Refrain To The Rescue


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Scene Title Refrain to the Rescue
Synopsis Wendy and Rachel are caught in the middle of a bank robbery and find a rather unexpected tool in Wendy's bag.
Date February 19, 2010

Bank in New York City

Its a fairly boring Friday, the bank is fairly crowded with the smattering of folk who are depositing their money into accounts or seeking a loan for a house or something. Wendy's in the slow loan, the teller not particularly interested in her job, or perhaps she is new and just doesn't know the system. It’s always hard to tell when you are a ways back in line. Wendy's power detection starts pinging off the two and then the third that makes it through the door. The first two are wearing simple clothing, jeans and a t-shirt a long with some beanies to keep the chill out. Honestly, they look a pair of average dock workers. The third walking through the door is Rachel Mills. Sure, she could probably get the government to transfer the funds directly to an account like she did in Iraq, but she rather does love the feeling of having a piece of paper in her hands.

Falling into place behind Wendy, Rachel stretches her arms a little and says, "Ahh, nice day to wait in line, huh?" She smirks while standing there, her attention momentarily going to the two men, before her attention goes back to the line. Unfortunately, it’s at that moment that the two men separate, one of them declaring in a loud voice, "Alright, this is a bank robbery, everyone on the ground now with your hands over your head!" At the same moment, there is the sound of iron moving as the locks and window protection that is usually only locked at night to prevent robberies is suddenly starting to go down across the windows and latch, effectively sealing the building off from the outside.

Wendy says, "Fucking perfect day" Wendy’s attention falls to the two, and then Rachel when she gets into line behind the 6 foot + in boots brunette in leather pants that frankly, look painted onto her skinny frame, and the layers of shirts and then jacket. Add a colorful pashmina for a scarf and you got Wendy Hunter. She wants to cash on hand and the god damned ATM's are broken outside, or out of order, or maybe they're just not printing paper, who knows really.

She offers her hand out to Rachel. "Wendy Hunter, you are?" Because curiosity killed the cat and she can't resist. Of course, mind you, now is when the other two Evo's declare that this is a robbery. Really, who robs banks these days? Wendy frowns, looking between Rachel and the two robbers. They came in at the same time, and all three are Evo. She's looking at the other woman suspiciously even as she's lifting her hands and interlacing her fingers atop her head."

Rachel smiles and says, "Rachel M-," she doesn't even manage to get her last name out before there is the announcement of the robbery, and she tenses up. Eyes shooting to look around her as people begin to comply.

The men smile even as everyone else begins to get down on to their stomachs to flatten themselves against the floor, hoping that they won't be the ones to get shot today. Rachel's eyebrows knit in confusion even as she frowns at the announcement, she stays standing up, her hands not going over her head while she looks over at Wendy, eyebrows knitting further when she notes the suspicious look. However, one of the men isn't too inclined to leave two seemingly defenseless women standing up. One of them comes over and pushes Wendy down, and she gains the information that he has super strength. The other man comes up behind Rachel and jerks her arms up, before pushing her to the ground as well, the former Marine caught off guard and hitting the ground with a yelp. Her eyes looking around before they settle back on Wendy while the two begin to talk with the clerk about getting the money they came for. With nothing much else to do, Rachel continues her introduction, "I'm Rachel Mills," she whispers.

Oh crap. "Why do men always have super strength" Is muttered under her breath as the man walks off. She's still got a tremendously tender nose, splint just very recently having come off. Bruises having disappeared. So it is that her cushions the movement with her hands and a whimper. The other man she doesn't know what he can do.

She doesn’t know what to make of the other woman. Sure, she's seen Inside Man and how all the members of the robbery team act like the prisoners. She takes a chance though, reaching out to dart a quick touch of the other woman, the same faraway look happening that did when SS touched her. "Teleporter" Breathed out. "You're a teleporter"

Rachel breath hisses at she hears that and she nods her head a little before whispering, "Yes, member of Frontline." That's all she goes into while she lays there, her eyes occasionally going spacey as she mentally communicates with the telepath of their squad. Her eyes watching the two men while she lies there, before she asks, "How did you know that?" Their voices are low enough that the two men aren't able to pick up that a conversation is being held.

As a matter of fact, that the men's voices are becoming steadily louder as they talk with the teller, who turns out is very new to her job. She struggles to explain to the men as their voices carry. "I don't know how to open the vault is. I just started working today, they didn't tell me this. Please, there are others to ask, the supervisor maybe," Susan the teller tries to tell the two men. Anthony, the man with super strength says, "Look lady, we don't want to hurt anyone. Just tell us how to open the vault, and we'll get out of here. Or show us to the supervisor." Susan's eyes dart around, struggling to try and find the face of the supervisor. "I… I can't see her, maybe if you had them turn over," she tries to suggest in a timid and faintly hopeful voice. The as of yet unidentified powered man says to her, "No, we aren't falling for your tricks. Tell us how to open the vault!" Susan seems to jump as he yells, her eyes looking around wildly as she struggles to get an answer out for the men, scared out of her wits.

'Evo-dar" Now is not the time to go into specifics. Her eyes dart towards the two men, lips pursed. The woman beside her is Frontline Fabulous, she'll save them, right? Right? Maybe. It’s just one of her, but she's a teleporter. "Can't you just… pop behind them, and pop then into the vault?" there's an idea. "It’ll keep them locked up till the cops come"

Rachel looks back at her and says, "I… I don't know if it’s a good idea. I might miss, and then I'd be in a world of hurt." Her eyes watch the two men who are still arguing with Susan, before her eyes go back to Wendy. "Anything you can do to help with that power of yours," she whispers to the other woman.

As the woman continues to try and convince the men that she doesn't know how to open the vault. It doesn't really take a psychologist to see that the two men are getting pissed and even more pissed as she continues. They want the money, and Anthony isn't sure if he does have enough strength to go ahead and just remove the vault door from its locks and hinges. Finally, out of sure need to vent, Anthony slaps the girl. Forgetting to keep his power in check, Susan's head is put at a rather off-angle, and she falls to the ground, obviously dead. "Fuck," Mark, the man whose power is still as of yet undefined, "Why the fuck did you kill her?" Shaking his head, he looks out over the crowd and says, "Whoever is the supervisor of this bank, step forward, or we will begin killing people." As he makes an announcement, the sound of siren's can be heard outside.

"It's Evo-dar, not oh my god I can copy it" Wendy retorts back. But she's already creeping her hand towards her purse. "Can you teleport close to one?" She asks, doing her best not to draw the attention of the hand between Rachel and herself. From the depths of her bag comes that little luminescent syringe filled with Refrain. Proooobably not so smart to bring it out in front of a FRONTLINE officer, but there is a method to her crazy madness. "Can you teleport behind them and jab them with this and then get the fuck away? They're both Evo, I only got the one, but it'll knock 'em down, just jab, squeeze, jab and squeeze. Should be enough to do both of them"

Rachel eyes the blue glowy syringe for a couple of moments, her mind wandering its why back to that facility in Iran. She's silent for a couple of moments, before the sound of the smack and the crunch of bones breaking along with the announcement of killing people is on the table, it forces her hand. She had been told to just lay low, but she has a slight problem with doing that while lives are on the line. Taking the syringe she says, "Right… but, be ready to go. I don't think they're going to be happy with the use of drugs to take care of them." No, she isn't an expert on what exactly Refrain is, or what it looks like. She just assumes it is bad from prior experiences.

Taking a breath, she looks at the two men, before there is a bright flash of light from Rachel, and she disappears, only to reappear behind the strong man, stabbing him with the needle and pushing the plunger halfway. Another flash, and she does the same to the other man, before flashing back to Wendy as they both fall unconscious with the now empty syringe still in hand. "Time to go," she says to Wendy, before reaching out to touch her teleporting to an alley behind the bank.

Go where? There's a confused look on Wendy. Go behind something in case the men drop their guns and a bullet fires off? Wendy's black brows furrow, then furrow more, fine lines across her forehead as the FRONTLINE officer disappears and makes her close her eyes from the light. She opens them moments later and looks over towards the bank robbers. Down goes one, down goes another and Wendy does smile a fraction at the lack of guns going off and the men falling. That is until Rachel's right back there and ….

Holy Mary, mother.. fuck.. She’s wobbling, a little disoriented from being teleported AND cause she's holding onto Wendy's arm and can feel the sensation of displacement that comes from touching a teleporter. "fuck"

Rachel offers a faint smile at Wendy before she says, "Well, are you alright?" She runs a hand through her hair and shakes it out, before looking at the syringe for a moment, and frowning. Grabbing some wipes from her bag, she begins to wipe it off for prints, before putting it down and smashing it. "Thanks for the help," she honestly says, reaching back to touch her back, and the gun holstered there.

"I really don't get teleported that often" Wendy points out, looking up at the sky and swallowing. Wow. Bank robbery. Well, not anymore. And they say Refrain doesn't do any good. The crushing of the syringe doesn't really garner a flinch or anything of the sort from the Brunette. It's empty, the stuff is gone. The adrenaline though, naturally occurring is racing through Wendy's veins making her hands shake as she runs her fingers through her hair. One hand short an inch or so across most of her fingers. Or the ear that just doesn’t quite look right when she pulls her hair away. "You.. you might want to get back there.. Being FRONTLINE and all, they'll uhh. They'll want to know what happened"

Rachel looks back towards the bank and nods her head a little, before she says, "Well, yeah, I probably should." She frowns before adding, "Don't like the whole hero bit, was never one for the big support our troops and treat them like idols. Just went there and did what needed to be done, nothing special about it." A roll of her shoulders, before her eyes go back to Wendy and she asks, "Sure you don't need anything further? Could hop you over to your place, or something."

Nothing special? Right. Right. "No, uh, no. No I’m good. I can uhh get home on my own steam" But then, she was on the cameras in the bank and she's torn. Stay? Risk getting nailed for possessing a syringe of refrain? They might have her on camera giving it depending on the angle. She's a witness to a crime, is it illegal to walk away? "I should uhh, stick around. They’ll see you teleport me out on the cameras and I don't want to get nailed for.. you know.. bailing while being a witness"

Rachel nods her head and says, "Right, well, guess I'll go play hero." She looks at the bank, and just shakes her head. Reaching out to touch Wendy again, the two of them disappear back into the bank.

Very little warning. Wendy nods at the comment of playing hero and she goes from alleyway back into the bank. Just enough time to kick the broken plastic under a dumpster before she's blinking and wobbling again beside the FRONTLINE agent and clutching her purse like it might fall. "Fuuuuck me" Again.

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