Delia's Relationships



Bro - Delia first met her half brother at a karaoke bar where he stole her first drink and had it himself. He claimed to have been saving her from a life of misery, it might be true but it only worked for a few months. He's a great dancer and an even better singer (according to his youngest sibling). When she got lost, she spent enough time in his head to discover that he isn't what he seems on the outside. He's afraid and closed himself off from relationships, especially to women because he's just afraid of losing them.

He took care of her and gave her the first home she's had since going on the run when she came out of her coma. He gave her everything, including a leash. His overprotective side caused more than one fight while she was living under his roof, acting more like a father to her than she's had in a long time. After he manifested and gave himself up, she had to leave resulting in more than one decision that's caused a permanent rift between them.

Brad's ability terrifies her due to its violent nature but he's got a good head on his shoulders, even though his little sister often cares for people that he thinks she shouldn't. The fact that he wrote her off so easily stings, a lot.


PITA - Lucille and Delia have a long history of sibling rivalry, though most of it was one sided. According to Delia, Lucille's always been the better of the two Ryans sisters, something that's held onto with a little bit of resentment. They've competed for everything growing up and when Lucille got a modeling contract went away to Europe, leaving Delia behind, things never went back to the way they were or even how they should have been. To Delia, Lucille is something like that inconvenient aunt that comes around when you least expect it and stays much longer than she's welcome. It's unfortunate and even with the caring that her older sister tries to show, Delia just doesn't trust her to pick up and leave again.

Lucile might be one of the only people in Delia's life that isn't offered chance after chance of redemption, something that's not really fair to the woman but given their circumstances and Lucille's instability, the redhead just doesn't know how to deal with her. They're sisters though, so no matter what, Delia knows Lucille is there for her and she'll be there for Lucille.


Daddy - When she was a child, Delia's entire world revolved around her father. As a teen he was one her universe, especially since her mother's death. For the years between Mary's death and Ben returning to the company, Delia stuck to him like glue. One attempt to live on her own resulted in Ben coming to get her in the middle of her first night and bring her back to Queens in tears. She lived with him until he moved out of their apartment in Gun Hill, still he was only a few floors away. Anytime she needed him, he was just downstairs… most of the time.

Benjamin is reckless and seems to skirt the line between life and death a little too often for Delia's taste. Since the riots, they've grown farther and farther apart if only because she isn't able to see him as often as she would like. His new position with the Ferry as co-head of Special Operations takes him away more than his job at the company ever did. Still, she'll do anything for him, even sell herself to keep him safe. While there have been rocky times between them, she wants to live up to all of his expectations for her and then some. Hopefully he can live up to hers.

Close Ties


Babysitter - Brian and Delia first met just before the riots when he was drunk and shooting at things that weren't her. Good thing because Delia can't phase like Brian's girlfriend can. She got drunk for the very first time with him and they tried mountain climbing up the stairs of the orphanarium that the replicator (former replicator?) runs.

While she was lost in dreams, Brian spent a lot of time taking care of Delia's body and using his clones to try to find her. He was on constant vigil for weeks, something that no one else could have (or maybe even would have) done for her. After she woke up again, he stayed, kept taking care of her, and appointed himself her physical therapist and speech coach. He was frustrating at times but he got the job done.

Though he occasionally holds what he did for her over her head, Delia never begrudges it and genuinely appreciates his personal sacrifice. Unfortunately they have disagreed when it comes to her support of some people and she's too bull headed to change.


King of All - Logan and Delia met when she was searching for fake registration. Her search ended badly, but she never blamed Logan for it, how could an accident like that be organized by someone so kind? Fact of the matter is, she reveres the man. His confidence and demeanor toward Delia has elevated him onto a pedestal, even if it's safer to keep him at arm's length.

When faced with horrifying stories about what he's done, Delia either couldn't or wouldn't believe a word and even defended him to the point of pushing away a number of people she cares for. It wasn't until she was forced to watch a memory in a dream that Mister Logan fell from the angelic status that she promoted him to. Still, she went back and offered her ability to use at his leisure in order to spare her father the price of a favor.

There are two very attractive qualities about Mister Logan (aside from his good looks) that draw Delia to him. He has a wonderful smell and an even more wonderful dog.


?!? - Nick considers himself an anti-hero. Delia considers him a hero. Although, in his heroics she became an anti-hero. She didn't leave his dreams when he requested it, she didn't feel badly about the invasion until taken away from him by Dema. It was during a lesson in etiquette that she found out that what she did is quite possibly the most heinous way to violate a person. Essentially mind rape. Though Nick has forgiven her and invited her back whenever she feels safe to do so, she's uncertain if it's because she ingrained herself onto him or if he's really welcoming her back.

Still, having spent so much time floating around Nick's brain, Delia has developed an innate attachment to him. He kept her alive, it was with him that she found out for the first time that she wouldn't die or just disappear if her dreamer woke up. Nick held her and brought her back to her body, unfortunately by the time he was able to sleep, she'd built her home inside of him and couldn't find herself again even though he was sleeping right beside her.

Since that time, he's shared things with her that he's never told anyone else, things that have her conflicted about her own feelings toward him. She's settled into a friend mode and is content to dwell there.


8D - The first time Delia met Eileen, she was painting an apartment in Gun Hill for her father, the new handyman. The Ferry councilwoman placed Delia in charge of the Gun Hill Clinic that was formerly occupied by Dr. Knutsen. Not wanting to let the other woman down, Delia worked all hours, whenever she was needed or called for. As time went on, it seemed that Eileen placed more and more trust in Delia in the form of tasks and little jobs.

It wasn't until Delia was lost that she found out that Eileen and Nick are actually brother and sister which makes her feel even closer to the other woman. Eileen has proven herself a trustworthy friend and mentor. She has a gentle way about her that Delia both appreciates and values. Further, Delia appreciates Eileen's leadership and guidance. In many respects Delia is envious of the other young woman, she's so dainty, sweet, and petite while Delia is not any of those things.

Eileen has been a great inspiration to Delia, especially in one aspect: The club she formed with Samara.


The Lioness - Huruma has worked as a bridge in Delia's relationship with her father. Huruma has a near-nurturing attitude towards Delia, leaving the dark skinned woman as something of a maternal figure in the redhead's life.


Virtuoso - Sable is a musician and wants to bring out Delia's rebellious side. Still, she seems like really good people. She wants the redhead to go through her dreams and while not completely opposed to the practice, Delia was hesitant to do it before she's found an anchor. After seeing Sable in her dreams Hokuto's wisdom took root, it would be very easy to get lost in the eccentric musician.


Bestie - Rooftops are just good places to meet overall. Tasha and Delia struck an unlikely friendship on one. They have a lot in common, fathers that are work obsessed and Delia admires Tasha's very much. They've become close, though after November 8th they haven't seen as much of each other as Delia would like. Hopefully soon.


Roomie - At first, Toru was nothing more than Amadeus' friend and by extension someone to be avoided. One collision later he managed to ease her fears that he's a creeper. She visited him in a dream and found out that he considers himself a guardian of sorts to Mister Logan. Months later, happy circumstance had them running into each other again on the outskirts of Midtown where he tried to stop her from committing suicide (she wasn't really).

He stayed up all night with her at the Corinthian, really he stayed up and watched over her. He helped her run when she got scared and brought her home to Nick's place (much to Nick's surprise). The three of them became room mates in a tiny studio apartment; good thing Nick is never home or else Delia and Toru would never get any girltalk done.

Together they eat fruity pebbles, paint doc martens, and watch cartoons. They talk about their future ambitions and confide the most basic of dreams. Romance doesn't enter the picture.



</3 - A visit back in time fixed Jaiden into Delia's life as an important figure. He was her rock in a lot of respects. They loved each other, looked out for each other and tried their hardest to support each other. Even while she was sleeping for so long he was there for her. Unfortunately a rift grew between them during that time and her feelings for him changed. She cheated on him before she woke up by developing feelings for another man, feelings that continued to grow after she woke up. She broke things off but he was the bigger person and left the door open for her return.


Step-Monster? - Lynette and Delia have a rather tenuous relationship. Having expressed interest in Delia's father, Lynette had become somewhat of a pariah in Delia's eyes. Further, Lynette's addictions issues adds to the tension.


The New Girl - Quinn and Delia met when they were colleagues at Ichihara Bookstore. Within the bookstore the pair struck a friendship. Soon, under the ferry they bonded further. It seems there were more people combating the fascist government than Delia had thought.



Sensei - Hokuto is her mentor, her caretaker, and her friend. Yet sometimes the relationship between student and mentor can be strained. Regardless, Delia looks up to Hokuto, taking her wisdom and advice seriously. It's no secret that the more experienced dreamwalker has a rather sordid history but the younger of the two seems to operate on a don't ask, don't tell policy, a fact that might come back to bite her in time. Delia's heard things and she's seen things but like with many others that she cares for, she overlooks the worst and focuses on the best. Hokuto is no exception to this rule.


Anti-Sensei - Dema is a dreamwalker who tried to help her while she was in a coma. In a lot of ways Delia respects him. In others? She fears him. She recognizes him as an authority in dreamwalking and herself as a mere novice but there's a measure of distrust towards him, if only due to Delia's own fear that she might become a refrain addict if she gets too close to the large man. So she listens but keeps a safe distance, an caution that might be better used with someone other than this gentle giant.


The Mask - Jasmine is an enigmatic dreamwalker who Delia knows little about. Yet within their dreams, Delia has developed a tenuous trust for the other woman, particularly as Jasmine helped her find her way back to her body.


Tuzzy Bear - A strange little cat with the ability to dreamwalk too. Delia wishes she could find him and keep him, he reminds her too much of the kitten she wanted to take home from the bookstore. Yes. It is Teo. As a cat. A very virile cat. And when you hold him in your arms, you have no idea that you are actually holding a very handsome man.


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