by Jean Gosselin

On the green of the White House, a gathering of media personnel, school children and staff came together to publicize President Nathan Petrelli's registering as the first Registered Non-Evolved in America.

First Lady Heidi Petrelli was next to enter her information, and then Department of Evolved Affairs Raymond Praeger, followed by Vice President Andrew Mitchell, and so it went on, with various White House staff members and representatives from federal agencies photographed as they entered their details into the electronic system.

Twenty-one days from the looming deadline promised to us by the Department of Evolved Affairs, it's the 10th of August that marks the beginning of the "trial period" for Non-Evolved registration. Secretary Praeger took the podium to clarify the changes in store for us, to describe equality and bureaucracy as if maybe the two were interchangeable. After the trial period, ending the 31st of August, the Non-Evolved Registry would be officially opened, and if the public believes that we are rushing into the unknown, the Department of Evolved Affairs does not.

The Evolved Registration system is not new, implementing in mimicry of the United States' system in such countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, only recently introduced in several South American countries, such as Argentina. It is, however, the first to create a sweeping, database-clogging attempt to count everyone, inclusion through division of the Suresh Linkage Complex.

Whether it ends at a tick in an electronic record system and a laminated card or not is yet to be seen.

OOC note: If you are a government type who might have attend the "ceremony", feel free to assume you did, whether to stand in the audience or Register as Non-Evo.

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