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Scene Title Reminders
Synopsis A phone call, with reminders and reassurances.
Date March 24, 2011

Eglington Hospital, Staten Island

& Le Rivage: Ygraine's Apartment

In the name of neither of them spending too much time simply alone, Graeme came by rather early Thursday morning, a knock on the door to Ygraine's apartment, bearing breakfast as usual, if in slightly lesser quantity. Because simply sitting around the apartment he usually shares with Remi is far too dull without the telepath's presence, and brings to mind the worries that he hasn't heard from her yet. Now, he's settled on Ygraine's couch, sprawled across the leather with several additional pillows that have been gathered from other places for support, phone in one hand and tablet across his knees. Reading and listening to music, while Ygraine is busy.

Most of yesterday was spent in a slightly drugged stupor. Remi didn't like the moving, and so she requested a temporary raise in dosage, just so she could sleep through the majority of the move. The Frenchwoman has a few phobias, and she doesn't like Helicopters. Airplanes are fine, but helicopters…something about them terrifies the hell out of her.

Today, the dosage has gone back down to what it was before, and Remi is quietly sitting, alone, in her new hospital room. Just as nice as the other one, but she's alone. After a bit of debate, the woman raises the phone, tapping the '9' button in order to dial out. Then, Graeme's number is promptly dialed out, the woman pressing the phone to her ear.

The sound of a phone ringing in his headphones, interruption in the music, has Graeme scrambling a bit to grab his phone and hit answer. "Remi?" The greeting is hushed, a little panicked, and before saying anything else, Graeme reaches over. There's a white noise generator on the coffeetable, and for the moment, he's grateful for the Briton's paranoiac tendencies. "Remi, hey. How're you? Are you alright?" There's another pause, and the sound of running water means that for now, he's not going to attempt to get Ygraine's attention.

"Graeme," murmurs Remi, the pain meds tinging her voice just a bit and making her thick French accent sound just a little thicker. "Sorry I didn't call sooner. Yesterday, I was…asleep." She doesn't offer up where she is yet, assuming that Audrey did as she requested and informed her room mate and friends where she was so they wouldn't have to worry about her. "I'm okay, they're treating me fine. I didn't like the 'elicopter, though."

He sounds surprised, now. "Helicopter?" There's a pause. "Liz said she'd look into what was happening, but …" The words trail off. "I'm glad you're okay. Next time god damn it, call sooner." The drawl that tints the words makes his frustration less cutting than it might perhaps be, otherwise. "We've been worried."

"Oui, 'helicopter was much faster zan driving." She says this with a frown. "Didn't ze woman, Audrey 'Anson, tell you what was 'appening? I asked 'er to." She leans back in the hospital bed, phone held to her ear. "Zey told me zat zey 'ave taken me to better protect me from Sylar…ze midtown man." She sighs softly into the phone. "I'm feeling much better. My leg is 'ealing well."

Graeme purses his lips. "We're not family, they told us very little," Graeme says. "Liz was able to find out a bit more, but … the only reason they'd been keeping Jaiden and Ygraine and I up to date was by Liz's say so. They wouldn't have otherwise. We've been … worried, you know?" Because no one told them anything.

Ther's a pause on the other end of the line, Remi frowning almost audibly. "Zey didn't tell you anything?" She shakes her head, scowling a little bit. She doesn't like where this is going, not one bit. "I am at Eltington 'Ospital, on Staten Island. Zey are letting nobody through, only non-evolved nurses, and zey are 'eavily guarding me."

There's a sigh of relief. "Right," Graeme murmurs, headset microphone brought closer. "Which reminds me. Liz said. She said she told the agent, about your ability. That you've had the full ability, everything, for the past few weeks, right?" The tone of his voice is a strong suggestion, asking for her not to question it. "Said that putting it that way might make it easier on you, and it was a very good idea."

"Well, it was only recently zat ze full aspects of my ability manifested." Remi says this in a nonchalant tone, popping a cube of strawberry jello into her mouth.

Graeme chuckles. "Yeah. She just thought it migh' be rather…" the drawl trails off for a bit, "prudent to remind you." He nods. "In any case." He falls silent, and looks towards the shower, where the sounds of water are starting to fade.

The woman nods slowly, her head tilted to one side to hold the phone between her ear and shoulder, idly fussing at the bandages that will likely be changed in a few hours. They itch. "I appreciate ze reminder." She tilts her head to one side. "I'm sorry for not calling sooner…I didn't know zat zey did not tell you anything."

There's a frown on Graeme's face, and for the moment he's thankful that this is a phone call. "Of course," he says, shifting to sit up more. "It's alright. We know now." The tone of his voice matches his words, the expression on his face, not so much. "Ygraine?" Graeme calls out in the direction of the apartment. "Ygraine, phonecall?"

Now that the water's shut off, there's a brief burst of somewhat frantic-sounding movement from the bathroom - followed by some subdued muttering, then a louder call of "To put it politely - oh zut. Yeah, I know. Just trying not to drench the sodding bandages or fall on my arm."

A little more muttering and movement, then the bathroom door opens and the householder emerges: her mane of hair surprisingly dry, though much of her visible skin is visibly wet. She's clad in a barely thigh-length silk robe, and is just in the process of carefully settling her wounded arm into a sling - the plain grey medicinal one presently favoured.

"I didn't 'ave much of a chance, you know." Remi frowns a bit, leaning back against her bed as she scratches under the bandages with a frown on her face, muttering something in French about itching leg. "Ygraine is zere…good. I was worried for 'er. Did zey tell 'er anything?"

Graeme looks over at Ygraine. "Ygraine, Remi called. Give me a second, I'm going to stick it on speaker." The headphones come out, unplugged, and it's several minutes of tapping at his phone before it's on speakerphone. "Yes, Remi. Well, I'm at her place, partially so she can make sure I don't overstress my shoulder." Even though he's already done so. "There we go." He turns to Ygraine. "Apparently they moved Remi to Eglington," he murmurs, when the Briton is close enough. "On Staten."

"Staten?", Ygraine asks with brow raised, by now curled up at one end of the sofa. Looking to the phone, she quirks a wry smile. "Nothing of any use, no. They identified themselves as HomeSec, said that Special Agent Audrey Hanson was in charge of the operation, and that if I could prove a familial tie to you they might consider saying more. I was… seriously tempted to call your father, I confess."

Remi waits for Graeme to put the phone on speaker, the phone braced between her ear and her shoulder. "Oui, Eglington 'ospital, on Staten Island." She can be almost heard frowning. As Ygraine talks of calling her father, Remi is silent for a moment. "If you could please call my father, I would appreciate it. I think 'e would want to know about zis. Zey 'aren't treated me badly, but…I am not 'appy zat I 'ave been separated from you two and Jaiden."

None of them have been too happy about it, either, really, and Graeme looks over at Ygraine. Holding up one finger, that they'll discuss whether or not to call Remi's father at some point after she's no longer on the phone. "Of course," is the only response aloud, though.

Ygraine nods pensively to the phone. "At least now I can tell him that I know where you are. The phone call I was tempted to make, until Elisabeth assured us that you were all right, had been going to be rather different, to say the least. But… dare I suggest that you not make a habit of telling people your location? Especially over a phone line? I'm glad that you told us - but you'd surely got no way of confirming that we were who we seemed to be. And I'm scared that you could still be in danger."

"I wasn't planning on telling anyone where I am. Just…please, call my father, tell him what is 'appening and where I am. I don't know if 'e will worry or care, but…" She feels like she should let him know, in any case, and she can't make international calls from the hospital. "I won't tell anyone else, 'owever. I leave zat in your capable 'ands, Ygraine."

"I'm sure he'll pay attention. Be very interested", Ygraine says firmly. She's not convinced that M. Davignon loves his daughter - but at the least, he seems to be very keen to protect her. "I think that the only other person we should tell will be Liz, and we can handle that ourselves. She probably already knows, and has been ordered not to pass it on, or something."

Graeme looks over at Ygraine. "Yeah, I think so," he says. The rest of this conversation, however, is between his roommate and his friend, and the expression on his face should clearly say that he's got nothing to say, even if his tone of voice doesn't.

The woman offers a slow nod, as if they can hear her nodding to them. "Oui…'e deserves to know." She nods slowly, leaning back in the bed and once more holding the phone, reaching for the glass of artisian spring water and taking a long sip. "I leave it in your capable 'ands."

Ygraine chuckles softly. "I'll see what I can do. And how are you holding up? What's the current prognosis for your recovery? How soon do I get to have my employer back, demanding that I wheel her around everywhere in a chair?"

A faint smile forms on Remi's face. "I am doing well. Ze doctors say zat zey may be releasing me on Friday. I will be able to walk with crutches…doubt you'll 'ave to wheel me around." A small chuckle can be heard, the woman shaking her head.

"Friday?" Ygraine sounds both surprised and impressed. "And don't overtax yourself. As for the chair… while I'm one-armed it might be rather closer to being kicked around, I admit. But I'm sure we can have fun with that, eh? Just imagine how exciting stairs'll be!"

Graeme chuckles. "Thankfully, most places have elevators," he intones, slightly wry.

"I won't overtax myself. Crutches are just fine, I would rather stay in as good shape as I can while I recover." She knows how to cope with injuries well enough, though she's never actually been stabbed in the thigh. "I imagine I will do well enough, especially with you two and Jaiden 'elping out." A small smile. Then, there's a bit of shuffling going on in the background. "Ze nurses are 'ere."

Ygraine chuckles, and nods to the phone. "I can certainly help you with recovery." The cyclist's been through a lot herself, over the years. "Take care."

When the line clicks dead, she looks to Graeme, raising a brow. "Hrmmm. So she specifically asked for us to be told. Well, that's flattering from her end. Or perhaps a sign she didn't want to get 'disappeared', and was worried about that happening."

"She asked, and they told her they'd tell us, no less," Graeme murmurs. "That is something that Liz should most likely know." He sighs quietly, and there's a weary smile on her face. "I wish she'd have called sooner." He reaches, wrapping headphones around the phone and putting it back into his pocket as soon as he makes sure that the number she'd called from remains in the call log. "I'll text you, Jaiden, and Liz the number she used, so that we have it. Though I'd assume it's monitored." Graeme furrows his brows a little. When did he get so paranoid? Except he can't quite remember.

"They might have avoided giving an explicit commitment", Ygraine responds, equally softly. "If you're competent, then you don't lie. You just leave people to fill in the gaps of expectation. It's a basic interview technique, and one I'd fully expect senior agents to be capable of using. Especially when dealing with a foreigner whose English isn't perfect and who was already fuzzy-headed from drugs…. And yeah. That sounds like a good idea."

There's a nod. "True. And they are competent, I'll give them that. Doesn't mean I have to like any of this anymore." Graeme sighs, free arm pulling at one of the pillows a bit so that he can lean back some.

"No. Not in the slightest. But make sure to be aware of their competence. The odds are high they won't do anything so stupid as lie about something they can potentially be called on", Ygraine cautions. "It's simply not worth their while."

Graeme nods once more. "Of course," he says. There's a yawn, from the man. "Would you mind if I slept, some?" he asks. "I've been getting more sleep than usual, and for some reason the only thing it ends up doing is making me feel tired more." The complaint is faintly present in his voice.

Ygraine lifts a brow at him, then snorts. "There's a spare bed in there", she informs him, a jerk of her head indicating one of the doors. "You can pass out on that for a while, if you want. I'll wake you before I head out, so that I can throw you out into the street."

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