Rekindling The Legacy


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Scene Title Rekindling the Legacy
Synopsis A brother and sister reunite, secrets kept are revealed, talk of a band starting, and a close sibling relationship finally adds physical distance to the togetherness
Date January 24

Dorchester Tower Apartments - Harmony and Jason's Apartment

Long strips of polished wood merge seamlessly together and run through the foyer like a sheet of black ice. The mirrored finish pools into an open living room, drowning the adjacent kitchen in sunless hues offset only by a wall of burnt sienna cabinets glowing hot and bright as candles against the contrast of dark wood floors and onyx countertops-with a marbled obsidian finish so thirsty that even the three dangling lights directly above the kitchen island seem to be soaked up In the absence of daylight.

But the dark tide stems at the borders of two bedrooms, where thresholds mark the separation from public living spaces to private, beige carpeted, floors. The nearly-white tone that neutralizes the rooms is only a few shades cooler than the near-white painting every wall in the condo. The room to the right of the main space is small and simple: elegant - sharing a floor to ceiling window with the back wall of the living room, its own private bathroom and walk-in closet - but nothing compared to the master bedroom just to the right of the common room.

Another miniature foyer leads into this room, passing a den that's been converted into a musical storehouse for an army of instruments-although the vague remnants of a trophy room can be seen in the glass cases and wall mounts which now hold guitars and autographed records: somewhere in the back of the en, a single football poster remains, but it's been tattered and dirtied beyond recognition and obscured beyond notice.

Across from the den is the guest bathroom and a set of closets. Farther on is the master room itself, a wide space with ample room, a king size bed, enormous private bath, and terrace-the view from which is no small thing, given this fifth floor bungalow has been recently remodeled and still smells like fresh construction materials-which is to say, what it lacks in penthouse floor stature, it more than makes up for in penthouse floor accommodations.

A few sofas and some rugs invite guests to wait in the living room. There's a large plasma screen mounted to the wall opposite the bar, and an astounding view from the large windows overlooking one of the few functioning places left in New York City.

Room Plan Here:

The fact that Nate has been in New York City for the last month is most likely going to piss off his sister. He has been avoiding facing her yet it's time to see her. Nate has missed her face and her hugs. As he walks up the steps to her apartment, the doorknob glows black for a moment as it opens by itself. As man walks out oif his apartment and Nate nods to him with a smile as he approaches the door. He was not telling Harmony that he was coming but he reaches up to knock and takes a deep breath. God I hope she doesn't notice. How do I look? He holds off knocking on the door and begins to fix his clothing.

Returning from the mission in New Jersey, Harmony has taken a day or so to rest her injuries. She didn't really get hurt too badly, just knocked around a bit, leaving her a bit bruised and sore in places. It was easily patched up with an ace bandage wrapped around her torso. Her roommate isn't home, so she has the place to herself, thank god. The apartment is dark, save for the glow of the television with Harmony curled up on the couch in one corner. She has to sit herself in this exact spot, because it puts her out of the range of hearing people in the apartments around her. She wasn't expecting any company, so when there is a mind at the door, she frowns. But the voice she recognizes, which confuses her as to how it could be possible. Leaping over the edge of the couch, she takes her bare feet to the door, and pulls it open. "Seriously? Are you seriously here? There is no way you are actually here! Oh my god, what are you doing here!?" Her reaction is about predictable, though she picked him up before he even knocked. She is excited at least.

"Nate! You finally decided to visit!" she squeeks and launches herself at him to throw her arms about in a hug.

Nate blinks when the door opens so quickly and before he knocks. His face melts into a warm smile as he wraps his arms around Harmony, "Hey Har-Har. I have missed this face." He holds her in a hug for a moment longer then usually as his mind wanders, She looks different. She most likely isn't eating. Silly. As he releases the girl he smiles and says, "You gonna let me in or shall we visit in the hallway today?" He smirks that smirk that could melt hearts with those lips.

Not eating is the least of her worries these days. "No, are you kidding. Get in here, really!" She isn't really ready to let him go. Yanking to drag him into the apartment. He is one of the few good things that has happened in the past month for her. "Jason isn't home right now, which is probably a good thing." And the talking starts, as she is prone to do, at great lengths, "Really messed up situation there, you would probably totally go for him, and I suspected he was gay initially, but he was being deceptive and has this thing for me. Very awkward living situation now. I can't even look him in the eye hardly." She turns on the lights to allow a bit more illumination into the otherwise quiet place, moving towards the kitchen, "Are you thirsty?" She can pick up his thoughts as good as anyone else. Eventually her conversation will lead her to explaining that.

That causes him to blink as he thinks loudly, She is living with someone? Ok relax dude…your power will go nuts. Stay cool. As he is dragged in he smirks, "I hope your willing to share. I bet he might like a brother and sister team." Nate makes a nasty face and is clearly joking as he breaks free of his sister and whistles looking around the dark apartment, "I hope the place is in your name at least. Nice place sis." He moves to plop down on the chair, "Water would be cool."

Eh? Power? Usual everyday thoughts she has learned to not pay too much attention to. Though Nate, the last time she checked, didn't have an ability. So this particular though brings her a bit of pause. "Your.. power?" A brow arches as she looks up after opening the fridge, peering at him, "Nate, are you Evolved? It would make sense, since.. well it runs in the family, but we were pretty sure you didn't have an ability." She grabs a bottled water out of the fridge, "Oh.." she waves a hand as she heads his way, "Before you freak out, I can read thoughts now. But it isn't a permanent thing. So much crap has happened, you wouldn't even believe. You came at just the right time. Life has.. just gotten so much more difficult." With a sigh, she hands over the water. "And don't worry about Jason. There isn't anything going on there. He's just a friend."

She hear his thoughts. Your damn right he is gonna freak out! She knows he has a power! THe chair, couch, and end table surround Nate begin to glow black with a dark aura and they begin to float into the air. His mouth is open staring at his sister in shock that she heard his thoughts. His mind begins to go a million miles a minute when he snaps himself out of it when he realizes that he is beginning to float as is the other objects around him. He opens his hand and gets some focus on his power. As everything lowers slowly he just stares at Harmony before he whispers, "I am a telekinetic."

Harmony has dealt with enough Evolved abilities to realize what is going on. When objects begin to rise up, Harmony immediately think about how Jason will have a fit if things are messed up or destroyed. She doesn't know the exact nature of Nate's ability, but she does know he is doing this. "Whoa. Wawawawawait!" she tosses her hands up and shakes them defensively. "Nate, just calm down. Don't go breaking anything, because not everything in this place is mine." She can only guess that his power is linked to his emotional state, as hers is much the same way. He starts getting freaked out, so she starts getting freaked out, and it is lucky she doesn't have her natural ability because it could be bad.

When he gets ahold, and lowers things back to their place, she sighs softly with relief. "Telekinetic. Well, that could be pretty useful. Looks like you lucked out on that front." She smiles, showing that she isn't terribly bothered by his ability. "I really wouldn't have wished the Evolved life on you, because it really isn't easy. I was happy that you didn't have one, but now I'll just have to be happy that you have a handle on it."

Nate nods slowly as he says, "There is no hiding from you at the moment I guess. I have had it for awhile. I just didn't want to tell you. I know how you worry about me as much as I worry about you." When she goes on how she was happy when she thought he wasn't his mind grumbles, I am not a kid any more Har. He sighs as he looks down at the water and asks softly, "Please don't be mad Har. I just didn't know what to tell you when I had discovered it and well I had help in learning what I could do over the years."

Her eyes roll upward at the next thought he has, "I know, you're not a little kid anymore. You're taller than me, and you filled out quite a bit." the reaches out to poke him in his arm and torso a few times while she teases. "But I'm still gonna worry. It is my job." She is of course reminded of some of the things she has gone through, and how he might react to them, so it is something she will just have to ease into slowly. She sighs and shakes her head with the apology, "I'm not mad at you, Nate. You should know I'm not not the type to get mad that easily." she reaches out to hug him. "Well.. used to. This telepathy thing frustrates me to no end. But it is nice to know you have an ability to. I don't feel so alone with it now."

Nate hugs his sister and seems content. He nods and says, "Well I have a job here. Not my first choice yet I want to play music so…Mom is most likely flipping me off in her grave but at least I get to play and it could lead me to some cool places. The west coast just didn't do it for me. I was DJing as you know and I started to look into gigs but so many promotors wanted to play on Mom and Dad's name or wanted to play on me." He takes his water and says, "And what about you?"

"Ohhh. So you've moved here?" she slowly gives her head a nod, and then a smirk stretches across her face, "I should be more mad that you made a move like that without so much as peeping to me about it than anything else." she pokes him again a little. "But it's good that you found work, I understand what you mean about not being your first choice." she wiggles a finger a little. "Do some DJing myself a bit, little KJing here and there, but haven't had the chance to do any real music. Not since the American Idol upset." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, recalling the big disappointment for her.

She heads over to take a seat on the leather couch and pulls her feet up under her to keep warm. Something she didn't have to worry about before. "Hm.. Mom and dad's music.." she remarks with bitter sweetness in her voice. "You know, I've been thinking about it lately. I was so worried about not following in their shadow and wanting to be my own musician, and yet.. How bad would it be to keep their music alive, since they aren't? It wouldn't be that bad, right?" she lifts her gaze to look over at him, "I'm sure we could really do them proud, and— and we could write our own song in-between somewhere!" the girl hops up from the couch, moving to a notebook she has sitting on the table, "I've been writing a bit in my seclusion, and I'm actually enrolled in college. I'm taking a few online classes right now." Because a big classroom would suck right now for her.

As he listens to her his mind goes to throwing Spike off the train and that being the reason why he left. He shrugs pulling his feet into him as he gets closer to his sister like they use to when they were kids, "I would have died if I stayed in that town. Between the sleazy managers and the streets. I just felt I needed to go. I didn't tell you because I wanted to surpise you." He opens his hand and gives her jazz hands, "Suuurrrrprise!"

As he looks down at the pad and says, "That is awesome." His mind goes to his parents when she talks about them some more as he sighs and looks at her suddenly, "How much can you read of my mind thing?"

She snickers and shakes her head, "No kidding, surprise. Of all the things I could have expected, this was preeetty low on the list. I was beginning to think you'd made it big down in Cali and forgot all about me." Hm.. The tragedy of causing the death of someone. She knows how that feels. It is something they apparently now share in common. "But in all honesty? Cali is nothing compared to here. So much weird shit goes on here, that you practically have to be Evolved to survive. Ugh, and the curfew, it's ridiculous. That's why I can't wait for my ability to return. I've had people threaten me more over this telepathy thing than I ever have in my life. It's probably because they know I can't do anything but read their mind. I'm not gonna let people push me around anymore when I get my ability back." There is a seriousness to her face as she says this. The blond girl shaking her head, sending curls to bounce.

"Oh, and don't worry." she assures him, "I can get into your head and pull thoughts from it, but generally, I only just hear the stupid stuff your brain lets off on it's own. I won't peek into your head though, so you're safe. Which.. it kinda goes two ways, so sometimes, you might hear what I'm thinking, because I totally can't shut it off." She recalls something, pursing her lips, "Mm. By the way. I have something kinda important to tell you too. Not right now though, but yeah.. I'll fill you in, I promise."

As he blinks, "People have been hurting you?" His face goes rather serious as he says, "Who? I will not allow anyone to hurt you? Evolved or not. They might not like being tossed up in the air really fast and not caught. No one is allowed to threaten you." He takes a soothing breath as he listens to his sister talk as he nods slowly and says, "Yeah I think I saw a woman disappear walking in central park. It was the wierdest thing and then she appeared back. I guess you had to be there." When she gets all cryptic he cocks an eyebrow and says, "Are you ok?"

She moves a little, shifting to where her ace bandage presses against her bruises a little, "In.. a manner of speaking. I haven't exactly been doing things that constitute as safe, recently. Almost superhero kinda stuff. I've been bruised up a few times, but nothing major. Cept for the power swapping thing." This makes her roll her eyes a bit. "The guy that sorta knocked the wind out of my sails recently is apparently very very dangerous. According to sources, his name is Sylar. He is some lunatic that kills people and takes their abilities. I don't think I'll be running into him again, but I would like to have my ability back if I ever do." Her brows pinching towards each other in a frown. "You don't.. exactly know what I can do, I don't think." It was pretty painful to talk about with him, seeing as how it caused the death of their parents.

"I dunno if you know about the Midtown Man? The nuclear explosion that happened here a few years ago? Well.. I can do that." She realizes a second later that it sounds worse than it really is, and waves her hands, "Well, not that bad. I have much more control over it than that guy did. I produce radiation, of various types. Mostly offensive blasts, but I can do light and even the cancer causing stuff. I.. melt things, basically." she offers him a wry smile.

Hearing his concern, she reaches out to pat his leg, "Don't worry, I'm not sick or anything. I'm alright. It's just.. I'm trying to figure out a thing or two first. My reckless past and behavior would be the cause. But don't freak out, I'm okay. Maaaybe better than okay." she smiles.

Nate listens as he nods slowly. He looks into her eyes and knew she could do something dangerous when she revealed it to him all those years ago but not to the degree of what she can do. "Well if this Sylar person comes back let me know. I will do what I can to protect you until you get your…wait a second. So someone has your power? I am kind of confused …your a superhero now?" He seems to have more questions then answer when his mind escapes, And I thought my life was crazy falling in love with a drug dealer.

Harmony makes an iffy face, squeezing her shoulders together, "Someone's got my power kinda. I mean, the girl has my ability, but so far she only seems to have one or two aspects of it. I've spent the last 6 years or so fine tuning it. It's— It's really kinda unbelievable. And going back to school, I've learned so much about how it works! I mean, I can throw particle beams, light up a room, throw off x-rays, heat stuff like a microwave, and even let off one of those things pulses that busts up machines, like you see in the movies? An EMP? It's pretty totally science fiction." She doesn't know for a fact that she can explode, as that hasn't happened to her yet. But she is sure it could come to that.

"And I wouldn't really say I'm a superhero. I just kinda help someone who sorta is one. Lots of action packed kinda stuff goes on sometimes." She puts forth her best modesty front. She catches his though about the drug dealer, and tilts her head, "Aww, you fell in love with a bad boy? Aww.. that's so like us. That's so cute!" she softens her face a bit. Yeah.. as long as we don't bring up the subject of MY lovelife.. thoughts leak from her head.

Nate blinks as he hears her thoughts and says, "That's interesting. And what about your love life?" He looks around for Jason and cocks an eyebrow, "You mean the guy who has the hots for you and him? Yet…well nevermind." He smiles and says, "Are you singing and performing? I am sure you can go for American Idol again if you wanted too."

"Pffffft.. No." Harmony laughs out suddenly at his assumption of Jason. "This whole thing with Jason is new. I mean.. he's a bad boy, yeah but I don't have the hots for him. The way he acts, you'd think he hated me sometimes." Reaching to rub the back of her hand to fluff her hair a bit on one side. Her expression drops a little from her amused state, "But actually.. well. I dunno if you remember me dating a Jason back before the accident? He was the bass player of that band? Mom and dad kinda didn't want me seeing him? This is the same one that hit me? The crazy one? Well that isn't the same Jason I'm living with. Different one. BUT.." she purses her lips, "The old Jason is sorta.." Beat "Still around. I'll explain later about that. But.. Well there are a few guys I kinda had a thing for for a bit. About.." She thinks on it for a minute, "Three. There are a bunch of complications, commitment issues and all that stuff, so.. Yeah. I really miss Curtis though. Remember him? Ugh! Dad was so furious I was seeing a soldier. But he was a nice guy.. Lost contact though. While ago."

She sighs, not wanting to think about it much more, and leaving the subject behind. "Me? Singing and performing. Not so much lately. And I actually can't go back to American Idol. I made it to the top 10 so.. not allowed back. That's okay. Like I said, I've been writing and I have been thinking of starting a band."

Nate nods and smiles, "Well if the old Jason comes around. I can scare him some to remind him why he shouldn't hit you! I would not like to see him hit you…and god help him if he does." He runs a hand through his floppy hair and smiles, "So tell me more about this band and what your gonna do with it?"

She smiles at him sticking up for her. A bit of a reversal of fortune for her, as she was the tough talker for the most part growing up. "I'll just have to depend on you for a while. Without my ability, I'm not as tough of a customer." She stares at him for a few, remembering childhood and being excited that he is here, "Look at you!" she reaches and shakes his leg, "You're like.. Dad, right here. It's uncanny. I don't know if you've watched some of the videos on You Tube or anything, back when he was way younger, but.. You totally look like him. Down to the clothes and everything. His hair was longer, but.. Yeah." It does make her feel warm to make that connection.

Her eyes get a little glassy, and before she starts crying, she actually sniffs and holds her nose, "Oh.. look at me. Not gonna cry, totally not gonna. Anyway.. the band, right. I dunno, I can do vocals and percussion, and guitar if I have to, but maybe I can make something with it, rekindle a bit of mom and dad's legacy."

Nate can see his sister is gonna cry as he stands up and pushes himself behind her and sits down behind her and hugs her from behind like he was hugging a pillow. A move some might think odd yet these two have that kind of sibiling relationship. He chuckles at the dad comment and takes his hand and begins to stroke her hair, "Look at you. The hair…the make up. You are looking not to bad yourself. Mom would be jealous I think." He chuckles softly, "Yet she would totally brag at how hot you have become."

She has always been affectionate and very physical, and she keeps telling people that flirt is her first language. And their closeness can seem a bit questionable, considering the way the world is, but there are factors that make that kind of relationship not really plausible. It is what it is, and Harmony doesn't mind being held like a pillow. It is good to be close again. She settles back against him and sighs, "Jealous? Mom? Hm, I think she'd be worried. But not more than dad. He'd flip if he heard about these guys I've been seeing." she purses her lips, "I really miss them most times.."

As he turns to hide his face, his own eyes slightly tearing up his thoughts reveal his thoughts, I miss them so much As he says softly, "I miss them too. Yet the world is a crazy place and we are doing what we have too Har to get by. I know Mom would understand about the guys…Dad? Well no so much. He always was protective of his little girl." He turns and uses his shoulder to wipe the tear coming down his face.

To keep from crying further, Harmony gives a little 'ugh', "Don't remind me." she tells him. "He was always making me do things I didn't wanna do, trying to shape me to be some kind of prima princess. And I fought him every step of the way. I ended up being more like him, than his little girl." There is a moment to where she just lays against him and listens to the sound of her own memories, "You know, I got the courage to listen to some of their music not too long ago. I really wanna keep that alive. I think we should do it, Nate. We should both remake that song, get it back out into the main stream. The anniversary of their passing is coming up soon."

Nate sighs as he knows all to well when their death was and he nods slowly, "Yes. I think we could do it. I would be willing to help. Yet I don't do the drums Har. I am more guitar and vocals. So if you want drums you might need to head that one yet I would be happy to sing back up for you. I know how you like to sing lead." He grins tickling her side a little as he looks out the window his mind wondering to Mom and Dad's music.

"We can both have the lead." she smiles, "The song I have in mind is a duet. I think we can both contribute guitar and just have some fillers for the rest of the pieces. Orrrr.." her eyes squint thoughtfully, "We could find some other members and just make it official." A shake of her head sends a few curls to bounce about her shoulders, "I don't know.. I just wanna do something. I'm kinda tired of sitting around and hiding." She squirms some as he is tickling her sides, the girl grinning. "Hey, you should totally stay here tonight. You can gawk at my roommate when he gets home. He'll shit and fall back in it to find a guy on the couch." Harmony grins with a bit of mischief. "He has an ability too. Hard to hit, and he can throw things pretty hard."

Nate smirks as he nods, "I can handle a bit myself. I can lift a car. So he better not get any ideas….yet if he is pretty to look at I won't mind it too much. I think we should totally get a movie and make gooey treats and just chill. We can talk about the song later on. I am totally for it." He gets up from behind his sister and leaps for the kitchen. He may be only 23 but he still loves to eat!

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