Redheads Are Coldblooded


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Scene Title Redheads Are Coldblooded
Synopsis Isis makes a visit to see Brian at The Lighthouse.
Date September 30, 2009

The Lighthouse

From the outside, the Lighthouse looks as if it has had better days. The massive tower rising out of the house has fallen from its former glory. It is no longer a shining beacon, guiding wayward ships in from the lost harbor — though some may argue its purpose now is even more admirable. In its current state, the lighthouse seems to be in disrepair. Though upon closer inspection it all seems to be in the details. The paint has chipped away, leaving a discolored patterns of grays, whites, off-whites, and more grays. The occasional graffitti tag is here or there along the large building. One would notice that the doors, the windows, and the integrity of the building are all quite sound and newly repaired. The lighthouse has just been left with the look of abandonement.

Inside is a completely different story. Upon entering the main door, one will find a completely furnished and cozy arrangement. A spacious living room lined with two large blue sofa's, facing each other, a coffee table between them and several large bean bag chairs have been planted in the room. Shelves have been hung on the wall to display various different pictures of the occupants. A large bookcase is against the wall, holding a large variety of books from Dr.Seuss to the Bible, and even a copy of the Qur'an. The living room is focused on the fireplace a small black fence encloses it, the wood stocked on the bricks in front of it.

Connected to the living room is a kitchen, complete with a large rectangular table capable of seating around four on each long side and two on each end. A sink, a stove, an oven, a microwave and two refrigerators complete the look. Several low and overhead cabinets line the kitchen. At the edge of the kitchen are a pair of doors, one leading to a bedroom and the other, which has a padlock on it, leads to the basement.

At the back of the living room a glass sliding door leads out into the backyard of the Lighthouse, but just before it a staircase leads to the upper levels of the structure.

It's late. All the kids are asleep. Brian finally got ahold of Isis. First it was all apologies before offering to make it up to

"Come late. After the kids are asleep."

Brian sits on the top step of the tower of the Lighthouse. Having left plenty of himself around the house to watch for any intruders, he let the door open so Isis could just roll in and climb the stairs.

Isis's first visit to the Lighthouse. She stands outside the open door, head tipped up to take in the towering structure, her hair left in wild, loose ringlets to fall down her back. With a soft smile she slips inside and trudges up the stairs, watching her steps - she's still not fantastic in heels, despite her common practice as of late. She looks up, though, as she finds Brian's shoes beneath her gaze. "Hey there."

"You wore heels out to Staten?" Brian asks with an arch of his brow. "You're taking this new body big boob thing real serious." The man comments. He's dressed in a white t-shirt with a blanket draped around his shoulders. A pair of sweatpants and blue slippers. He scoots over on the steps to allow her to sit by him. Pushing the blanket up to allow her to come under it as well should she wish it.

"I inherited a lot of heels." A vague comment, and made with only the small possibility that one would connect it to her absence a few weeks ago. Her heels are in the form of well worn, leather boots. Black to match the long jacket that dances around her calves, cinched at the waist. She shuffles into place under the blanket, hesitating a moment before fitting up against Brian's side.

There's a moment of awkward silence before she takes a deep sigh and ducks her head to look at her fingernails - there painted a catchy maroon. "I'm sorry about the other day."

A light smile pushes up his lips as he lifts his arm to curl around her shoulders, letting the blanket fall over her. He nods. "Me too. I searched the truck. It's clean. I just. I didn't know he was going to show up and start talking about crazy shit like that. You can tell him I'm sorry too. But.. really…" He shakes his head. "It's too late for him to try and kidnap Kaylee anyway. She skipped town." Winters informs. "So. I forgot to tell my fiancee about you. I did recently and she got pretty pissed."

Isis leans aside, turning her body slightly to take in Brian's visage all the better. She maintains the small distance - perhaps it's her surprise, or perhaps it's the idea of upsetting Brian's girl. "Pissed?" Apparently this little tidbit even takes precedence over Kaylee's disappearance. "But, why?"

"I forgot to tell her that after I saved you at Biddy's I caught up with you and had you switch bodies with Tracy Strauss and then help me infiltrate the pentagon. Whoops." He gives a grimace as if to say that was a bad idea on his part. "My baaad. So she asked this Andrew dude who works at Biddy's if he knew you and I suddenly remembered and told you. I didn't want her to find out that the guy saw me hanging out with the new redhead bartender with the huge rack." He frowns. "That would probably look bad without any explanation."

The 'huge rack' comment earns a soft, subtly blushing smile. "But, she doesn't connect the old me with the new, right?" Her gaze is unwavering, trusting and yet somehow nervous. Three people know. That's three people too many, in her opinion. With a sigh she tilts back into place against Brian, pinching up the slack in the blanket to pull it around in front of her.

"Kaylee's gone, though? Diogenes said she was sick. Will leaving really help?"

"I told her." Brian groans quietly. "I'm sorry. But you can trust her, really. She's not going to do anything against you. If you can trust me at all, then you know you can trust her." He looks over her to offer what he intends to be an encouraging smile. But hoping to deter her, he grins at the blush smile. "Don't be too proud. It's fake." Grinning he turns to face forward some, pulling the blanket tight around him as well, pulling some of it away from Isis. "I don't know."

Isis is many things - including a blanket hog. Without a conscious effort, she tugs back at the blanket, trying to reclaim her plus-sized 'corner' of the fabric. "You told her," she repeats in a hollow whisper. She sighs and looks down at the small space between her boots. "Brian - I don't like women. I don't trust women. I know all too well the wrath of a scorned woman." Isis's temper is not one of her secrets. She sighs and looks back up to Brian. "You better just wait on her hand and foot. If she gets upset, it's not just your ass on the line. She's HomeSec if I remember correctly." She grunts and gives another shake of her head.

"What's done is done, I suppose," she says after a momentary silence. "I should probably tell you, then - Adam put me on a project."

Placing his elbow on Isis' shoulder he goes to pry her out from under the warmth of the blanket giving a grin when the whole of the blanket belongs to him again. He sighs softly. "Even if she got mad at me. She wouldn't do that. She's a good girl, Isis. I promise. I had to tell her. But.. yeah. Please don't you be mad at me too." Winters pleads softly. He just nods to the homesec thing, he won't tell her she's company right now. Probably bad timing.

"What kind of project?"

The stealth of the entire blanket puts a playful scowl on Isis's features. "Redheads are cold blooded. Share." She reaches to the underside of Brian's thigh and gives a quick pinch with one hand, trying to wrench away a length of comfiness with the other.

"Bank robbery. That date I was telling you about the other day?" The tone of her airy voice begins to change - Ice would be surprised at how cold Isis can be. "Apparently he failed to mention he works for Adam. We've been paired together to amass a very, very large sum of money from various banks. My date seems just peachy-keen-thrilled." She grunts. Her record wasn't spotless, but apparently her bipolar mood is set to do-gooder this evening.

"Son of-" He starts to yell but instantly hushes when remembering there are lots of sleeping kids below them. As he's poked to the side, he practically lunges forward at her to reclaim the blanket. Arm slides around her neck in attempt to get her into a headlock as he positions himself on the step behind her, silmultaneously trying to refit the blanket around him.

Even while wrestling with her, he manages to keep talking. "That sucks." He says with a smirk. "Well we'll have to fuck it up somehow. Stall as much as you can. Giving Adam more money than what he already has is a bad idea. Did he say anything about Daniel Linderman?"

Isis chokes back her usual, startled response with a gurgle. Aiming to keep hushed, there's only the hiss of fabric and a few clicks from her heels as she aims to wedge her hands up under Brian's forearm, trying to pry herself free of the headlock and wedge an elbow in the man's ribs simultaneously. Her usual hesitance with touch makes no appearance, nor does any sign of taking it easy. For all the heels, new clothes, and nailpolish - she is still, most plainly, not a girly-girl.

"Stall? Are you kidding?" she manages to grunt out. "He knows who I really am. He's got leverage. Besides, he's already suspicious - I won't let him, through his lacky, know where I'm living. Good idea on Dio's part, that is."

Letting out his own grunt from the elbow to the ribs, he tilts himself forward, putting more of his weight on Isis' back so he's almost half laying there to have her stop any attacks. Conveniently for her though the blanket on his shoulders drapes over them both. "Why does everyone look at me like I'm an…" grunt "Idiot when I make perfectly logical suggestions. You can stall without looking suspicious. Hell we can somehow get your date to stall." His arm tightens ever so slightly around her neck, but not in a way that would actually hurt her.

"Ugh," she exaggerates, halting her 'attack' to wave her hands slightly as if she were being squashed to death. She offers an airy chuckle and stills, though - she's blanketed and warm, and therefore the winner. Tahdah!!

"Like I said - he was thrilled. I don't think he sees Adam the way you do." The way she's only begun to. "I'll see what I can do, though. But…" She gives a little wiggle, trying to look back over her shoulder to fix Brian with a serious stare. The stare is significantly less intimidating given her squished state. "But, you have to tell me about Adam. What's so bad? What are you hoping to accomplish? I've helped you out, and I'm continuing to - play fair and tell me what's going on."

"Didn't I tell you about all the bad bad things he's done?" Brian asks, still squishing atop her. "Well. He's a murderer.. and not the kill a couple people in self defence type." Winters adds in quickly. "Among many other countless crimes. Just think of any crappy movie with a bad guy who wants to take over the world and you have Adam Monroe." Brian explains softly, figuring the fight is over now, he releases his grip around her neck and sits back, claiming the blanket back all to himself. "What else do you want to know?"
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"Dio has murdered." She quickly waves a hand to dismiss the comment. With a sigh she pushes to her feet. "No, no. I get it. Big Bad Wolf." She grins as she turns around. "Anyway, I'll see what I can do. I'm supposed to go meet The Date to discuss some things tonigh." She pries a cellphone from her coat pocket to check the time. "I'll give you a call later."

"Tell that girl of yours I said hi," she comments with a quick wink, only to lift a hand. Her index finger curls, collecting tension against her thumb, before aiming a quick flick at Brian's nose before she turns to skip clumsily down a few steps. "Take care, Brian," she whispers over her shoulder as she scoots down the stairwell.

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