Relax a Little


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Scene Title Mister Depressy Face
Synopsis Elle and Cardinal have a nice chat.
Date January 13, 2011

Redbird Security

As the evening hour rolls along and the office upstairs closes, Cardinal's untied his tie and gone downstairs to get some work done. The work, in this case, being the transfer of files from the cabinets to the boxes for transfer over to the safe house in midtown. A cup of coffee sits on the table, steam rising from it as it grows slowly cold. He's bent over a drawer, fingers moving through it one at a time, murmuring, "Safe, safe, safe…" A pause, and he pulls a file, "…transfer…"

Elle is purposely quiet as she slinks down the stairs, dressed in…pajamas. More so, she's dressed in a pair of shorts that end mid-thigh, and a tank top, and a pair of flip flop slippers— that's it. She really can't help it; they keep Redbird so warm in the winter months. Then again, 70 degrees is horribly warm to the girl who doesn't even need a winter coat.

She doesn't stop her slippers from scuffing against the floor as moves closer, however, running a hand through her red-dyed hair and thoughtfully watching Cardinal. "Whatcha doing?" She asks this with raised brows, a faint hint of a smile on her face.

"We're going to get some government investigators that might be combing through here," Cardinal reports without looking up, drawing out the last file he was looking at and setting it on top of the cabinet before thumbing through the next series, "I'm just making sure there's nothing… dangerous here, so if they decide to start prowling through our files, we'll be safe."

The drawer's finished, and he pushes it closed with a metallic thump, turning a bit to look to her— and he pauses, blinking at her clothes. Or lack thereof. "Oh. Uh. So, how've you been?"

Leaning against the wall, Elle idly fusses at her hair, twirling it between her fingers and paying close attention to the red locks— she's still having trouble really getting used to the red hair. At least she's gotten used to the power, if only just a little bit. She doesn't burn her clothes off as often these days, at least. Probably why she's finally showing her face at Redbird a little more. Well, that and the Swede that…seems to need babysitting.

Though his reaction to her state of clothing is noticed, she doesn't give any indication of as much. "I've been okay." The reply is soft, quiet and sweet-sounding. "Been learning how to control Harmony's ability, mostly…" And hiding from you. Which she should perhaps still be doing. She doesn't say that, though.

"It's a good thing that she wasn't as powerful as Sprague," says Cardinal in rather dark tones as he steps back over to the table, hand dropping down to the back of the chair he was using before he drops down into it. One hand lifts to adjust the rumpled, untied tie hanging around his neck with a grimace, "…hat these things. How's it going? The control, that is…"

Elle remains in her spot against the wall, watching Richard intermittently. "It's been going well. I don't burn my clothes off as often, and I don't shoot off random blasts of radioactive light or whatever it is at random when I'm mad." She tilts her head to the side. "I burned Warren really good a few weeks back, though. He keeps…trying to get back with me." She shakes her head.

Then, contact-green eyes turn back to the man. "Why do you wear ties if you hate them? Take it off, relax a little." She tilts her head to the side, watching him as the echoes of thoughts rolls across her features. Then, she suddenly grins faintly, reaching up to twirl her hair in her fingers once more.

After a moment's hesitation, she brushes her hair behind her ear. "You smoke pot, don't you, Richard?"

"I've kind've got to, it goes with the whole business image…" The tie's finally tugged fully off, and Cardinal tosses it onto the table with a whispering thump of fabric on wood, fingers lifting to undo the topmost button of his collar to give him room to breathe. Looking rather more comfortable then, he leans back in the chair.

"Warren's not on my good list right now anyway," he snorts, "Little fucker's been helping them trigger a robot goddamn apocalypse. And yeah, I— occasionally." Reaching for the coffee, he murmurs, "Last time didn't go too well."

She can't help but use her natural pocket. Reaching down under her shirt, Elle promptly produces a nice, perfectly rolled joint. "Well, let's make this time go better, and talk about our feelings while in the nicely sedate state that this stuff produces. Or, alternately, we could sit around and giggle at how fucked up everything is from the blissful haze of cannabis sativa."

Apparently, Elle has also become a little bit of a stoner since coming into control of Harmony's ability.

As the joint's produced, Cardinal regards it for a moment… and then he exhales a rough, amused snort of breath. "What, right here? We should probably go upstairs before doing that, if I thought I had problems with government drones now I can just imagine what they'd do if they came down here and the place smelled like weed."

"Well, then let's go upstairs, shall we?" Elle offers a cheerful smile to Cardinal, inclining her head toward him. "Your place? Mine has a very large Swedish boy who is sleeping in it." She grins, and promptly turns toward the stairs with a faint grin, the flip flop slippers scuffing against the floor as she goes. "This is good shit. Medical Marijuana, thanks to Bella Sheridan from way back when I was at the Institute. You really don't want to miss out."

"Christ, don't even remind me of that crazy bitch…" Cardinal pushes himself up to his feet, stepping over to one of the file boxes and putting the lid back on it. Shaking his head, he fetches the coffee cup before meandering along over to the stairs that lead upwards, "…how's Sven doing, anyway?"

Elle smirks. "I don't really remember her that much. I'm kinda glad." She chuckles softly, making her way upstairs now that she's certain that Richard is tagging along. "Sven is doing good. He's been sleeping in my coffee machine, or on the couch. Really sweet kid. Apparently has a crush on me and is very vocal about it?" She raises her hands in a shrug as she moves up the stairs, turning slightly to grin back at Richard.

"Does he?" A rough snort of breath from Cardinal as he walks up the stairs after her, his head shaking, "I know he was thinking some kind've lewd shit about Harmony that got her to verbally bitch slap him, not sure what…"

"Yeeeeeeaaaaaah. I'm pretty sure Sven is a nice little twenty-two year old horn-dog with an overload of testosterone coursing through his system." Elle laughs softly. "But, he hasn't tried anything that's made me want to give him an easy bake hug or anything. Aside from the occasional self esteem boosting remark that I'm hot in that endearing little Swedish accent of his, he's a fairly cool kid. Eager to learn how to control his ability."

Up, up, up they go, up to Cardinal's apartment.

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