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Scene Title Release
Synopsis Brian takes the boy from Sea View to Kameron to find shelter and release
Date Jan 29 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

48 hours worth of restless nights, with Kameron glued to the radio as much as possible, even trying - operative word trying - to glimpse information from the newspapers. But as promised, she stayed out of town for the full two days, imagining the worst on her return. Quite frankly, she had thought for a while that when she returned home she wouldn't *have* a home to return to. In any case, Kameron is back now, balancing a bag of groceries against her hip, fumbling with her key in her free hand, and Prince sitting patiently at her side, leash left ignored on the floor. "Can .. never get this darn thing.." Mutter grumble rassin frassin… if the phone started ringing she was goin to be so mad.

Peeking around the corner at the end of the hall, Brian slowly slides out from behind his cover. He ditched the kevlar, threw away anything looking militaristic save for one pistol. In a long sleeve shirt and warm pants the man makes his way down the hall.

He's not alone. In his hand is another hand. A boy, looking to be about ten year olds is lead by the older male to Kameron and Prince. His eyes taking a long moment to inspect the dog.

"Here. Let me help.." Brian says, reaching out with his free hand. His voice is strained, tired. And if Kameron were to see his features, they very much reflect his voice. It's a wonder he's still on his feet with the mask of fatigue he carries.

Prince lifts his head when he hears Brian's approach -or rather, Brian plus one. Kameron is equally puzzled by the approach of not one, but two sets of feet, her head turning towards the sound until Brian offers assistance. "! .. Brian! Oh! No no I've got it," she insists on doin for herself, "I've done this before -just needs a little nudge since it sticks sometimes." The door, she means, as she nudges the door with her shoulder slightly. She leaves the key in the lock, giving the door another push with her foot to keep it open so Brian and his guest can enter.

He sounded -horrible-. So exhausted, she'd be amazed if he got any sleep at all. "Um - why don't you go on inside and have a seat? I'll be with you in a second, I just have to put this stuff away." For a change she's glad she's wearing the mirrrored sunglasses tonight, as she seems to squint unseen behind the lenses a bit - for a split second. "Are you with someone else? I thought i heard another set of footsteps." Naturally Prince precedes the group into he apartment, quite interested by the small child from the way the collie takes the first opportunity to trot over and sniff at sneakers and pants from both guests.

"A boy. His name is Joseph. JoeJoe." He clarifies, as he starts to head into the apartment, leading the boy behind him. "Say hi Joe." A little tentative 'hi' is afforded Kameron as the pair enter the apartment. Though the child seems to be more interested in greeting Prince than Kameron.

Once inside, Brian all but abandons the child, his primary target that big beautiful couch. Collapsing onto it, he flops against the back of it taking a shaky breath. "Can he play with Prince?" Brian asks, quietly.

That was quite all right. The grown ups had to talk. "Hi Joseph," Kameron responds to the tiny 'hi'. Prince, fortunately, is very good with children, and the collie has an infinite amount of patience, willing to occupy the boy's attention while Brian goes to flop on the couch. Judging from Brian's tone of voice, whatever went down was pretty heavy. Kameron fumbles for the key in the door, tugging it out as she bumps the door shut with her hip. "Of course," she agrees immediately - it'd be mean to say no. Rather than put her belongings away, since she doesn't hav any perishables, Kameron simply leaves the bag on the counter and makes her way out to the living room again.

After a quick mental consultation with the room's layout, Kameron steps over to the couch and - checks to make sure she doesn't wind up sitting on Brian instead of the couch by mistake. That would be ten kinds of embarassing. "… are you okay?"

Brian slowly brings his head forward putting it in his hands. Allowing Joe to play with Prince. When he speaks his voice is soft, so that the child doesn't overhear him. "I need a big favor." Brian lets out quietly, slowly looking up to her. "I need to stay here.. for a little bit. Or at least, let Joe stay here." Brian murmurs. "I'm sorry.. I just.. I don't really have any other choices."

Er. Kameron scritches her head, "I — you.." Let's try that again. "Huh?" Goodness, it was bad enough she got a million phone calls from her father insisting that she come back home because New York was unsafe for a fragile flower like her (bleeeeh), but what would they think about this sort of development! Granted, Brian was a friend, albeit one she's not known that long. And Granted Brian -DID_ warn her about the trouble so she definitely owed him for that at least. "That's…. a pretty big favor.." She stammers after a moment. "Can I ask why?" She shakes her head slightly, "It's okay to stay - I mean, there's plenty of room for the both of you, but —"

Brian takes a shaky breath. He knows he shouldn't tell her what he's about to tell her. But there is so much pressure building on his chest, so much pain, so much fatigue. He has to get it out somehow.. And right now, she is his only release.

"I'm an Evolved." Brian interrupts quietly. "Unregistered. I'm involved with a group called Phoenix. We're a so called terrorist organization."He lets out. Helena would have his head for telling Kameron this.. But Helena's gone. And for that matter, so is Teo. "The bridge.. the power plant.. everything on the news. We were there.. I was there. I think.." He takes a deep breath. "I think we just saved the world."

Whoah. Whoah. Kameron's jaw practically hits the floor, saved only by her hand flying up to cover her mouth. He was an -Evolved-? In a way that made her feel even worse, over hiding her own secret from him. Still, it was a surprise that he was telling her. "A…are you serious? Terrorists..?" She scoots backwards on the couch a bit, struggling to keep her voice low. "Like… blow up buildings, kidnap government officials terrorists..?" But he said they were the good guys! ".. The power plant - I .. I did hear about that. Some.." she shakes her head, "What do you mean, saved the world..?" she holds up both hands, "I know I shouldn't be asking you this, but.." She chews her lower lip, trying to think of a tactful way to say it, "…. I am." Oh yeah. Real tactful.

"I said so called. We're not terrorists. Those guys who blew up the school, killing innocent people. We're not them. We've been working against them. And we just beat them." He takes a deep breath, where to start? And how to make it not sound ridiculously, apeshit, insane? "Remember that one night, a bunch of people received free medical supplies and a terminal cancer patient was cured? It was on the news the same time as the school massacre.. So obviously, it didn't have as much attention. We're them. We are the good guys. We don't blow up buildings. There was a group. Called Vanguard. With an Evolved leader who was bent on making this virus that would infect and kill all the Evolved people in the world. We.. had to stop him." Brian murmurs, looking over to her. "That's why I told you to get out of town. But.. he's dead now. And we destroyed the virus. All of it." He thinks.

Good point, he -did- sa 'so called'. She relaxes a slight bit, a hand absently toying with a few strands of hair, "Okay so .. you guys, Phoenix? You guys are the good guys, and these Vanguard people are the bad guys." It's… still sounding a little out there. "You guys were the ones who did that? the cancer patient? I.. that.." Wow. She's speechless for a second, rubbing her palm against her knee uneasily. "… figures the media wouldn't cover something like that - bad news sells faster it seems." She grumps briefly, shaking her head. "A virus, huh..?" She avoids the standard, 'Oh well I'm not an Evolved' because she doesn't think she'd be able to sell that lie one bit. "But he was Evolved too .. if he'd succeeded wouldn't that have killed him as well? I mean.. why would someone *do* something like that? It's… it's…" …. -insane-.

"He was one of those crazy wacked out guys you see on movies." Brian offers, collapsing once again against the back of the couch. It's even difficult to talk in this state. Letting his eyes slide over to her, he gives a little frown. "I know it's hard to believe me.. I know it sounds strange. But I'm telling you the truth. If I could prove it to you, I would." But she can't see, and so a demonstration of his ability, would be somewhat less than awe inspiring. And there's still so much to tell. "I can't go home, I can't go to our base. You're one of the only people I know that aren't connected. You're the only one I can take him too." He gestures with a flick of his eyes to the boy currently playing with the dog. "I don't have to stay here if that makes you uncomfortable. I can find something else. But please.. Let him stay here, at least for a few days."

Boy, you can say that again… I didn't think people like that really existed. You're sure he's… you know.." She falls silent a moment, "… I mean it's.. you were right about everything else, so… I mean, I don't .. well I trust you." … o O( I think. ) "But after telling me all of this -.. It's .. it's pretty heavy, and I-I don't know if I'm worthy of your trust, even after telling me all of that." Granted it wasn't -a lot- but. But still it was more than he was probably *supposed* to say, and Kameron felt bad over keeping her secret now. "I promise I won't tell a soul of course, but — I'm just surprised you trusted me with that.."

She blushes faintly, just at the -thought- of having a male roommie on a temporary basis. That's madness. And she can hear the bemoaning her mother would give her, nevermind her -FATHER- if they knew. SCANDAL! SCANDAL! they'd cry. Weirdos. "It's fine, really - Brian, for the past two days I thought you might be -dead-. I couldn't turn you or Joseph away, not when you guys need somewhere safe to stay for a while. I think the couch pulls out.."

"I am too." He lets out quietly. He shouldn't have, he knows that. But the grief, the pain is settling in, and it's overwhelming. "I'm sorry. I know this is all real heavy. I just. I don't know anyone else I would trust with him." He could have gone to Isabelle, but something about taking a child to a bar just rubbed him the wrong way. "Thank you so much.." He says, something in his throat making a faint sound. Luckily for him she can't see the tears welling up in his eyes. "I'll owe you big time." He manages.
It's also a good thing she's not an empathy - but she doesn't have to be one to know he's upset. She fidgets a bit, warring with proper upbringing and what -she- deems is needed. "Well I'll just have to make sure I'm worthy of that trust. .. you won't get in trouble for it will you?" She frowns a little, "Brian..are you-" he was a _GUY_, he couldn't be crying. Still she has the feeling he could use a hug, and odds are he wouldn't admit it. So, she'll just do the next best thing. She reaches forward, grasping for an arm to see where he is - and unless he leans out of the way, she means to tug him forward to wrap her arms around him in a tight hug. "You don't owe me anything. I'm just glad you're," …she won't say 'okay' because she doubts he is, after everything he's been through. He only glossed over what had happened - god only knows what /really/ went down there. "Alive." Have a free hug, on her. "You and Joseph can stay as long as you need." Fie on what is and isn't proper for a young lady living on her own!

And for a guy, Brian is not on the badass calloused end of the spectrum. And though he was prone to moments of heroism and he had was a brave man, he wasn't by any means calloused. And the fact that two of his copies only perpetuates how much pain he is in. As her hand comes on his arm, his breath catches for a moment. Once she wraps her arms around him, it only propagates the tears, though he does all he can to keep himself from sobbing or making any outward noise. And now he decides not to speak, lest a wailing voice take place of his own. And so he simply slumps into Kameron's arms, his eyes going anywhere, but the young woman.

That was unexpected! What -was- expected was any amount of bravado, shrugging off her offer with a 'i'm fine' or something. Instead she gets an armful of grieving human, tightening the hug as reassuringly as she can manage. Several times she tries to say something comforting like, 'It'll be okay' or 'It's all right, just let it out' or something. But it just didn't seem… appropriate. So instead she says nothing, which seemed to suit the situation better. Brian confided a secret in her, and now she was offering him the comfort that she knew he had to need. Poor guy - he really was too nice, and she felt -horrible- that he was so upset by what was going on. But! She lets her arms rest around him in a soothing hug until he pulls away again. After all, what kind of friend would she be to not offer even a little bit of comfort?

But Brian doesn't pull away. Even though her embrace doesn't make it all okay, or make it all go away. It does feel nice, to release. To be held. Finally he starts to get control of himself, stopping the tears. He lets out a croak, trying to control his voice. "Don't you want to know what I can do?" He asks weakly. "Oh.. By the way. JoeJoe is Evolved too." He adds as an afterthought.

Not pulling away? Okay, Kameron can deal. When he finally starts to get control of himself, Kameron lets herself draw back, a hand lifting to press against his cheek lightly, and up to pet his hair briefly. There there. "You don't have to tell me." Admittedly she's kind of curious, but … considering she hasn't told *HIM*, she'd feel a whole lot less guilty if he didn't tell her. "He is?" She hesitates a second, "Where… did you come across him? He wasn't … wasn't at the bridge where everything happened was he? Is he a relative?" She's trying to be careful to not ask questions that might get him in trouble with his organization - she's pretty sure they probably wouldn't be too keen on him telling her …well… much of anything.

"The soldiers. Were using kids as hostages for when the police showed up at Sea View Hospital. Abandoned place.. they were holing up in there. My team ambushed them. And we got the kids away. Only one kid was shot." Brian murmurs, "JoeJoe." Glancing over at the kid who looks very un-shot. "It didn't hurt him. He has unbreakable skin or something.. His parents." A little shrug. "Gone. He has no place to go, I wasn't about to let him be scooped up by the cops then Homesec." Brian says, tensing a moment at the name he finally says. "I know I don't have to tell you, Kameron. But.. I already trusted you. I should probably keep doing it. Do you want to know?"

"That's horrid," Kameron hisses behind her hand, turning towards Joseph when Brian mentions the boy was shot. But.. he certainly seemed all right.. and she soon finds out why. "He's - really? That .. that's incredibly lucky for him." … "I-I mean the .. that he-his ability was ..not that his parents were —" Smoooth Kammy, is it possible to come across MORE insensitive? Brian's offer to tell her his ability is incredibly tempting, but… she can't in good conscience let him tell her anything further. She had to do something first.

"Wait…" She draws back, "I admit, yeah I am curious, but…" She shakes her head, "If it's going to get you introuble with your group, I don't want to know. More importantly, I can't — I mean.. you shouldn't …" SIGH. "I can't let you say anything further — not until I — I mean, well …" She's so bad at this. "I-I have a confession to make. I…. haven't been entirely truthful with you… and it's not fair to you, to trust me with these sorts of things, and … I'm keeping secrets." It makes her uncomfortale like whoa.

A little fear creeps into him, and he instinctively scoots a bit away on the couch giving her a steady look. What could she be lying about? There hasn't been much to lie about. Was she homesec? Undercover SCOUT? His eyes widen a little bit as he stares at her, saying nothing he waits for her to confess whatever secret it is she has.

Nothing of that sort! She'd feel like an absolute horrid wretch if that were the case - maybe. "I'm — okay know how I told you I was blind..? .." He's actually the first person she's told - she's not even told her parents, or Lori - and she felt bad enough about Lori not knowing. But you really don't know who you can trust these days. "…the reason I can't see is because …I'm….Evolved too." The final two words come out in a rush, as she lifts her hand to tip her shades up - eyes remaining closed the entire time. "I can see things - like… things you can't see with the naked eye, only.. it's like," Pause, "Three different types of vision active at the same exact time, made five times worse when I blink. I can only stand having my eyes open for minutes at a time, so.." She drops the shades back over her eyes, "…for what it's worth I ..kind of am blind, just not in the standard definition of the word." She lowers her eyes, clasping her hands, "Please don't be angry — I..I didn't mean to lie about it but you don't know who you can trust when it comes to that sort of thing, and when you told me …" She shakes her head, "I just couldn't.."

For a moment he's quiet. Making no reaction whatsoever, but finally he lets out a little chuckle. "That's it?" He asks, even through the pain, that's a tad comedic. Her deep dark secret is that she's pretending to be a blind person. "So.. you just keep your eyes closed all the time?" Brian asks softly, with a little grin. "That must be annoying." He murmurs, stretching out his hand to clasp over hers gently. "Of course I'm not angry." Brian insists gently. "Maybe you can train your vision.." He gives a little shrug. That isn't on his list of top priorities right now, though. He lets out another chuckle. "I hope I haven't done anything embarrassing when I thought you couldn't see."

Well for her it's a pretty big secret! Not everyone is as understanding. She relaxes though, letting out a breath at the reassurance, and making a face, "It is rather annoying," she agrees, "But it's been like this for years and - yeah, okay, sometimes if I concentrate i can sort of focus through one vision and not all three at once - but not without cost." She shakes her head,"I work around it - I don't know if it can be trained, and I gave up trying long ago anyway. Besides, that's not important-" She hesitates, and gives a short chuckle, "No no, I've kept my eyes closed the entire time I've known you. Even now. After that one time when I accidentally saw through my piano teacher's clothes…" She shudders. "I'd rather not take those kind of chances."

"I know a guy." Brian murmurs softly, "He has vision. I don't think he has different types.." That's kind of weird. "Maybe he could help you." He offers, straightning up to cast a glance over at Joe. Make sure he's doing alright. Once he's satisfied the kid is okay, he looks back down to Kameron. "I make copies of myself. I'm a replicator. I can make a lot of me.. and run around. And do things."

Kameron scritches her head, somewhat skeptical, "… I don't know if it'll help at this point..but.." All she knew was that the vision was more of a pain than it was worth, most of the time. "You can?" Surprised by this ability, which is a thousand times more useful than Kameron's own, in her opinion, "Wow — that's.. that's really cool." She sits back, suficiently impressed, "Isn't it confusing though? I mean, if you're you and there's another you running around..?"

"Several." He corrects. "It's a hive mind sort of thing. Sometimes hard to keep track of.. It can have its drawbacks." Such as dying. "Would you mind if I took a shower?" And threw up several times, but that part won't be mentioned. "It's.. real cold out there." He lets on, "A warm shower would be really nice, if you wouldn't mind."

Kameron says, "Oh. OH! No -er.. no no, not at all — um.." Kameron shakes her head, "Sorry, I'm a poor hostess, yammering on at you and all. Go ahead and take your shower - I'll," .. yeah. "I'll get the …the sofa bed ready for you and Joseph, and.. things." Like extra pillows and blankets and the like. And put away her groceries. Unless he's really quiet about it, she might hear the noise from the bathroom with the whole, throwing up and all. Poor guy - she'll have to make some tea."

"Thank you so much KamKam.." Brian lets out softly, bringing up his hand to give her shoulder a soft squeeze. Going to stand, it takes him a little pushing off of the couch, as his body is still revolting against him. "We'll talk when I'm done." Though talking does not sound like an awesome activity.. He just wants to cry, and vomit, and sleep. Preferrably not at the same time.
"JoeJoe.. I'm going to take a shower. Be good okay?" With that the young man makes his way to go to the bathroom.

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