Registration Ad II
Date August 14, 2010
Relevant Logs To Be A Star

It's a blue sky, that opens up to the camera, a flash of tree branch that casts sun-dappling shadows, the rustle of wind through trees and then, faintly, the sound of life and civilization, children and adults — the kind of audio ambiance once receives at a park, maybe a school. The camera shifts, then, hand held, swinging to take in more of the day-lit setting as it's picked up, is walked at a wobbling, home-video pace until someone steps into the frame, a young man with a white smile, dark skin.

"Um, my name's Duane. I'm a student, I study bio-chem and I'm 22 years old. I'm also Evolved."

His smooth hands reach out, then, taking the camera to swing it back around to observe a girl with long brunette hair and an easy smile, droopy if friendly features, slim shoulders implying a gangly frame. "And I'm Gretchen, and I'm not— studying biochem, or Evolved." The camera tips up, once again soaking in the blue sky, and a youthful, female voice narrates over the scene.

"On August 31st, the Registry is going to change."

When the camera comes down again, it's a busier city street, and an older man with silvered hair leans back against brick wall, glancing shyly towards the camera, as if pretending not to see it. "Okay, well. My name's Howard, I'm a contracts consultant. I'm Evolved, been Registered for the last two years." The camera tilts back enough so that the holder points it at his own face.

A young man, with the same blue eyes. "And I'm Pete, his son. I'm not Evolved, and I've been Registered for the last two days." And up towards the sky.

"On August 31st, America is going to change."

When the camera tilts level again, some may recognize the familiar angles and shapes of Roosevelt Island, a flash of the Queensboro Bridge, and then the SUMMER MEADOWS sign gleaming in the high noon. Stepping into frame, a young woman with olive skin seems shy, and when she speaks, her voice matches the voice over. "My name's Nadia, and I'm a Registered Evolved. On August 31st, it's going to be your turn."

A last smile, before she reaches out and pushes the camera upwards. The white letters of 'This is a message from the Department of Evolved Affairs' is printed across endless blue.

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