Remove The Cancer From The Soul


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Scene Title Remove The Cancer From The Soul
Synopsis How to justify killing one man, to save five billion others.
Date January 24, 2009

Siann Hall - Abby, Alexanders and Teo's Apartment.

It's not overly spacious, It's a New York area apartment. But it suits it's residents purposes. An open kitchen, crammed with all the accouterments needed to cook, a dining table shoved against the far wall with chairs tucked in. A livingroom with a fairly new red suede couch shoved up against a window and TV set opposite on a stand makes up the rest of the communal living area. It looks fairly newly occupied and the personal touches not put to it yet. Five doors down a hall lead to three separate bedrooms, a bathroom and linen closet. What's behind the doors remains a mystery unless one of the residents leaves a door open, though if someone knows the residents, the simple gold cross above one door indicates where the woman in this place lives.

The Haitian has come and gone. Intimidating. That means that for the first time in what must seem a while, Sergie aka Trask, is whole. No bullet holes, no need for endless sessions of physio. Like new. Abigails apartment is bright and sunny, the red couch occupied by the blonde, curled up, watching the officer, glad that the intimidating black man is well out of her apartment. "How is it?" Blue eyes track him.

Trask sighs softly, as he sits up trying the arm, then the leg, "Like new…though…..It felt strange, having him there…like some sort of Feedback loop." He sighs softly, "I'm not sure what I can tell the department, I will likely have to play injured.

Her head rests against the back of the couch, watching. Feedback loop? "Just tell them you were healed. It's that simple. I'm registered. If they want to know, they can come ask. I don't have to tell them how, it's not illegal"An empty can of red bull on the side table is whats keeping her awake right now. "I'm glad it could be done though. I wasn't relishing… you walking wherever it is we're going"

Trask says, "I don't know, I may still have to walk. This teleporter they are using, do we know how her power works?"

"You'll be able to walk now tr… ser.. What do I call you right now?" her brows pull down, more in annoyance of not knowing how to address him this moment. "I imagine we'll be walking. I think I met the teleporter. she just…" Abby makes a popping sound with her mouth, a motion with her hands, fingers balled then poofing outwards.

Trask nods, "So no I won't be moving." He smiles and stands up testing his feet.

"I guess not. They'll figure it out" Abby murmurs, watching even as a lazy smile draws forth on her face. "You look happier"

Trask chuckles softly, "I am a little. Still like I said, I can't exactly walk into the police station and say I got healed. Because that will out more then just you.

"Trask… i'm outted. I sat on the floor in the middle of a precinct fixing Niki Sanders from a sedation overdose while surrounded by cops and SCOUT. If that's not outted.. then.. I'd like to know what is" Abigail points out as she shifts and pulls herself up from the couch.

Trask says, "And Him?" He nods toward the door, "How did I arrange this? How did I pull the strings? For that matter if they know I can be turned off, suddenly they know how to get info out of me."

There's a glance to the door and a soft sigh. 'I don't…" Abigail frowns again as she shuffles off to the kitchen, pressing the button on the bottom of her coffee maker perhaps a little too harshly. "I'll shut up now"

Trask moves to give you a hug, "What did I say?"

No hug. Abigail is already on the move, brushing off the attempt at personal contact. Not in a negative way, an apologetic look on her face for not letting him give her one. "Nothing, you didn't say anything. I don't know how it can be explained but your not going to be able to go around for the next few months pretending your hurt" But then, it might not matter since they might all be dead and sitting at the gates of heaven soon enough. "Miracles"

Trask says, "Why can't I? I am a pretty good actor."

"Are you?" He might be. he's been Sergie and Trask. Most people don't know the difference between the two. "I guess you are. Coffee?" Reaching up into a cupboard for one cup, reaching for a second if it's in the affirmative. "Elisabeth still mad at me?"

Trask says, "She's not mad, just….frustrated."

'She's mad. Not frustrated. She hasn't' called and doesn't talk to me. Not necessarily a bad thing. Might be everything's that happening" No answer from the man so she pulls a cup down anyways, setting it to the side. She's slow, taking her time. "So your going to keep walking around with the sling and the cane?"

Trask says, "as me, yes, as Sergei no, it will help the disguise. She is annoyed because she thinks you can't keep a secret but she is not angry anymore."

"I can't, when someones about to rip my arm off. I'm not her or you, or.. whomever else can. I could have not come and helped her. I could have stayed away. It's not like I didn't give Jessica something she didn't already know. She knew Teo. She dealt with Teo when she kidnapped me. It's not Elisabeth's job to watch over me and censure what I say and what I don't" She's cranky, She's tired and she's cranky. The coffee beeps to inform it's connoisseurs that it's finished, and Abby shuffles around Trask to go for the pot.

Trask steps clear, "I know there are a lot of things involved, do you see me riding you for any of them? I was just saying she is over being mad. She is not fuming any more, or smoldering.

"You never ride me" Abby answers back.

Trask nods and sighs, "Have I said thank you yet?"

"I can't remember, I'm half awake right now, trying to make your coffee and be a nice host after just having had a company agent in my soon to be not apartment. Your welcome though" Not a drop of sarcasm, she's too tired for that. Just turns, offering the cup out to him, her own behind her. Not two moments later there's a black cat swishing it's way around the corner and towards Trasks's legs to play twister with.

Trask smiles and takes the cup, "You do something that never gets the recognition it deserves.

"I don't do it to get recognition Trask" She points out, hands curling around her own cup then think twice about it. Too hot. So around the handle and the rim. "you ever killed someone?"

Trask says, "Yes. Once or Twice.""

'What was it like, after?" She's not looking at him, just leaning against her counter, feet crossed, staring at the cat that's making for it's mistress.

Trask sighs softly, "I…. knew it was the only option I had, but that didn't make it easier….didn't make it right, even though it was him or me.

'You think I'll have to answer for it? When it's my time. Healing someone to death?" She's chewing on her lower lip, wheels turning in her head, trying to justify it somewhat.

Trask says, "What do you know about this man?"

"He's a body jumper. He's killed so many people. He killed Cameron with a touch. The opposite of what I can do. Your supposed to negate him. Force him out of Sylar's body and when he's out, Gillian's supposed to touch me and I'm supposed to touch… whatever he is when he's not in a body"

Trask says, "And how many people will that save?"

"It's still a life Trask" Abby mumbles back, burying her nose in her coffee and drinking it.

Trask says, "How many people live…if he dies?"

"90 percent of the world" He finally gets that answer from her.

Trask says, "Which means you are not taking a life, you are saving billions"

"I'm saving billions AND taking one. Plus.. whomever else is.. around him" Abby puts her coffee down on the table so she could lean down and pluck up the jet black cat, scratch behind it's ears.

Trask nods, "You aren't killing anyone but him. Are you?

"I don't know. I know that I'm supposed to touch him with god's gift and … what happens from there, something like a exorcism he called it" Abby's left eye twitches. "Death by healing… "

Trask says, "God gave you your power, what happens, is up to God"

"So I'm supposed to be okay, with taking his life?" Abby murmurs.

Trask says, "Your not taking it, you are healing him of whatever is wrong with him, removing the cancer from his soul….if that leaves nothing left, then so be it."

"That's.. a unique way to look at it" Abigail rests her chin on the head of the cat, rubbing back and forth, thinking about it.

Trask says, "Your power is to have gods mercy fall on those who need it. God's will be done, just grant him the mercy he needs."

Oohh, that doesn't quite sit well with her, or so the wince on her face says as much. A kiss is levied on the cat before she lets it leap from her arms to the floor and skitter away to presumably go stare at the bird. "I'm not his avenging angel" There's a shake of her head before she picks up her cup again. "I think I'm going to go sleep now. I'm going to need a lot of sleep in the next few days. I need to tell some friends to get off the island"

Trask says, "Let me get out of your hair then."

"Your not in my hair. Just turn the top lock before you go out. It'll still let you close the door. Al will be home at some point. Go enjoy being Sergie. No slings or leg splints. You should go harass Claude at the library. he needs people to entertain him. Watch him unable to go invisible around you" Shuffle shuffle shuffle goes the blonde past the formica table with it's 70's chairs and throwback kitchen tiles beneath thier feet. "I'll see you when we're good to go"

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