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Scene Title Relevant Answers
Synopsis Magnes is called in for his account of samson at the shelter but is dismissed when Audrey doesn't get what she needs. But Veronica, has answers and she gets to stay.
Date April 8, 2010

Audrey's Office

Magnes was instructed, curtly, by an Agent Hanson to present himself at the federal buildings. Do not stop at go, do not collect 200 dollars, do not talk to reporters. Period. Maddie's visit had made the agent scramble like she hadn't scrambled in ages to try and pinpoint who was where and would need to be told to keep their mouths shut. Not that she could guarantee that anyone would or that she'd get everyone.

But Magnes presented, badged up with a visitors badge and escorted up to the 14th floor and to Audrey's office where they presently are. Not even the nicety of inquiring as to whether he wants something to drink, the unhappy agent this morning is looking at the young man lauded as a pivotal person in having prevented beyond the 70 deaths the other night.

"Agent Hanson." Magnes greets with just her name, closing the door behind him with his black leather jacket that stops above the knees of his black slacks, black snow boots under those. He clears his throat, looking a little nervous. "I've been thinking about everything for a while, and I think I've put together way I'm gonna tell you in a way that'll give you the most relevant information."

"You're going to answer my questions Mister Varlane. There's no need to think over everything and think about what is relevant and what isn't. I'm the one who has the relevant questions. You, are the one with relevant answers." There's a knock at the door and someone sticks their head in, followed by rest of their body. "Hanson?" Looking to Magnes and then to Audrey who just makes gimme gimme motions with her hands as the other agent moves to pass her the file. He leaves, door remaining open and audrey is flipping through the file. "You were located at the tables, volunteering and passing out food, so says another witness. What was your proximity to Ms. Naimarc?"

"We were basically right next to eachother." Magnes slides his hands into his pockets once he answers, looking down at the file when the agent hands it to her. He's staying observant, no telling what he might see in a detective's office.

Not seeing the file, she's tilted it upwards so that nothing is visible except the back of it. Shuffling of papers behind it an a sour expression on her face, a stare over the top at Magnes with a raise of her brow then back down to the file. "What other individuals were around her, any that you knew or could recognize if we were to show them to you?"

"Other than the other workers, the two who aren't workers that I remember are the old man and the kid, both of which I assume I'm here to tell you about. And yeah, I could pick them out in photos." Magnes, apparently getting tired of standing, lifts one leg after the other until his legs are crossed in the air where he was standing, his coat still flowing down. "I hope you don't mind this."

"I do mind" Audrey states, looking at him floating. "Mind using a chair like a human being please? I don't want or need people gathering at my office door while you put on a show. This isn't cirque du soliel" Not that she doesn't mind abilities, she's always teasing Felix about his. She closes the one file she has, standing up to putt out another, thicker than the one that was in her hands - it had been stamped top secret across the front - and flips through some papers in there till she pulls out a sheet with Samson gray's picture on it. "This the man that came from the shadows?"

Magnes sighs, putting his feet down and grabbing a chair to take a seat in front of her desk. He nods at the picture, raising a finger to point at it. "Yeah. I thought he was Gabriel Gray while he was made of smoke. I heard some strange whistling noise too."

There's an inward smirk. and she takes the picture back, sliding it away into the folder from where it came. Positive Identification. "Another witness told me that he was attacking Ms. Naimarc, but that was stopped by another evolved individual with the use of some sort of ability that produced heat enough to burn him. What happened after, did he return to smoke or did he remain in his natural form, human, and take off?"

"Yeah, the other evolved was the kid I saw talking with him." Magnes doesn't elaborate on that yet, simply continuing on with the line of questioning. "He turned human after the attack, that's when he retreated and I told people not to follow him. If he's anything like Gabriel, he's too unpredictable even for a group of people to take him down."

"SO he didn't revert to smoke form after he was burned? Remained in human form and fled?" Seems to be an important thing for Adurey. Did that mean he couldn't go back while he was burned? Too hurt to concentrate?

Down the hall comes Veronica — no escort because she has her very own DHS badge. She pauses outside, just out of view for a moment as she listens to the familiar voice talking about Gabriel. Interesting. And someone burned the smoke man? More interesting yet. She was busy with the Timm case yesterday so she's just catching up on current events, and it seems she missed something important that Audrey has figured out. How to handle this — she was going to cockblock Hanson but maybe she needs her, after all. Maybe they need one another to solve this.

"No, he didn't turn back. I should also note that he can control the smoke form in a variable manner. He had his two fingers sticking out of the smoke when he was slicing the girl's head." Magnes shakes his head in an apologetic manner. "My ability was spent lifting that ceiling thing, I couldn't control it by the time he was in smoke form, so I couldn't tell if he was solid inside of it or not. There's also something else. Before the ceiling caved in, when I flew up there to try and stop it? I smelled smoke, but I didn't see any fire at all."

"Interveiws done Varlane" Just like that, cutting him off near the end. "You're dismissed" A finger jabbed at the phone and a request for a lackey to escort the guy out of her office. "Thank you for your time, it was invaluable. I remind you to under no circumstances speak with the press about the school and any incidents relating to it or the individuals that you saw or we will prosecute to the fullest extent that the law allowes" His name is written on the tab of that super secret file and it's put in with the others that she had pulled to show him the picture.

"Wait, you're not gonna ask me about the kid? Y'know, the one the smoke guy knew? The one who attacked him." Magnes holds a finger up as if to ask her to hold on. "I mean, they obviously went way back, the smoke guy asked the kid how was his mother. He might be useful to question, if you don't know a lot about the smoke guy. He snuck out when the cops were coming, I think."

"Every kid has a mother Varlane, but what you're telling me, the relevant stuff, I've gotten. " Her hands come down on the desk, head cocked to the side and looking at him. "Unless you happen to have a name for the kid, everything else that you've told me, doens't match up with what others have said and witnessed. Which means you're useless to me, which means when you're escort gets here, you'll get validation for parking and a thank you for your service"

Veronica steps in — better to see Magnes before he sees her. "You didn't happen to get a name for the kid, did you, mister … Varlane was it?" the Company agent asks, glancing at Magnes with a 'don't say who I am' look on her face before smiling at Audrey. "Agent Hanson. At last we meet. I'm Agent Sawyer. I think we have some things to discuss." She eyes Audrey across the table, appraising her competition and possible ally — it all depends on which path she chooses to take.

"You cops." is all Magnes says to that, shaking his head in clear distaste. "Good luck finding a guy with Gabriel powers instead of a kid who apparently knows him." He stands up and starts heading for the door, before he's stopped dead in his tracks by Veronica. He seems much more inclined to give her information. "I didn't catch his name. I just know the kid was really angry at his mother, said she probably lives in a trailer park and basically called her trailer trash. He looked pretty young, definitely shorter than me, he had this sixties-looking brown hair, bushy eyebrows…" He's motioning his hands around the areas on himself as he describes.

"Well, I'm guessing I should go, wouldn't wanna stay here too long, might give the cops bad PR or something." he adds with a hint of venom.

So this is the scene stealer? Audrey's already sizing the woman up, the perfect browns, lips, chin, god the woman was beautiful. Instant dislike. Pretty lookign agents were usually the ones that were seen all the time, put in front of the camera's because who doesn't like a pretty face. But then again, the dislike started yesterday morning when there was crime scene tape over her supposed to be scene. "You see, no name. No name, and a description of just about every teenager in New York. Thank you Mr. Varlane, for your invaluable help. John will validate your parking" and look, there's john.

Veronica turns to glance at Magnes, a slight smirk in the corner of her lips. "Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure we'll call you if anything comes up and we need your useful information again," she says, a slight dip of the lashes of one eye so he can tell she is just playing along. "And don't call DHS agents 'cops.' Just a tip of advice. They don't generally like that." She turns to smile at Audrey. Vee's face certainly hasn't been stuck in front of the cameras. She is no poster child for the DHS, though perhaps she could be. "I'm sorry I didn't get back to you until today. Was wrapping up the Timm case," she says lightly, waiting for the young man and former cop and former Company agent to be escorted out so they can get to business.

"A government cop is still a cop. Have a nice day, ladies." Magnes makes no real effort to hide his bitterness with the police now, and heads out with John, no doubt groaning and muttering along the way.

A cop is still a cop. And an agent is an agent and a cigar is just a cigar. Audrey watches the young man go and from the whites of her fingers, she's not happy. But she looks over to Veronica, gesturing to the seat that Magnes just recently occupied. "One cop to another. You're Homesec, I'm homesec, so how is it, that you can walk all over a crimescene, that has ties to my case, and not kindly inform me that, hey, I have stuff you might be interested in" She eases around the desk to close the door behind Veronica.

Martin was not very helpful (shock!) when it came to how to deal with this problem, and this is actually the first time that Veronica has run into another HomeSec agent doing her job — somehow the right red tape was always pulled or the file kept out of the actual DHS' hands so it's never been a problem. She's run into FBI and the PD and been able to pull seniority, but how does one handle this? It might say something for the state of the Company — being left to fend for itself and no longer the favored child but the redhead step child.

"You and I both know that not everything goes through 'official' channels, Hanson. Now, what matters to me is just that we get this guy caught. We can either try to keep one another out of the loop and end up hurting both of our chances of getting him off the streets, or maybe we can actually help one another. What do you think?"

"So, show me what's at the scene, because so far, all I got from anyone was that they're clearance wasn't high enough and I thought that I'd give you a chance to cough up the stuff from that place so that I could see what was there. I don't care about whether it's official channels or not. It should have been told to me that the home of a suspect for the serial killings was swept and I could add it to my investigation" Pinch faced, she's still unhappy. "I don't expect this juridictional bullshit from within my own department. I'm sure you don't"

"What happened after the scene was cleared, I don't know. I called it in and they took the evidence. After that, I informed my superiors and how it was handled after that became not my concern." Sawyer opens her bag and pulls out a file folder with the pertinent information. "I don't think, from the sound of your conversation, it's anything you don't know." She hands the file to Audrey. Inside, photographs of the home and the basement, along with the brain with the jar, and a photo of Samson Gray himself. "That's our man. I have a team trying to lure him, but so far, with this horrible weather, he hasn't taken the bait, and at this point I doubt he will."

"How are you to know what I do and don't Sawyer? There was nothing left at the scene but stuffed animals and furniture" There's a glance down to what's handed over and she thumps down into her seat, scooting her chair forward and starting to go through what little she's been given. Brain in a jar. Perfect. This was him. "You won't lure him. He picked up danger sense from a Archie Rasmussen. He's picked up a bunch of abilities and last night, tried to pick up memory manipulation from an adelaide Naimarc. He's got ability detection as well. Pick and choose his buffet"

"Well, that's been a fun waste of time, then," Veronica says with a humorless chuckle regarding the danger sense. Mortimer Jack's trap and all the time spent there has been for naught, then. She gives an angry shake of her head. "When did that one get picked up? I was aware of Hunter's ability, yes. The kid that was just in here, did he say the teenager and Samson hadn't seen each other for a long time? I came in just at the end of that conversation, I'm afraid." If Luke Campbell doesn't know where Samson is, she will quit chasing him around like a wild goose and leave that to the others, focusing on Samson instead.

"Not long ago. I asked for a comb through on all cases involving cranial trauma. They didn't pick it up before because it was in Staten Island and it was a grab the body and take off by the NJPD. No soot or ash at the scene either. We hired a post-cog to give us a read at the scene, and it was before Mr. Gray had picked up his magical ability to slither places." Okay, Veronica's playign nice and go Audrey will play nice. A little gmae of quid pro-quo and she grabs her own filed, plopping them down.

"That's a pain in the ass. How the hell do you catch a smoke monster who knows when it's in danger…" Veronica says, sitting down at the chair across the desk from Audrey. "Like it wasn't hard enough already." She shakes her head. "And this kid, he's all over the map. Once I hear he's been seen in one spot, the next day he's somewhere across the city. It sounds like he attacked Gray — so I don't think they're in cahoots, which simplifies things."

'negator" Audrey supplies. "They become just like a normal person. I'm not the specialist at this. I've been chasing his damned son for years now" Audrey shakes her head. "Who has the evidence now? You said you called for a sweep and then it was taken away. You haven't seen any of it?"

"Forensics, I'm guessing," Veronica says vaguely with a shrug. "And right, but the trick is to find him and get him in the negator's range of power before he sensed the danger. Any idea what sort of range his power detection and his danger detection are? If we can find a negator with a larger range, we might have a chance."

Veronica says vaguely with a shrug. "And right, but the trick is to find him and get him in the negator's range of power before he sensed the danger. Any idea what sort of range his power detection and his danger detection are? If we can find a negator with a larger range, we might have a chance." —sooooooooo uh how big is he? er. I mean his range. :D' You paged Manhattan with 'and how big is RENE? :D'"

'That, will take some thinking" Audrey muses, grabbing the file she had delivered when magnes came in. Inside the 'top secret' file is a bunch of take out menu's. "Pick one, lets sit and talk. It hink Agent Sawyer, I want you on my team"

Veronica arches a brow. Her team? Semantics. She knows better than to pick that fight. She flips through the menus, before choosing one for Indian food. "I have a negator we can probably use. Let's chat over poppadoms and curry."

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