Abigail's Relationships



Robert Caliban

Robert Caliban is tall, blonde and British. The metropolitan Ken to her backwoods Barbie and twice her age when all is said and done.He holds the position as a PR rep for the Linderman Group. He came into her life when she'd been outed to the world as a healer and while he confessed that he was cautioned again it, he let things get a bit personal instead of observing from afar. He's extended the umbrella of protection afforded to some by the Linderman Group, and on a handful of occasions even came to her call. A pivotal moment in the relationship between them happened in Russia, he smuggled weapons into Russia after a phone call. Since then, he has been one of a handful that she would lady down her life to protect and save.

They started courting, a gala, dinner out or in, foreign films and stolen moments in their busy lives. She found out that he was evolved when Robert came down with the evolved flu and it wasn't long after he in turn discovered her re-altered genetic status in a volatile way that left things a little up in the air between them for a period of time. A trip to Vegas following him and a heart to heart beside a shark tank started the road back to being a pair. The nature of his ability and her's makes for much awkwardness and frustration since to touch her feels like he's burning and she's working on control in the hopes that some day, it won't be like that.

His attempts to show her his circle in society and share the things that he enjoys with her have left her at times feeling like she has no business dipping her toes in it and like her own place in life doesn't quite satisfy him. She never has tolerated very large crowds well and part of his job is just that, to see and be seen. It wasn't uncommon to find her on his arm, smiling and ready to sit on the couch when they went home and vegetate with each other. They have plunged forth to find the middle ground in mutual assured happiness.

Abigail proposed to him - despite that most of her friends save for a few don't approve - one night in St. Lukes, somewhat out of fear of losing him and because in her heart, she really does love him (could care less about his money), and wanted to grab something in the world that would be hers and no one else's. They married, September 23rd, 2010 before a justice of the peace, eschewing a formal ceremony because of time and the state of the city and with parental blessings. Since the events of November 8th She's been separated from him by his urging (not in the divorce sense), on the run with the promise from Caliban that when it's safe, he'll find her. Till then, when she's in Manhattan proper, she watches their condo from afar some night, when he gets home, wishing she was there. She considers him a saint for sticking by her._

What she doesn't know, but has a suspicion, is that he's not really Robert Caliban. From the ex-wife who contradicts what he's told her, to his confession that his face is not his own, and echoed sentiments when discussing living life as someone else with a friend, she's come to the conclusion that Robert Caliban is indeed someone else. But who, she doesn't know and isn't inclined to try and find out. Some things, are better left uncovered.

Important Scenes: A Personal Interest, Tango, Rainchecks, Something Good in Our Lives and Morning After Dark
Music: Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May, Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine


Dean Beauchamp

Dean Beauchamp is her father. In many ways, she is much like him, and not. He is a god fearing family man with a wealth of wisdom and love behind the crags of his face and his eyes. A millworker in Louisiana, Dean firmly believes in earning what you're given and not more than you deserve. You don't take charity, and if you do, you make sure to pay it back the first moment that you can.

Dean's no stranger to hard work and it's not uncommon for him to follow the adage of early to rise and early to bed for them. You say your prayers at meals, church and before you go to bed and you thank the Lord for all that you have and for all that he gives. You give the lord his due, in this family, plain and simple. He may not like that his daughter is so far away in the Babylon that is New York, but he's proud that she's doing what her heart and what God is calling her to do. Her friends may be a big questionable and her husband a little more older than he thought she'd end up with, but he loves her and he treats his only child how he'd want her husband to treat her. By far, Abby is more closer to him, than her mother and tells him things that she doesn't feel that she can tell her.

Important Scenes: The Parental Gauntlet, God Has Plans and A Red With A Grudge
Music: My Fault. Your Mistake - Lex Land


Doreen Beauchamp

If you want to see what Abigail will eventually be, look no further than her mother, Doreen Beauchamp. The epitome of a strong southern woman who works from the home and takes care of her family. God fearing as well, and strong in will, she is the stereotypical southern baptist woman who like to snap her pea's out on the front porch with a cup of sweet tea and listening to the cicada's. Doreen however has always been the more protective and vocal with regards to their only child. She doesn't like at all that her sole child is so far up north and away from them in New York. As appealing as the place is, enticing with all it's activity, day after day and the news makes her worry for her safety.

Doreen never says it but she looks forward to the calls home more than she lets on, always answering when it's her daughter. She's a firm believer that Abigail's place is here at home with a good church boy and while Robert Caliban is not precisely the son in law that she has hoped and wished for - He's not exactly church going - She accepts that he's someone her daughter loves and of the two parents, it is Doreen who had the reservations about the man who would become her son in law. She's more put out that she's been somewhat cheated out of a big church wedding and hopes that some day, she might get the chance to do that.

Important Scenes: The Parental Gauntlet, Ladybugs And Ice Cream
Portrayed By: Portrayed by Kira Sedgewick


Teodoro Laudani

There are constants in ones life. The sun will rise, the set. The moon will follow the same path. God will always listen to her but may not always give her the answers she seeks and no matter how badly she may have screwed things up with the Sicialian, if she calls, he will come, maybe even in triplicate. He is her so called Italian Stallion for the stable of men that she has seen pass through his doors, and the way he can set a womans heart a flutter with a bat of his eye's, crook of his smile and a few words in Italian to them. He is someone adored in the world of southern Abigails.

The byproduct of a promise to watch over her during the miracle Day project, somehow he took to heart and deeper. A meet over toast and tea, through thick - Kinetic explosions in the street, explosions in Chinatown, periwinkle vans - and thin - Russian snowdrifts, Russian Healer/Rapists, hospital trips - He has remained steadfast. One time Roomates and even in the future that no longer exists, they were lovers on an island somewhere in 'Weezyana'. She learned Italian purely so that she could talk to him in his native tongue. She could sit and listen to him forever and often sought his approval on things, thinking him a defacto guardian since he did. That he's funny between the sheets has never really bothered her, but his penchant to swear has.

But there's a distance, a bit of a rift that can likely be traced to just after Russia. Traced to a certain Frenchman and a lie perpetrated out of disgust and left bitter tastes in mouths and a breach of trust. While they have spoken to each other on occasion, there seems to have perhaps been a bit of mending over the birth of Walter and his safe welcome into the world in the back of her seat.

Regardless of where the future takes him, he is her Teodoro, through thick and thin, better or worse, and when she has need of a white Knight, he is sure to be there, spouting poetry at her or writing it on her windshield.
Important Scenes: The Healing Miracle, Failure To Communicate, Weezyanna, All'anima Mia and My Best Friend's Girl
Music: Be Italian - Fergie


Francois Allegre

Important Scenes: The Goal Of Living, Here, Maybe There Was An Emergency and Within Plans
Music: Crossfire - Brandon Flowers and Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty - TBBT

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Richard Cardinal

With an ability which lends him to become shadow at a moments notice, he has a way and tendency to sneak up on her and getting a wooden spoon to the head or something thrown at him. A (self proclaimed) not nice guy, he's a criminal with a good intentions when in private. She came across him in the basement of the Happy Dagger, a tag along that came in with Deckard and stuck around to check in on her and keep her spirits up as much as he could make them. Hes tuck around after, checking in to make sure that she's okay and to ask how she is. He has a christian upbringing in common with her and a few friends but that's about it. His Grey morals don't detract from who he is in her eyes and she secretly calls him Lassie since he's always fetching, or relaying bad news.

He can always make her smile when she see's the addition of a bird to her own personal shadow or when his number appears on her cellphone. He perished in Antarctica when he pulled a nuclear bomb into the shadow and saved the world but resurfaced. A gamble taken to save his life failed to produce the healing that he needed, but a back up plan was successful and he is once more hale, hearty and wreaking havoc across the city and working to ensure some sort of future, but who knows what the cost.

Important Scenes: Godspeed, Cardinal Sins, The World Is Broken and What I Do Have....


Flint Deckard

There are people in this world, that you love. Despite what they have done for the worse to you, or sometimes just for what they haven't. There are souls in this world who wander, just in the hope that someone will notice them and give them a set worth. To acknowledge that they exist. Somewhere, in the bottom of her heart, tucked away in a little corner, darkened by misdeeds and uncouth acts, Flint Deckard resides.

If ever she can have faith in something about him, it's Flint's steadfast belief that she's crazy (For her unwavering belief in a higher power) and that he'll consistently be there in some way to save her. He has every time so far. In the past, he was a nuisance, a rubbing of elbows and sparks. Someone in need of healing, feeding, acknowledgment that for all that he did, she cared about him and his well being. A constant tally marks of who owes who in terms of lives. Of lost bodyparts that one could say was sacrificed for each other. An eye for a tongue at one point almost. Fate or cruelty tossed them at each other with a wash of red lightening that took healing from her and deposited in him. There are some who say that their eventual culmination in each others arms and upgrade to lovers was just because of her need to be near that what she was, but the signs were there before.

And they had something. A strange and fucked up tangle of emotions called lust, love, jealousy and desire and need. He was broken, is broken and she's long since been attracted unconsciously to the broken ones. As if she could fix them like she did peoples hurts. In private he would show an honorable and gentle side of him that no one else ever really saw. Restraint at times when he could have taken liberties. It started to end though, with 'if you love me…" and a palm to her face, a mistake by both parties. The death came with a pulled trigger and the death of a friend at the hands of Flint.

Shes kept tabs on him, even after he disappeared and occasionally comes across him. She hasn't forgiven him truly, for what he did with Hokuto. But she's loathe to loose that connection to a man that in a future that supposedly no longer exists, she married and raised children with and healed so many. A future where he was something more to her than the aging man who can't be bothered most of the time anymore - it seems to her - to look at the world beyond it's skeletons and support beams.

Important Scenes: Toast, Miscalculation, When Suddenly, And Without Warning, Get Over It, One Step Forward, Some Day and How Much Did It Cost.
Music: Before It Breaks -Brandi Carlile


Delilah Trafford

Important Scenes:


Eileen Ruskin

There are few people who Abigail fears but also respects and loves. The dark haired woman, her status as a former member of the Vanguard is one of them and she tries to tread lightly around the seemingly fragile young woman. The surrogate daughter of the man whom Abby was destined to send to his death, she has every right to hate Abby and yet it seems to her at times that she doesn't.

Eileen is a strange bird - pun intended - who is one of the council members that lead the Ferry. She's saved Eileen's life on a few occasions, back when she could heal and the avian telepath was on deaths door and the woman accompanied Teo in the quest to strive a deal and release her from captivity. She's even gone so far as to burn a few favors to keep certain former FBI agents off her back when she needed to not get run in.

But Abby doesn't quite know what the other woman thinks of her. Perhaps respect, who knows. When advice is given, it's usually adhered to as Eileen is sensible and guilt runs deep in Abby for taking away family, no matter the circumstance. It was why she gave Kazimir's cane to her one evening, a reminder of what was, what could be, and respect.

Important Scenes: Prisoner Of War, Misplacing the Faith, Believing in Something, The Goal Of Living, That Kind of Woman and Gabriel Gray Has Not And Never Will Impersonate Me.
Music: Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie


Elisabeth Harrison

Important Scenes:



Huruma is an empath of considerable talent as well as a mother and a grandmother she's discovered of late. No to mention a very scary nigh invisible guardian at times. She's a fearful woman should you get on the wrong end of her, though there is a very surprising tenderness in Huruma as well if you remain on the good side of her. Though she has ties to nearly every faction by virtue of it seems, nearly throwing her log in with everyone, and Abigail knows that Huruma has sideā€¦ hobbies that are less than socially acceptable and somewhat freak her out - really, how can cannibalism be socially acceptable - She's willing to overlook it as she is with other people and their past. And unofficial cub to the lioness so to speak and another person who has put their life on the line for the former healer a time or two. Babies seem to scare the woman shitless.
Important Scenes:


Pastor Joseph Sumter

Formerly a Pastor of the Guiding Light, Southern Baptist Convention Church, he has been a pillar of religious support and someone to come sit quiet and talk with when there are conflicts of the heart or faith. But what else is there to say of a man with a direct line to god for his ability? A good heart, that has been tested and tried and not found wanting, at least not in Abigail's eyes. Compassionate and understanding and endured much in his time in New York that even she feels might have broken her completely and yet he's still there, fighting the good fight.

There is a subtle give and take, no chance to one up ones relationship with god between these two. He'll be there, if she needs to talk, she'll be there if he needs it and he seems to have no qualms about laying things out and his opinion on things if need be. His faith seems to be on the mend, even if slowly and Abigail has faith, he will find his way back completely. But being on the council means that while he may not ever be able to return to guiding a flock of gods children from a real pulpit ever again thanks to the betrayal of others, he can at least watch over the flock that are under his care within the Ferry.

Important Scenes:
Music: Faith Enough - Jars of Clay



Blonde hair, blue eye's, always watching everything that goes on around her and achieving those milestones that children her age ought to, Kasha is apart of Abby's life that she is loathe to imagine not ever having or knowing. Though there is very little to be said about the pint sized pipsqueak that is the baby that Huruma brought into Abby's life and asked for help with, Abby's grown attached to the little girl who's name means Box.

When she tested positive for the SLC gene, she was brought to the lighthouse orphanage so that she would be with others who would understand her growing up. But day by day, with the thought that her fire form might make carrying a baby night unto impossible, she's given serious thought to adopting the little girl that she tries to spend as much time with even though legally she would be unable to. Though these days… Not much involving the kid is legal.

Important Scenes:


John Logan


Forever and ever!

No Really. Put Logan and Abby in the same locked room, and odds are, Abby will before long be trying to hit him, or vice versa. Odds are better that either she'll be dead in the room or he'll be crispy - depending. She has about as much love and respect for him as he likely does for her which is none. It's little wonder given that their past with regards to each other has incorporated kidnapping, shotguns, busted knee's and hissed words.

Btu he seems, or well is, friends with her husband and under his employ to some degree and did help her get off of the Negation drugs when she needed to. Forget that her husband paid him and he threatened her before doing it. There's no love lost, between them and should someone see fit to shuffle him off the mortal coil, she's not going to be crying over his coffin, not after what he's done to her.
Important Scenes:


Peter Petrelli

Her interactions with him in the past had always been the aftermath. Cleaning up after him, healing the wake that he left behind. And the hearts. Then when she did, he was in possession of the very ability and lingering memories of the person she was destined to erase from the face of the earth. One would think that was it, no more, no less.

But one would think too that odds of getting a paramedic for a partner that you know would be very slim. But when you believe that things happen for a reason, maybe there is a reason for this. For a few months, side by side they drove and worked for St. Luke's ambulances and they meshed well as partners in the rig. Even after a spin out into a snowbank ended up with them cold and talking about pressures, attempts at normal lives and saving people in various ways. He didn't approve of her taking the formula and teased her about becoming "Brundle fly".

But He moved in with her to help keep an eye on her during the night till she can get a good grasp on her ability and surprisingly, the two made very good roommates, no matter how temporary it was and good friends. Remain good friends, despite his affiliations with messiah or that he's the true midtown man.
Important Scenes: From Day One, I Don't Know What It Is About You, and Sympathetic Incinerations. _

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