Registration Ad

There's a new advertisement circling around the major TV channels, as well as being shared over the Internet. It's a simple set up, a white background and midshots of various people: an older woman in conservative clothing, a younger, student-age girl in glasses, a young African American male in his later twenties, a white male in a denim jacket, and on and on. Their words overlap between cuts.

"I'm a mother of three, two boys and my little girl…"

"…study in Florida, philosophy and mathematics and I'm in my second year…"

"…a welder from Houston, Texas, and recently married…"

"…work in a predominant law firm based in New York…"

The shots move in closer on each one.

"And last year I discovered there was something different about me…"

"…I touch things, and they go colder, sort of…"

"…when I close my eyes, I can see into the future, I was scared at first but…"

"…and that was when I discovered I could fly."

They go silent, but the fading cuts continue, showing their varied faces as they stare directly into the camera. A voice over speaks, a neutral, empathic sounding masculine voice.

"Many citizens across our nation are facing a challenge, one we are all united in. The discovery of the Evolved is new and sometimes terrifying for so many of us, but together, we can overcome. Over the last two years, America has seen the devastation that can occur when an untrained, unknown super power goes wrong. If you are an Evolved, we encourage you to Register within at least two months of manifestation or ability discovery to prevent this from happening again."

The people within the frame start to speak again, their words overlapping, gentle smiles on their faces.

"It's my job to protect myself and everyone around me."

"It's my job to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"It's my job as an American to Register under the Linderman Act."

This has been a message from the Department of Homeland Security and the American government.

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