Relationship Advice


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Scene Title Relationship Advice
Synopsis Amadeus meets Anna's new boyfriend, and gives them some rather age inappropriate guidance.
Date December 27, 2010.

Chinatown - An Outdoor Skating Park

Uncovered and open, this skating park has all you could want to skate at. A hard concrete surface. A few rails are set up by the skateboarders who frequent the area, but it's clear that the park was designed for roller skates more than skateboards. A few benches spot the area for parents to watch their children, though during the winter months, it's largely unpopulated due to the cold and lack of alternative activities to engage in.

Afternoon, two days after Christmas. It's cold.. about fourteen degrees when you factor windchill into it, but not terribly so. And at least it's dry.

At one of the local skating parks, one near Chinatown, it's pretty close to being deserted. There's only one kid out there, Anna Mary James. She's currently riding circles around on the park's ground. Her skates are a little dirty, but not nearly enough to hide the fact they're white with girly pink clasps. Apparently she is waiting for someone, because she keeps looking to the park's exit.

Amadeus certainly isn't a kid, wearing a short black zipped up jacket, blue jeans, and black chucks, he's got his black Yankees bat bag on his back, watching the benches. It's after Christmas, people are bound to have money hidden around in bags. Christmas money! He momentarily looks over at Anna, recognizing but not drawing her attention.

Where is it? Keagan has never been fantastic at directions. The shaggy-haired greek can't read half of the signs in Chinatown, that didn't help. He also left twenty minutes late. Didn't help either. He also stopped to get flowers. Maybe that'll help some. He hauls along a simple gym bag, containing skates of his own. He's not fantastic at skating, but he can usually stay on his feet.
He wears a black and red coat, and a toboggan which makes his head look significantly larger than it is. Who knows why such things are stylish for teens these days. With several pants, he rushes into the park, clutching the daisies he got about an hour ago, when he first started the long trip from Northwest part of town. The flowers aren't wilted quite yet, but they look rather battered from public transportation and other hazards which come with winter travel. He gives Anna an excited wave as he spots her, proceeding into the park. "Sorry I'm late," he says. "I got attacked by vicious pirates who wanted to take your flowers." Obviously not true, but it's the best he could come up with on the spur of the moment. "They have a real thing for daisies, who knew?"

Anna skates over and wraps Keagan in a hug when she notices him, planting a kiss on his mouth, and unlike at earlier moments, not immediately releasing it. Rather, she lets it linger on her boyfriend's mouth for a few moments before truly releasing. Still no tongue, though. "Thanks for the flowers, Keagan." She whispers softly as she maintains the hug, not yet actually grabbing the flowers. "And you braved pirates to get me flowers! That's so knightly off you." She giggles.

Amadeus stands at six feet tall with a modestly toned build, brown hair flowing unevenly a few inches below his jawline. He has only slightly bushy eyebrows over his brown eyes, and random small marks on his face, no serious wounds, but mostly what you'd get from small cat scratches. His skin is a light cream color, and he has a bit of stubble around his face, as well as rather hairy forearms. His knuckles are a bit scratched up, not too badly, but they definitely see their share of punching things.

He wears a black AC/DC t-shirt, a pair of old worn blue jeans, and some black all-star converse sneakers.

That's interesting! Amadeus turns around to raise an eyebrow at the two. There's a kid with Anna! Starting to march over, he steps up behind Keagan and crosses his arms. "You two are fuckin' short." is his greeting, pointing down at the boy's head. "You finally got a boyfriend?"

Keagan returns the kiss eagerly, holding Anna for several moments, and completely oblivious to Amadeus. He looks around. "I thought this would be inside, for some reason," he says, his breath visible from the cold. Amadeus' comment doesn't receive the best answer. He lets go of Anna with his left arm, turning so that he can still maintain one arm around the girl while regarding the taller man. "Whoa, Jolly Green, there's a lady here," he answers, apparently not impressed with Amadeus' choice of vocabulary. "You know this guy?" he asks, casting a quirked eyebrow back toward Anna.

"Oh… hey Ama." Anna greets Amadeus, "Yeah, I did." She then proceeds to playfully punch Keagan in the shoulder, "I ain't no lady." A grin and she gives the boy a quick peck to the cheek. "Anyway, Keagan, meet Amadeus. He's a nice kind of pothead." She grins, "Amadeus, meet Keagan, he's the bestest guy you'll ever meet." A chuckle and then, Anna draws a fag and lights it, "Still not going to smoke your shit, Ama." She says with a grin, "I prefer this shit."

"Ah, man, you're still at that age with all the like, knight stuff." Amadeus grins, shrugging, then reaches into his pocket, pulling out a roll of five condoms to toss them at Keagan. "Don't get pregnant." is all the relationship advice he has to offer. "So what're you doin' out here in the cold?"

Keagan doesn't generally use foul language, one of the things that sets him apart from most street kids. It isn't non-existent, but he reserves it for when he's really angry. "I'm trying to — " Ugh, nevermind. His nose wrinkles as Anna lights the cigarette, but he doesn't comment. "So, Amadeus, like Mozart?" he asks, apparently not fully unaware of cultured things. "Except you're a prodigy with weed instead of the piano." He gives a shrug, and starts to offer his hand to shake, but instead of a shake, he receives…condoms? "What!? I'm not gonna do that to her!" he exclaims, though such thoughts have surely crossed his mind. "We're too young to be doing that kind of thing." He looks back at Anna, trying hard not to look at the cigarette. "Besides, I want to treat her with the respect she deserves. She's not just some girl."

"Man, you've got a lot to learn about women. Like you keep lookin' at that cigarette like it killed your goddamned cat. You don't want her to smoke, you slap that shit out of her mouth and say 'Hey, I ain't havin' that shit if you're gonna roll with me'. I'd have added bitch to the end of that, but you've got a problem with language and all." Amadeus then thumbs at the condoms, tilting his head. "And there's a rule about chicks; if she smokes, she pokes. Hit that shit before someone else does, and if you like her then call her in the mornin'."

Anna has the urge to kiss Keagan for that, but is polite enough not to do that while smoking. She giggles, "Don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind Keagan… it surely crossed mine." Then she looks back at Ama, "Hey now, you're supposed to be my friend, not his." Her tone is jocular though, and she puts out the cigarette. "But I'm not going to sleep with anyone just yet…" She glances to Keagan a little insecurely. "Right?"

Keagan turns bright red, even more red than is caused by the chilly air. He gives an awkward toothy smile back at Anna, "I…" That's a yes, he's thought of it. "I think that's something that we should wait on for a while," he agrees, and reaches up to brush a lock of her hair over her shoulder, and then leans in to give her a peck on the cheek. Subject change! "And I'd never hit you, but I can't bear the thought of you turning into one of those ugly ladies that have to talk through a hole in their throat." He gives a judging stare back at Amadeus. "So…how do you know Anna?" he asks. Thus far, the boy isn't impressed.

"God, kids today. Back in my day we were smokin' pot and passin' around the local slut. Now it's all abstain this and straight edge that. It's unnatural, fuckin' bad for you man." Amadeus flails his arms as he watches the destruction of today's youth! "You're all gonna grow up into people who like, go to college and stuff! And I saved her from a tank."

"Yeah, he saved me from a tank." Anna agrees, "Might not have been alive to be your girlfriend if it wasn't for him, Keagan." She looks back at Amadeus, "Thanks for that, by the way… it's appreciated." And then she presses her lips against Keagan's, holding a kiss for several moments. After a while, she opens her mouth slightly, while turning a little to wrap her boyfriend in a complete hug again.

Keagan can't help but be shocked by Amadeus' behavior. "There is something very not right with you," he comments. "A tank? Like, a real tank?" he asks, but before he can get a response, Anna glues herself back to him. He doesn't return the more open mouth, his eyes glancing back at Amadeus. It's a little awkward for such a kiss to him while there's somebody else in the conversation. As soon as he feels he can safely retreat from the kiss without making it look like he's backing off, he does. With a deft move of his hands, he spins her half way around, and wraps his arms around her waist, laying his head on her shoulder. Not a good kissing position, but still physically affectionate at the same time.

"Jesus Christ, you'll suck each other's faces off but you won't put out. You keep those condoms, and like, here…" Amadeus pulls a fifty from his pocket, tossing that to Keagan too. "Get a room, go bone, don't look back. And you," He points to Anna. "No teeth, you'll know what I mean when you get there. And don't be a bitch about anal." With that said, he starts marching over to the bench, having spotted the bag of some skater who's busy fixing his wheels, then starts digging through the bag. He has things to do.

Anna raises an eyebrow at Amadeus, but doesn't respond. Probably because she's too shocked. So she just maintains the hug, and uses one hand to play with Keagan's hair a little. Smiling at her boyfriend. After a few moments, she whispers, "Do you have anything you want to do..?"

Keagan just stares as Amadeus walks away. He doesn't reach out to catch the bill, letting it drop to the ground before them. His gaze doesn't break from the man even as Anna plays wit his hair. "If only I was an Evo and had laser vision," he comments, an actual serious tone for such a silly statement. "Great friend," he adds dryly. "I think he should get a job at a porn shop. He'd probably love it." Things he'd like to do? Punch this strange friend of Anna comes to mind, but he's fairly confident he'd lose that fight. But he doesn't have any verbal response as he continues the hug from behind, swaying slightly with his girl and continuing to keep his head on his shoulder.

"I wouldn't really call him a friend as much as.. an acquaintance." Anna responds, smiling at her boyfriend. "But if you're not picking up that bill… I will. Additional money couldn't hurt…" So the girl lets loose and bends over to pick up the bill… forgetting she was wearing skates, she tumbles over and falls face-first on the ground.

Keagan winces as Anna faceplants into the ground. "Ow!" he emits with sympathy, quickly bending down to help her back up to her knees at least. "Are you okay?" He gently tries to take the other teen's face into his hands to check for damage. "Forget you were wearing skates?" he asks the obvious with a smile returning to his face.

"I'm fine." She isn't. There's a big abrasion on her cheek. But Anna is ignoring the pain and smiling, "And yeah, I was… silly me." With her knees on the ground, she picks up the bill and pushes it into her pocket. "Sorry for that… shouldn't have forgotten I was wearing those things…"

Keagan doesn't know very much about first aid, but it's a scrape, what really can be done? "You don't need to be sorry," he says, trying to help her back up. "But we'll want to get you cleaned up, you got a nasty scrape on your cheek." He gets to his feet first, and braces her so that she can get up solidly. "How about we clean you up and then go spend that fifty on something that you want?" he suggests. It's a good way to find out ideas on what types of things his new girlfriend likes! Besides, unbeknownst to her, money is not something he's in a shortage of.

With that help, Anna gets back up just fine. "I guess… one moment, though!" She skates to the sides, and puts down her backpack. Out comes a pair of boots, which soon replace the skates. When the skates are put into the backpack, Anna goes running back to her boyfriend. "Okay, ready now… not going to skate all around the city." Probably a good idea, "So, how about we head to your place and get myself cleaned up there..?"

"My place?" Keagan echoes, "I don't live on this side of town. Had to take like five buses just to get here." He pets the unbloodied side of the Anna's face. "By then you'll have blood all over the place and people will think I was beating you or something. How about we go someplace inside, though. It's freezing out here." He starts to take Anna by the hand with his right, only to realize that he's still holding those blasted condoms. He adjusts to her other side and reaches out with his left, eyes darting back and forth until he spots a place to pitch the rubbers on the way out of the park. They are tossed into the garbage, and consequently not given another thought. "Maybe we can go grab something to eat nearby and you can clean up there."

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