Red Scarves Spreading


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Scene Title Red Scarves Spreading
Synopsis Thalia calls and Perry hears her.
Date May 29, 2010

Morningside Heights

Perry has never been a fan of hospitals. He's fine with the idea of hospitals, the order, the mechanism of triage, the clear chains of command. It's a clear sign of military structure operating in a civilian context, and that appeals to Perry's sensibilities. But enough is /enough/. as the thermometer begins its steady rise, he's one of the first to venture out once it gets /near/ to no-longer freezing.

The home he returns to is both incredibly like and unlike how he left it. Water damage is thorough, ice cracking walls and soaking through floors. But other than the ravages of the insane cold, it's just as he left it, each book in its proper place. He leaves his apartment proper, knowing it's not going anywhere anytime.

His scooter though. His well loved if extremely dorky means of transportation! It takes almost a full hour of digging to extract his scooter from a snow drift, and yet more time to drag it free of its icy moorings. Anyone to come across him will see this young man, yanking on the bike, his great big winter jacket wide open because of how much he's heated up from exertion, pausing only to push his glasses back up his nose when they slip down.

"Seems like someone has a little problem." A female's voice can be heard behind the man. When and if he turns around behind him would stand a woman with long and curly dark hair. Baby blue eyes study the man in front of her and her lips curl into a grin as she watches Perry struggle. Head titled as she puts a hand on her hip and shifts her weight to one hip.

Thalia couldn't wait to get out of the damn hospital and so the moment she could. She did and before she could make it back home she was given an assignment. One that she couldn't ignore. She there she is, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, her black combat boots crunch snow. Her black turtle neck can be seen under her dark brown leather jacket with the dark grey lining and hood. Around her neck is a nice looking scarf, a red one.

Her fingerless gloved hands are then tucked into her pockets halfway as she walks forward a little bit. Re shouldering the black messenger bag. As she draws nearer, Perry would feel the air change significantly. Way warmer than what it has been.

The sudden change in the air only compounds the momentarily dreamlike quality of Thalia's entrance. Perry starts somewhat as he hears her voice, turning, one hand still on the handle of his scooter, the other pushing his rebellious glasses back into place. The woman he sees… he has a mental double take, seeing her, not believing he's seeing her, then still seeing her. He starts out, of course, with a stammer.

"I… uh… I… uh… no!" Perry begins, "I mean. Yes. Yes, but I'm sure… I'm sure… um…" he looks back at the scooter. Even when gets it free, what are the chances it'll work? He can handle any screwed up wiring, but if the engine is shot? Nothing he can do. He looks back at Thalia, looking a little less nervous than he feels, and only because he's /trying/ not to look nervous, "I guess I should have gone for covered parking, huh?" he concludes. A joke! Lame, yes. But it's a start.

"Might have been a good idea." Thalia chuckles and then she's crouching to look at the scooter closer. "Hm.. you'll need some work done." She says simply, but then again.. so will almost every vehicle in the city. With a wide grin she stands up and holds out her hand, "Hey there Perry, I'm Thalia." The wind courses through her hair and she brushes a few strands out of her eyes.

"Liking this weather change, huh? I couldn't wait until the fucking storm stopped. Jesus, I want to move to California." The young mechanic looks at Perry closely. How he reacts is anyone's guess.

His reaction is certainly nothing he could expect or planned for. Sheer awkwardness and isolation have left Perry badly equipped to deal with being spoken to and addressed by name by a young woman. Particularly /this/ young woman. Luckily, some things are automatic. He takes her gloved hand and gives it a firm shake, then throws in a sort of half bow, very respectful, no stolen glances or at least nothing intentional.

"And I'm…" Wait, did she just use his name, "Perry Jones… yeah. How, uh, how did you…?" He might have something to say about the storm, or about California, but right now he's just a /little/ stuck on her just knowing his name!

"Your help is wanted, handsome." Thalia says simply and then she looks at Perry with an intense gaze. Her baby blues boring into his eyes behind his glasses. The young woman walks closer to Perry and lowers her voice as she comes even closer to his ear. "You're searching for a cause.. for something to believe in. Well.. your search is over."

The Ashford woman grins as she talks to Perry. "Some people want to use your eagerness to their advantage. All you have to do is say yes." Thal's head is tilted as she draws back from Perry and smiles as she watches his reaction. This is all new to her because she's.. never done anything like this before.. duh!

This is all entirely unreal, and some archaic, pre-modern philosophical leaning makes Perry deeply distrust this. A beautiful woman, arriving out of nowhere with a mysterious offer, complete with a sinister, almost suggestive bent. He gets gooseflesh, and not because of the cold, as she leans in close. He stands stalk still. What do you say? What could anyone say?

"You've… uh… got my attention," Perry says, trying not to sound like even more of idiot. Handsome? He must have heard her wrong. His uncertainty is as obvious as his receptivity. Apparently Thalia's a natural. "Tell, uh, tell me more."

"Do you think the government has been wronging the Evolved?" she asks simply and then she steps away a little bit. Narrowing her gaze next to Perry, the wind picks up a notch and begins to swirl. Her eyes fading to a light grayish color, glowing a bit. She cants her head as the snow near Perry's feet begins to swirl and then lifts, a mini tornado on the street. With a look over her shoulder, sure nobody has come onto the street. She twitches her head again and the snow falls back to the ground.

"Because if so, we have a position for you.. if you want."

Perry blinks with surprise. This is the real deal. That or he's gone complete crazy. Enough time in that hospital certainly did make him stir crazy, but this… "I… have given it some thought, yes," Perry admits. He won't just mechanically agree, despite the fact that saying 'no' seems like a bad idea, "And I /do/ feel," his conviction rises quickly in his voice, "That there is something terribly weak about trying to… to restrain and limit the gifts of remarkable individuals. Ours… ours is a society that leaves heroes and heroics to fiction, and leaves legendary acts to legends. That's… it's all wrong. So yes. I feel it's worse… uh… worse than wronging them. It's wronging the way society out to be. The way humanity ought to be!"

He's certainly not shy about his opinions, a least when he gets going. And despite his lack of oratory experience, there is something very simple and compelling about what he says. Something that makes him seem convincing, the force of true belief.

That and he is himself, Evolved.

"But… I'm not sure where I fit into this. What… position?" Perry says, adjusting is glasses again.

The trouble is, /he/ doesn't yet know he's Evolved.

The young brunette finds herself nodding and grinning wildly at Perry. "Ah, I agree with ya." She says with a bright smile and then she's placing a hand on Perry's shoulder. With her other hand she fishes from her messenger bag, a red scarf. One that looks just like hers and a small black cell phone. "Simple."

She says as she hands them over, looking over her shoulder and around the area. Nobody is out, it's still too cold for people to be milling about. "Place those in your pocket please." Thalia says and then she's taking her scarf off and placing it into her bag, pulling her hood up, her dark hair flows out from it. "You are contacted by that, you answer." She smiles softly and then she leans in again. "This phone can contact everyone.. if you know their name and speak into it you can get into contact with them."

As she does this, she realizes that she sounds more and more like her sister. Well not sound so much as she thinks her sister sounded like.

This is either very serious, or a total prank. A scarf? A black phone? Perry takes them automatically, his available mental functions entirely occupied by trying to figure out just what's going on. The rest are fuzzed out entirely but Thalia's simple proximity. Is the air really warmer? Is it just him? But no, she has some sort of gift, some sort of power.

He slips the scarf the phone both into his jacket's front pocket, snapping the button shut over it. Safe and sound. His eyes find her baby blues and, in a great display of courage, stay there. Perry even manages a smile. "That's just you, right now," he observes, "When will I find out about the others?" Not that he doesn't have enough to handle with just /her/. "I'm still not sure what's going on." His voice grows stronger, his inner resolve bolstering his tone, "I want to know more. About this," his hand touches against his pocket, "And about you. Thalia." The one name he knows.

"You'll learn more.. soon." Thalia says to Perry and then she's smiling softly towards the young man as she begins to walk away. "I'll be in touch, errands to run. Things to do." She says with a grin over her shoulder. "I'll get your scooter running before the week is over. Promise, handsome."

As the young woman leaves the area, the air around Perry would return to very cold.

Gone as suddenly as she appeared. Perry is literally dumbfounded. As the air cools, he wraps his arms around himself shivering, eyes locked on the retreating back of the brunette. He'll see her again. She promised as much. His arms loosen from himself, one hand sliding down into his pocket, touching against the red fabric of the scarf.

He can't wait.

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