ReGenesis Foundation
ReGenesis Logo
Director Carla Dove
Headquarters Suresh Center
Staff Contacts Rose

The ReGenesis Foundation was formally organized in spring 2008, under the leadership of Carla Dove and a small board of directors. Their stated goal is the overcoming of fear through education of both Evolved and non-Evolved. Most of their fundraising efforts have been aimed at civil liberties and human rights groups, large corporations with an interest in philanthropic efforts, and private money; the ReGenesis Foundation is not a well-known name amongst the general populace. Or it wasn't, until the unveiling of the Chandra Suresh Memorial Center for Evolved Education in August 2009.

Just as suddenly as Chandra Suresh himself posthumously rocketed into the national spotlight after the Manhattan Explosion, the ReGenesis Foundation has garnered enough controversial media attention to become a household name in very short order.

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