Refrain Suicide Drug
Date February 3, 2010
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Associated Press — From the end of summer in August to the beginning of February, this six month period of time in New York City has seen a 15% rise in suicide related deaths. This percentage overall jumps to a staggering 40% when added to the totaly of neighboring states of Vermont, Massachusetts, Conneticut, Pensylvania, and New Jersey. The suicide rates in those neighboring states have more than doubled from just two years ago.

Most psychologists believe that the increase of suicidal tendencies is the fault of the post-bomb society, where countless individuals have had their view of the world turned on its ear. Global turmoil and national struggle within our own borders has made the issue seemingly obvious on the surface. But crunching the numbers reveals a particularly disturbing trend.

Among suicides in and around the New York State area, a full 80% of all suicides from August to February have been evolved. A total of seventy three Evolved deaths in New York State alone in six months, leading to what some social analysts believe is an overall decline in mental health for the Evolved, especially in light of hate groups such as Humanis First making a large and public name for themselves in the news.

Several law enforcement agencies in New York have cited the connection between the arrival of Refrain on the streets in August to the ramping up of suicide rates, and DEA drug trafficking charts seem to correlate that the flow of Refrain to areas outside of New York City seems to be directly correlated to the instances of increased suicides.

President Petrelli had gone on record last month during the State of the Union address citing that, "Refrain is an intolerable substance in the eyes of the US Government," and that he will be "devoting a specific — and sizable — budget for the next year to form together a task force with the sole purpose of uncovering the origin of the drug and cutting off its flow to the Evolved in the United States.

Only time will tell if this Anti-Refrain initiative will be enough to make a difference in New York State and the surrounding regions affected by the drugs slowly growing area of influence.

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