Relatively Quiet Day


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Scene Title Relatively Quiet Day
Synopsis Brennan stops by the Den, to make nice with Melissa and pitch in a hand.
Date February 28, 2010

The Den

It's a relatively quiet day at the Den. There haven't been that many comings or goings, and right now Melissa is the only one in the lounge of the safehouse. Well, the only two-legged someone. She's sitting on a couch, with her legs stretched out, a laptop settled on her lap, and next to her, curled up and snoozing, is a small German Shepherd puppy. Ahh…relaxation time! Ain't it grand?

"I would think, that a barking dog wouldn't be the greatest thing for a safehouse" Comes Brennan's voice, leaning against the door jamb to the room, brows raised a fraction towards the puppy, one side of his mouth pulled up into a smile and hands hooked into his pockets. "Hope your day is going good Melissa. What's been happening while I was gone?"

Melissa glances over, while the puppy continues to snooze. "No, it wouldn't, if he was barking," she agrees. "And it's going well enough. You haven't missed too much. Couple people have brought supplies by, and I brought in an evolved who's hiding out. Moab escapee."

"I'm just pulling your strings Melissa. What is it with kids these days, no sense of humor" Brennan pushes away from the wall, dragging in a bag of what seems like possibly bedding. "Michelle sent over sheets and pillows, so that people could be comfortale. Glad you got someone here though. You're first charge. Bet that was pretty ego boosting. What's his name?"

"Oh awesome. Tell her I said thank you," Melissa says, closing the laptop and setting it aside, which has the puppy stirring a bit. She rises to move over to him to take the bedding. "And dunno about ego boosting, but it's good to be helping someone. His name's Luke."

"Luke" Brennan nods, filing that away. "Listne, I know we didn't get off on a good foot first time we met, and I wanted to say that, you've done good here. you held your own out there at that meeting with the secretary, you asked questions and you really did more than dip your feet. I'm glad you were there. The people of summer Meadows are grateful too. it does them good to know that people care"

Melissa glances up from the bag o' stuff, smiling faintly. "I'm not here to sit back while other people do the work. If that was the case, I wouldn't have been assigned to this place. I'll do absolutely anything I can to help the cause. To help the evolved. As for Summer Meadows…Well hell, I'm living there too, so I'm close to this place, so it's not entirely a selfless act."

"We all have reasons for helping, some not selfless, others, selfish." The bedding is dropped down on the couch, a hand brought down to run across the sleeping dogs back, despite the old saying about letting them lie. "So, you have me here, what is your bidding of mistress of the back room bacon? Got a wish list you would like fulfilled for here? I got a couple hours to spare before I have to hightail it back to my abode and get brushed up on patients and make a really big volcano.

Melissa snickers softly. "For starters, let's not call me mistress of the back room bacon," she says, sounding amused. "As for help around here…There's still some rooms that need cleaning or clearing out. Some could use new mattresses, all of them could use heat, and there's only one working bathroom. Which is fine for now, but if we get more people, and even just two women, it'll turn into a disaster. And why are you gonna be buildin' a volcano?"

"You think I have a wife that hot and not have kids Melissa?" Brennan points out, even as he's taking off his jacket and scarf, folding them politely over the back of the couch. "School project. Could probably run this place for a month on the money spent for this science project" He points out with a grin. 'And I know full well the perils of a bathroom shared between two women. It's why I have my own. I am outnumbered in my own home, Oh but to have a boy. Working on that though. Show me these rooms, I can't do a single thing about plumbing, you may need to got one of the others in the organization to see about hat" His tone apologetic.

Melissa shrugs. "Honestly haven't thought about whether you have kids or not," she admits. She scoops up the puppy, since having him run up into the butcher's and run amok would be a bad thing, then she begins to lead the way into the other sections of the Den. "Yeah, I can't do jack about plumbing or heat either, which is why I've been cleaning and painting. I do the first very well at least. Seeing a mess makes me twitch."

"Most do the first so very well" Brennan agree's. "What about you? Any family? And for that matter, I apologize for my curiosity, what is it that you do? And by do I mean your evolved ability. If you have one. I know that not everyone with the organization has one"

Melissa snorts softly and shakes her head. "No, most don't do the first very well. A lot of people hate cleaning, or do a half-assed job about it. I'm a little bit of a clean freak, so if I say something is clean, it's freakin' spotless. You could eat off the floors I clean," she disagrees. "I have family, though I haven't seen 'em in years, and sure they miss me about as much as I miss them. And my ability…" She trails off and shrugs. "According to the government it's called pain projection." She glances to him without stopping. "What about yours?"

Pain Projection. Interesting. He follows, with a laugh at the ability, not AT her, but because it's not exactly one he's come across before. "try projecting your pain on me" He offers in response to her inquiry about what he could do, the negation turned on mentally with only a flicker of thought, and keeping his visual attention for the most part on her. "We'll do a game of show and tell, trust me, it's safe"

Melissa shakes her head. "No," she says, in a tone that suggests that she can't be swayed from this answer. "I don't have many rules for myself, but one of them is to not use my ability on any evolved unless it's in defense of myself or someone else. Besides, it's safe anyway. Pain isn't fun, but it's not deadly on its own. I'm just not a torturer."

"Fair enough, I can accept that" Hands coming up defensively as if to ward off anymore negative verbal barrage. "I'm a negator. Power nullifier, whatever you want to call it. You couldn't have done it even if you tried. That's my trick in my basket of tricks, besides being a doctor. Now, which rooms needed cleaning again? See if I'm up to your gold standards before my wife calls and demands I bring back home chinese for dinner" He offers his hand out in a truce, intention to shake her hand.

Melissa nods. "Fair enough. And a handy trick. Hopefully you don't need to use it, but I'm sure you will at some point." She heads up to the second floor and points to a few doors. "Those still need some cleaning. Be careful though. The floor doesn't quite seem stable."

That raises a few brows. "as in, one step, I could find my foot through the floor? Plummeting to my death to the basement of this place?" He inquires, oh so carefully and looking at the building with a whole new light. Oh, the memories. From the sounds of it, foot through the floor is not something uncommon in his past. "If this Luke, needs to be looked at, let me know"

Melissa shrugs and smiles a little. "I haven't fallen through yet." Yes, because that's soooooo reassuring. "And he doesn't seem to be hurt, just needs a safe place to stay."

He'll just stomp before taking a full step forward, best way really. Like walking over an iced over lake. "Good, that he's not hurt. You'll let me know, really if you need anything? I'll stop by once a week, or more often, depending on what you need or what the folks at summer meadows might need. Point me to the cleaning supplies and let me get started, and out of your hair"

Melissa grins. "Trust me, if I need something for this place, I'll nag. I'd beg if I had to. Right now though I think we're good. We've got first aid supplies, some spare clothes, non-perishable foods…Started stocking up on microwaveable foods. Got bedding now…We're gettin' there." She moves to the first room in the hallway, opening it. The room inside is perfectly spotless, and there's a pile of cleaning supplies, which she points to. "There ya go."

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