Regarding Our Redheads


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Scene Title Regarding Our Redheads
Synopsis After Magnes' battle royale of last night, Sable approaches her bandmate and the two discuss - what else? - girls.
Date June 6, 2010

Gun Hill

Magnes' apartment.

It's morning, and Magnes is surprisingly no where near as beat up as the last time he went to the cage. Right now he's mostly just got a bit of swelling on his ear that he's rubbing a cotton swab of alcohol on. "Ow… damnit…" Sable of course has a key, even if she doesn't live there anymore. He's in a pair of blue jeans, no shoes or shirt, hasn't even eaten breakfast yet. Elaine's still sleeping, since he wanted to get this out of the way without her worrying.

Sable didn't have the bad manners to give Magnes a hard time about his effective defeat at the Center Stage. Some things are not funny, and your friend getting pummeled by a massive Russian when skullduggery may have been involved is one of those few not-funny things that show up to ruin someone's good time. So, when she barges through Magnes' apartment door (only after first pressing an ear to the door to make sure she wouldn't be interrupting a morning session), she's very, very relieved to see Magnes looking much less the worse for wear - it gives her an excuse to razz him.

"Aw, 'n' you were so pissed last night. Lookit that, barely fuckin' scratched. What were you bitchin' about?" the yellow eyed girl says, sidling up to the bathroom and leaning in around the door frame, "Y'told me you were part of some fuckin' fighting ring whatever, but I didn't know it was some fuckin' social club where people seemed t', like, know each other. What the hell's the deal? This all part of your, like, goin' around savin' the world crap before you decided t' get a real job?"

"What the hell?" Magnes is, needless to say, surprised. It's what he gets for not flying in order to conceal his identity. "You followed me?" he asks the obvious question, one he already knows the answer to, then turns around, leaning back against the sink to stare at her quite seriously. "You can't tell anyone, not even Elaine. I go there to train, fighting other Evolved. And the man who negated me is John Logan, he's the person who kidnapped me and Abby in the original cage, the one where people fought to the death."

Sable folds her arms, glaring at Magnes, "I'm pretty fuckin' sure y' said you'd take me next time y' went," she says, "So don't give me any of that shit, boy. I was keepin' the promise you couldn't. Don't turn this around - I ain't stupid." She sniffs, "Why'd he bother? Got somethin' personal against you?"

"He didn't know it was me, if he knew it was me he wouldn't have done it, because he knows I'm looking for a reason to put a bullet square through the middle of his head." Magnes' attitude apparently hasn't completely gotten out of how he gets when he's around criminal types, and Sable's usual demeanor doesn't make it much easier to come down from it. "I wear a mask there so no one will know it's me, I planned to talk to you, keeping things secret… If I took you I'd make you wear a mask too."

Sable quirks her lips to one side. Her gut instinct is to denegrate the mask wearing thing as basically another comic book fantasy. But then again, Magnes seemed to know what he was doing. She saw him fight, saw that he understood that it's not about clean, civilized combat but a gut wrenching act of pain against pain. So instead, she just shakes her head. "You gotta put that shit behind you, arright? What th' fuck am I gonna do if you end up gettin' taken in for plugging some idiot? What's Elaine gonna do? Conjugal visits don't come around too often, 'specially for folks on a murder sentence," how she knows this, if it's even true, is hard to say, "I dig it, we all need our hobbies, huh? But keep that shit under control. You're with me now, 'n' I don't care f'r this sorta reckless bullshit 'bout shootin' people in the head."

"I could stop his heart and no one would ever know I did it. But don't worry, I won't do anything stupid. Even though he is a bastard, he does seem to be trying to be better." Magnes seems to calm down a bit, Sable's words clearly getting to him even if he won't admit it. "I need to learn to fight when I'm negated. That Russian told me where he lives for training."

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Sable says, "Whatcha do on yer off hours are yer business. Just try 'n' not get fuckin' chewed on too hard 'r anythin', arright? You gotta look halfway pretty f'r the cover 'f Rolling Stone." Sable cricks her neck, glancing around in the way that suggests she's got something to ask about, or for - the 'no one better be listening' look, "So… 'bout the job you wanted me t' get. Well… I've given it some thought, 'n' I need some fuckin' cash, arright? So… I'm on board, arright? Soon as I can." She tries to play it off like she didn't half-way freak last time he brought it up.

"You're willing to do it now? Great! I've just gotta talk to a few people to make sure there's still a job open, but I think it'll be fine." Magnes finally finishes rubbing his ear, then looks down at her with her usual friendly smile, apparently finally coming down off his seriousness trip. "What do you need money for?"

Sable smiles at the question, more than little secretive, and definitely sly. "Aw, well, y'know. What's a peacock need feathers for, eh?" She runs a hand throught her hair, back until she's scratching at the nape of her neck, that perennial tic of hers, "Speakin' on it, there's a few places that've already opened up, clubs 'n' stuff, as a sort of 'fuck you' t' the snow. 'n' I was hopin' you 'n' Elaine'd doll y'rselves up 'n' gimme some, like, reinforcement. I… uh… asked Delilah t' go out with me… well, us actually, but y'know - with you havin' Elaine, things line up properly, get me?"

"To attract a mate." Magnes answers with a straight face, before cracking a grin and nodding in agreement. "Sure, we can take our redheads out and have a good time. I'm glad things are going alright with you and Delilah. And, y'know, it's weird that I've gone from wanting to get in your pants to almost seeing you like a little brother."

"Yeah, thass pretty fucked," Sable says, sniggering. Coming from almost anyone else, she'd take offense, but Magnes is a special case. She gives a small shrug, "I dunno quite how things are goin', honest. She's the sort of gal that's got plenty t' give, so it's hard t' say where it is y' stand with 'em, really. Gals like that are wond'rous, lovely creatures, but hard as hell t' woo. But I ain't ever happy with anythin' easy, that's f'r sure." She nods at Magnes, Good on you, f'r makin' the commitment t' Elaine. She seems all sorts of right f'r you. And don't you dare fuck it up! 'course I'll side with you, push comes t' shove, but I'll be pissed if you do her wrong. Not that y'll ever mean to, 'f course. Y've a fine heart, but y' let it lead you too fuckin' easy."

"Delilah's not hard to talk to, but she is hard to figure out. She's one of the most comfortable people you can be around, but, just try to keep it simple and you'll be fine." Magnes looks from the bathroom, all the way out to the bedroom door. "I really like Elaine, I don't wanna hurt her. I keep running the scenario over in my head, like, if Abby and Claire came knocking on my door, suddenly wanting to go out with me. And… I just can't see myself leaving Elaine. She's everything I want in a girl, I just need to make myself satisfied with that."

Sable makes a face, "No point in stokin' old flames," she says, more than a touch of bitterness in her voice, but just for a moment - it passes, "That's the sort of girl y' name yer instrument after, y'know? I was talkin' to Delilah, takin' a look at that big ol' photo album of hers. Couldn't figure just how she could bear t' have it around, seein' as it was all mixin' up sorry and joy. But then I figured… it's just what I did with Adelaide," she's only used the name a couple times, but Magnes should know, she's talking about her acoustic guitar, "Fuckin' bitch," Okay, maybe she's talking about a person now.

"So you're saying I should name my guitar Abigail? I'd name it Claire but she might actually smash it…" Magnes raises an eyebrow at the last little outburst, reaching to place a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You alright? Tell me about it."

Sable twitches her shoulder, not shaking him off but making it clear that she's okay, the touch isn't necessary. "Old news. 'n' I say bitch with affection, trust me. She did me worlds of good she never intended." Sable casts her eyes skyward - her gaze presses beyond the ceiling over head, "First love. Wasn't real, not really real, wouldn't count if it happened now… but first love never happens again, thass why it's first love. 'n' when it happens, it changes the game f'r good."

"First love, like a first kiss. Like a flame in my head, just before my heart dips…" Magnes seems as if he's just added on to the lyrics of a new song, tapping lightly at the sink with a finger after pulling his hand back from her shoulder.

Sable grins, "Wantin', gettin', losin'," she says, lifting a finger for each word, until she waves the three. "It's what almost every goddamn song 's about. Havin', y'know, keepin'… that's the hard part. Fuckin' good on you f'r bein' willin' to stick it out. You tell me how it goes, arright?" She chuckles, "I might be willin' t' give it a shot, once I finally get rather th'n just want."

"I feel like I lost the key to my heart and I really wanna give it to her." Magnes says with a touch of sadness in his tone, but shakes his head slowly. "I don't want her to go anywhere, when I wake up in the morning next to her it's hard to imagine anyone else there, but my heart still belongs to other people. I don't get it, but oh well, what's important is that I want to give it to her."

"Well fuckin' put," Sable says, with a nod, "'n' think about it… didja ever give that key yer talkin' about t' those other chicks? Feels more like they took it, eh?"

"I don't think Abby wants anything to do with my heart… and Claire just kind of stomped on it. I feel like Elaine's waiting for it, and I feel like a failure for not being able to sometimes." Magnes stares at that door again, swallowing. "There's so much I wish I could say to her, to let her know she's the only one, but I feel like I'm lying if I do."

"But I think y' already know," Sable says, glance back at the same door, over her shoulder, "With the others, it wasn't your choice, neither time. This time… it's you sayin' I will love you. That's more real, man, believe it. Y' thirst, y' hunger… that's just how it is. That's bein' alive, and there's nothin' wrong with it but there ain't nothin' noble to it either. But when y' fast, when y' say 'despite it, this is what I'll do'… that's what matters. Gotta be. You just keep lovin' her 'til you love her, 'n' then you'll have loved her all along. It's only a lie if y' turn away from her, and if y' do, then everythin' y' did before becomes a lie all at once."

"I need to go write a love song now…." Magnes pushes away from the sink, then heads to the bedroom door they've been staring at. "You can watch a movie or something if you want, I'll be out to cook breakfast soon. And… thanks for everything, Sable. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"You would perish," Sable answers, grinning wickedly, as she moseys back towards the exit, "Don't take too long. But don't rush it either, eh?" She tips Magnes a big, salacious wink, and sneaks out the door.

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