” Lips press tight for a moment. “Yet, here we are,” he sighs out in resignation and adjusts his seat in the saddle. He will always miss the glory days of a dead organization.
“I’ve spent some time talking to the council about you, Lee.” Ryans nods towards the distant castle in emphasis. He pulls his horse to a stop so that he can fully focus on Lashirah. Less than thrilled at the idea of having to stand in the drizzle; the horse gives an annoyed snort in protest. There is a shake of its great head, with a brief attempt at pulling at the bit; which is promptly answered with a tug from Ryans.
Once the horse settles a little, he continues, “And I know you have heard around the organization that I have taken on more of a role.” A calming hand brushes at the wet fur, thought his focus is on the woman next to him. “Special Activities. I’d like you to be a part of it, like Huruma here. I think your skills could be useful.” Here is where the old man grins at his old employee, his age showing at the corners of his eyes. “Not to mention you make on hell of a co-pilot in a car chase.”

Huruma can feel the twinge at the back of her neck when Lash calls her out, but she makes no offer of words for it; she can almost tell those eyes at her back, too, as Ryans speaks. Here they are. Right. The tall woman leans in along her horse's neck as she lingers to a stop, one hand scratching at damp fur at thick equine neck, and her eyes moving to the others as her horse parks itself sidelong to look back. Eavesdropping moves into simply watching.
Special Activities always makes it sound so… calm. Huruma's lips curve in a slight smile at the mention of her name, a wordless confirmation that she enjoys her own role as well. People of useful skills and uncanny talent. The horse she's perched on ambles closer to theirs, despite Huruma's attempt to nudge it back; looks like she has to be social, if the herd animal has its way. Sigh. Her eyes flick up to Lash as her horse falls in, nosing at the other ones and nickering. "I have heard about some of your specializations. Impressive."

Lash frowns a moment as she considers. “… I am glad I make a good partner, yes. And I’ve had… the luck to survive a few things that were…” She shivers and rubs a small little spot on the side of her face. A spot that once had been literally cut but a way too close encounter with a .50 calibre bullet. “A speciality in dissecting dead bodies, and other forensics work is… well, I suppose useful if your out to make it harder to figure out who did something.” She muses. “And it isn’t like I have much else I’m really able to offer that others aren’t doing better. So, what’s the first job?”
“Sometimes, you need less….” What is the word Ryans is trying to think of… “brawn?” That sounds about right to him. “and need a little more brain in situations. Besides….” He straightens in the saddle and gives his horse a nudge forwards. “Don’t sell yourself short, Lee.” His horse is happy to be moving again, expressed with a sharp nod and a switch of its long black tail.
“There will be missions,” Ryans states, while drawing fingers along the stubble of this chin, away from Nicole he does not bother shaving.“Though, for now we just watch over the safe houses and help with the supply runs.”
He seems to slide into silence, for awhile, expressionless as his watches the rain on the water. For Huruma, worry bubbles to the surface again, maybe some heavy-handed regret and uncertainty this time. “The next mission is always right around the corner.”
Huruma's grip on her reins loosens somewhat as she examines Lash from astride her horse. "Sciences have their applications, even if not …obvious." She stands by her impressions of the woman, and what she has heard. It's not her own purview, but she can appreciate the subtleties. Her mare steps carefully after Ryans' horse when he starts moving, and Huruma allows it to follow. She flashes a bit of tooth in a smile at the comment of selling herself short. What he said.
Despite his silence, it's not difficult to scent out the changes in Ben once they start moving again, and while she measures Lashirah's mood to the side, it's Ryans that coaxes something out of her. "You are straining yourself in there, you know."
Lashirah’s emotional state is an odd mix of old frustrations, with a bit of giddy hopefulness warring with cautiousness. Her own grip on the reigns of her horse are gentle, but firm. Then again, she’s used to this it seems. “I suppose they do, even if I was a bit… focused. THen again, I also am somewhat responsible for that… interesting house showing we did at Gun Hill.” She pauses a moment. “Part of me would -love- to read the after action report the police wrote up for that one…” She says wistfully.
And to Huruma’s observation, Lash hmms, then adds. “Something on your mind, Ben?”

There is a look of annoyance shot Huruma’s way, lips pressed thin. Lashirah is given more of a side glance, before he lets out a long sigh through his nose. “Don’t we all?” He levels that question back to Lee. Though truth be, he might be a little embarrassed for getting caught red….. handed?
Irritation boils up again, thought he does not elaborate on his mood. Instead, he gives a small kick and sends his horse into a canter, pulling away from the two. Clearly, he has no desire to explain what is on his mind. Really, there is too much there to share, even if he wanted too.
Their route will take them back in the direction of Bannerman Castle. Where a hot meal, dry clothes, and maybe even some coffee will be waiting.
The look of annoyance from Ryans is met with a twinge of concern on Huruma's brow, rather than the usual metered amusement. Her eyelids shutter in silence when he replies, a steady examination even as he kicks his horse into a new gear. Irritation with her or not, she got what she wanted. More or less. As he pulls ahead, Huruma turns a glance to Lashirah, jerking her head in a gesture for the other woman to move onward, and she will bring up the back. After you.

Lash gives her own horse gentle bit of encouragement to play catch up. And oh, there will be coffee. If there isn’t there will be one not happy Lashirah!
DIgging into The Ryans mess of emotions can wait until after that, at least.

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