Red Sunrise



Scene Title Red Sunrise
Synopsis Lexi listens to Rhys' advice, and if that isn't shocking enough, her test results certainly are.
Date October 19, 2010

Miss Aphrodisia's - Lexington's Bedroom

Once upon a time, a girl named Anna sat with a friend through the most stressful five minutes of either of their lives. They were fifteen, and this friend had a bit of a scare that led to the local drug store losing half their stock of pregnancy tests to Anna's sticky fingers. That first run at it, the girls sat on Anna's bed, holding hands and staring until something happened. The worst case scenarios tend to run through your head then. And Anna was a practical girl, and had already had a plan laid out by the time the test registered. Luckily, it was negative. But damn if those girls didn't sweat bullets waiting.

This was worse than that.

Lexington was rarely up in the morning. And the only reason she was now is because some crazy New Yorker handed her a paper crane and told her she had a superhuman ability. And a destiny, but who would believe that? While she purchased the home test, she'd sat staring at it all night. Did she want to know? Of course she wanted to, had to, even, now that it'd been presented to her as a possibility. But did she want to?

It wasn't that she didn't believe in the Evolved, she knew they existed with the logical side of her brain, but if she ever ran into one… she never knew it. It was something outside of her experience, all this SLC-Expressive nonsense. And she liked it that way, didn't she? What would it change? What would Seamus say? What if she was the next Midtown Man? Did everyone get a magical Evolved fairy dropping in to tell them to go get themselves tested?


Sad, that was sort of the best part of the whole story.

You've handled everything else, you can handle this. Sitting there on her bed, noticing that the sun had come up while she was pondering her situation, Lexington reached over to grab the test kit to prick her finger on the spindle, so to speak, and to hold her breath as she waited for those circles to change color. This was what life was about, right? New experiences, change, excitement? She'd had the quiet life for a few months and wasn't she getting twitchy? If her SLC fairy was right… at least she won't be bored? Hell, maybe Seamus would think it was cool. It could happen.

And while the pads shifted color, all she could think was one thing. That soft as shite fecker. She didn't think about things like… throwing the test away, but left it there on her bed as she slipped out of the apartment. It was shock, really, and a lack of knowledge on just how to react to the news. So she handled like an Irishman. She put up a 'closed for the flu' sign on the shop door. Seamus would be pissed about that, no doubt. But she needed a day off. And a walk to the local pub. And a drink.

Or six.

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