Red Oni, Blue Oni


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Scene Title Red Oni, Blue Oni
Synopsis Two sides of the same coin finally meet in an explosive clash.
Date April 20, 2011

New York Harbor

It's the middle of the afternoon when Adel and Magnes arrive at New York Harbor. He's in a red blazer today with blue jeans and matching red Chucks, a plain white buttoned up shirt under the blazer. They spot his black 1967 Impala sparked right near the docks, and he rushes over to take a peek into the windows. "This is it! Whoever stole it can't be far away. I told you it's not hard to find a 1967 Impala in the middle of New York."

Meanwhile, stepping above the Sunreef 62 Catamaran that happens to be at the very same docks, not far from the car, Varlane squints his eyes and spots the two at the car, then looks down into the boat to spot Remi sitting back against the couch. She's still at least a little drugged, enough to keep her calm, but not so much that she's unable to function properly. "You stay put, I think we're going to have a problem."

Carrying a sword in public on her back is probably not Adel's favorite way to travel. Mostly because such things attract the eyes of police officers and other such keepers of law and order, and she's lacking in many things— including the right to carry such things.

But that is why the companion travelling at Magnes' side is carrying a large guitar case, well over three feet in length. Hidden inside the case is not a guitar at all, but a sword. A damascus saif, to be exact.

"You were right! Do you tnow who might have it?" she says with a joyful smile that seems to like the idea of whatever it is they're up to.

She sensed them before her kidnapper did, the moment they walked into her range. Drugged as she is, she's unable to control her ability. While the drugs thankfully prevent any real pain, it's still not the most comfortable thing in the world, unable to filter out the thoughts. It's why they had to negate her in the hospital, when she was recovering from her wounds.

A hateful glare meets Varlane's words. While she is drugged, she can still despise the man who has kidnapped her, taken her from her home to a country that does not want her here. She doesn't speak; her words are a bit too slurred for her taste. No, Varlane has had a nice little mental companion in the time that she has unwillingly been in his company. The new visitors are privy to this, as well. Fuck you.

Too bad he didn't negate her.

The next thought is directed to those in her range. Help…help me, in the boat. I've been kidnapped. He's drugged me. Her thoughts are louder than she would like, but that's what she gets. Varlane also happens to be privy to her call for help.

"That's Remi's voice…" Magnes looks around, then stares up at the boat where Varlane's foot is on the edge of it, glaring down at them. "That guy looks exactly like me… Adel, let's go! We have to stop this guy, whoever he is." He suddenly reaches out to grab her by the waist, then goes leaping up and over for the boat, intending to land directly on it.

Varlane goes running into the boat, shooting a glance at Remi as if to say you're going to pay later. But he's too busy going to actually start the boat up, shifting it into full speed just as Magnes and Adel land near the entrance.

"Adel, I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm gonna need the sword, it's too dangerous to go shooting on a boat." He opens the guitar case, then straps the saif scabbard to his waist, drawing it so they can go down into the boat.

At least… going down into the boat was the intention, before the denim-clad Varlane with his silvery rapier just rushes out and clashes swords with his other half, the red and blue of their blazers blurring by Adel as they bump into the edge.

"Adel! Go save Remi, she should be in the boat!" he yells out while straining his sword against Varlane's. "Who are you?"

"What— who is Remi!?" Adel exclaims, looking around with shock as her eyes meet someone who looks just like her father. Her thoughts reflect such things, even if such a connection is impossible. The man isn't more than a year older than her, and most.

The guitar case emptied of the sword so that Magnes can face… himself, but Adel doesn't leave it behind as she moves away and yells back, "Don't die! If you die I'll kill you." No, it makes no sense, but such threats usually don't.

Jumping over to where the other Magnes appeared from, she looks down at the older red head and holds out her free hand. "Looks like I'm here to rescue you. You're not sleeping with him too right? I know he has a thing for red heads." This is not the time for this question, but she asks it anyway. And it's exactly what she's thinking of too- despite the terrible timing.

A small, sluggish smirk meets Varlane's look, the woman sneering after him. Sluggishly, she sits up on the couch as Varlane rushes off to be an evil man and attack her apparent rescuers, rubbing at her forehead as if she's just woken up. Blue eyes watch the action going on outside, brows raising for a moment as she stares at all that's happening.

At least she can hope that things will go better.

As Adel makes her entrance, Remi blinks up at him a few times. She's not too fond of talking at the moment, so she just talks from her mind. It's easier, and requires less concentration. Even if it's likely to distract the two Magnes outside with stray telepathic thoughts being pushed into their heads. Thank you. No, not sleeping with him. He kidnapped me from France. Unless you mean the other one out there who has identical looks, but is much more innocent. Then, the answer is still no. He is…was my piano player at American Ballet Theater…

In any case, she reaches out and takes Adel's free hand, standing up on wobbly legs. Thank you for your help.

"My name is Magnes J. Varlane. I come from an alternate timeline where we've built a Vanguard utopia. I can't say I was looking forward to seeing a cheap knockoff." Varlane stumbles back as Magnes pushes against his rapier, but Varlane skillfully parries the much stronger sword, redistributing the weight through pure skill. "I see that you're still consorting with common trollops."

"Don't call my daughter a goddamned trollop!" Magnes sweeps his sword in broad powerful motions, skilled for the particular blade, but Varlane seems able to predict the wide movements, parrying and then thrusting sword to stab through the red blazer, inches from actually hitting Magnes' flesh. "Time travel doesn't work that way, I'm not stupid!"

"Who said I time travelled?" Varlane's rapier begins a quick succession of parrying and thrusting, starting to drive Magnes to the edge again.

"That would leave dimensional travel. If that were possible it would have happened already! Are you some sort of evil twin?" he asks as he leaps into the air and above Varlane's head.

Varlane, not one to be outdone, immediately reaches up to grab Magnes' ankle and slam him to the ground. "Who says I'm evil? You're the chaotic one, the one who consorts with any random woman off of the street. You're just barely interested in Eileen. What kind of Magnes J. Varlane are you supposed to be? An inferior product!"

"This is like something out of an old story," Adel says quietly, looking back at the arguers as the boat begins to move, leaving them with little time. It makes her shake her head, putting the case down to lean against a railing, as she moves to place the tall dancer on her back. She's smaller than the woman, but doesn't seem worried about her weight, and the reason why becomes clear quickly.

A sphere sudden appears around the two of them, and they both begin to float. Adel at the very center, which leaves an uncomfortable amount of space for the lanky woman to occupy. But weightlessness helps— and the fact that Adel wills the woman to say inside, that helps too.

"I got her! Take to the air!" she yells out of the bubble, as they bounce up into the air, floating, rather slowly, back towards the dock.

The boat is moving faster than she is.

Remi's fairly light, despite her height. It comes with being a dancer. You have to be willowy enough that a man can catch you without needing enormous muscles to do so. She smirks to Adel, shaking her head slowly. I'm not sure whether to consider you or the nice Magnes my knight in shining armor. She doesn't seem to mind being lifted. Her own feet are pretty sluggish right now, anyhow.

Then, they're floating in a bubble. And the bubble is floating. Remi blinks those big blue eyes of hers a few times. Then, she smirks. Reminder to self: give them both a thank you kiss when all is said and done. Assuming the better of the two Magnes manages to make it out of that sword fight with the skilled Other Magnes who kidnapped her. At least she knows that Varlane wasn't lying when he said he wasn't her Magnes.

Seriously, they both deserve a kiss for this.

"I'm coming!" Magnes groans for a moment on the ground, but rolls out of the way of Varlane's killing blow. He pushes himself up and starts to fly, but then Varlane motions a hand to mentally pull him right back down. "Where do you think you're going? You die here and now. If I can't have my world, I'll have yours, you're wasting it anyway. Really, you could have had Eileen."

"That's not gravity…" Magnes backs away from Varlane, collecting himself as he glances up at Adel, the boat getting far from the docks. "Adel, just get back, go somewhere safe!" he shouts, then focuses on the other him. "I admit, there's an attraction to Eileen, but whatever your problem is seems to be unhealthy!" he charges for the other Varlane, swinging his sword directly at the rapier from below in an upward diagonal arc.

"I'm unhealthy? Do you just think I've never heard of Abigail Beauchamp? You have no place to talk about unhealthy! And when I inject the virus into her and watch the look in her eyes as she suffers…" Varlane's eyes widen as he finds his rapier getting broken in two, and Magnes' foot slamming into his gut just as he holds a hand out, ripping the blazer from him.

"I knew that weight felt familiar." Magnes states while digging through the blazer and removing the vial, sliding it into his red one. When Varlane falls into the water, Magnes gets ready to join Adel after sheathing his sword.

That's when the looming shadow over his head can be seen, the sight of a shark bursting from the water and chomping down from the air and over his head. Magnes has no choice but to hold his hands up and stop its descent as it enters his field of gravity.

But a wet hand reaches over the side of the boat and the grey-shirted Varlane with half a sword goes charging for Magnes, fully prepared to stab him.

The next few seconds happen very quickly.

Magnes mentally tosses the shark at Varlane, and Varlane holds the broken sword up, splitting the shark down the middle as both halves fall to his sides, and he tosses the sword to stand there with blood gradually seeping into the boat. "This is not the place that I die, but I'll make sure you have a watery grave." He reaches into his pants and pulls out a remote, then jumps over the edge.

Magnes' eyes widen and he starts flying up to Adel immediately, just as the boat explodes and pushes him uncontrollably through the air.

"Oh, he's the Knight. I'm a Bubble Princess from Outerspace," Adel says with a teasing grin, holding onto her even if she's suspended, weightless, in the bubble that's surrounded her. "I actually always wondered if I could survive in outerspace in this, but probably only for a few minutes before I pass out and then get deaded by the vaccum of space," she muses outloud, and her thoughts seem to repeat the same thing.

Whatever else she is, she says exactly what she's thinking. Even if what she's thinking is out there in crazy land.

"Don't worry, this is the safest place in the whole world," she explains, even as she winces at the boat exploding behind them. The debris doesn't get through, but the blast does have one advantage in that she allows the it to hit the sphere and push it. That speeds it up a bit, without her totally losing control to come to a floating stop on the far dock.

The sphere may keep out many things in the end, but unfortunately for Remi, it doesn't keep out people's thoughts— else it might be even more of an ideal location for Remi to spend her time in.

"Magnes!" she yells, spinning in the bubble so that she can see the man again. "Did— did you just throw a shark at someone?"

I have no such amazing ability. Except for, obviously, hearing your every thought. A fact that has gotten me kicked out of this country — until the one with the stupid douchebag goatee kidnapped me and brought me back here. Did I mention that I was in a beautiful mansion surrounded by flower fields? France, in the spring time. And he took it from me! She watches the craziness below, flinching as the boat explodes.

Huh. Well, Bubble Princess from Outer Space. Interesting way to refer to yourself. She'll have to remember that one, definitely. I'm realy sorry, by the way, for hearing your thoughts and stuff. I would normally be more than happy to not do it, but I can't exactly turn it off right now. Drugs mess with my control. And apparently turn me into a mental chatterbox.

Magnes pats a fire out of the back of his red blazer, sighing as he flies in front of Adel. "Let your shield down, I have you both in my gravitational field. I'll carry you back." His thoughts are mostly of concern for his daughter, and wondering just who the hell that other guy was.

"And I didn't have a choice. I had a shark, he was going to stab me. If you have an opening then you should take it." he bestows some wisdom, the boat below flaming, zero sight of Varlane. "We'll head back to my apartment, Remi can stay there while we sort things out."

"Dude, telepathy is totally amazing. Don't diss it," Adel says with a sideways glance at the redhead, once again thinking exactly what she's saying. There's only one change in that, when she looks toward where the man on the boat was and she seems to wonder quietly— about him. It doesn't last too long.

The bubble comes down, but they don't drop, pulled into Magnes' gravity. "Okay- you can float way longer than I can," she says, before lamenting, randomly, "I lost my guitar case…" But not any guitar or any sword, so that's good at least.

No sleeping with him! she finds herself thinking at Remi. It's not a threat, though, as she seems more amused than otherwise about it.

Remi is still fairly drugged, blinking over at Magnes and Adel. Then, she's floating more! Oh my. This is odd. She's not sure if she likes this whole flight thing. Sure, she's a ballerina, but dancing is different than this. Than actually floating. But at least her leg isn't bugging her, and the drugs are helping her to handle it. For now.

When we get on solid ground, remind me to give the both of you a kiss. Thank you for rescuing me from the…other you, Magnes. And…you. Blue eyes focus on Adel, brows raising for a moment. I will purchase you a new guitar case, once I can figure out how to access my money without them noticing. I'm…not exactly welcome in this country.

"We'll figure something out." Magnes grabs them both by the waist, choosing to take a different route than they arrived, lest they have to deal with police. "I need a shower. Adel, I'm raising your allowance for surviving a supervillain fight." It's probably news to her that she's even getting an allowance. "Let's go home."

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